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Afraid of my Visions


What I'm going to say happens to me often, so I'm starting to get afraid of myself! Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I look at myself in the mirror and I start imagining (not as seeing a vision, but it is like things, thoughts pops out in my mind). Creating what will happen to me later in that day, I start to imagine if I'm going to meet someone, picking who exactly, and imagining what he/she will say. I predict what the conversation is going to be, even if the opposite is the one to start it, and sometimes I create a conversation and then stop for a while thinking why would he say this or that, or even something I have never knew about, and then I start thinking for an answer, so later when this comes true what shall I answer him/her.

And later on that day, by coincidence, I meet that person I imagined and HE (NOT me) starts talking about things I never knew about (but I imagined he would talk about it this morning), and I know exactly what questions he is going to ask me, as I answer him directly without thinking, because early in that morning I got prepared what to answer him on each question he's going to ask!

Another thing, sometimes I wake up in the morning, it is a usual day just like any other day, and this time (for example) if I start thinking that today my boyfriend will bring me a gift, but wonder why would he brings it, especially that today is not an occasion for anything, I get myself prepared, and guess what! I got a gift on that day!

But MOST of the times this is a nightmare! Sometimes I start reacting tomorrow my friend will die, what I will dress, and start imagining everybody's reaction to it (my friend is not sick and no one expected him to die, he is so healthy) and later as I imagined he dies!

Sometimes I start crying for nothing, just feeling that X will have a fight with me and we will break up. Note: we where just perfect the day before, and it happens!

I don't know, do I create this things that become true? Or is it a kind of a sixth sense? I'm afraid of myself, I can't control what I'm feeling. Oh, and by the way it is not necessary to happen only in the morning when I am looking at the mirror, sometimes, when I'm driving my car... or anywhere.

I have much more of these!

If anyone knows anything and can help me understand what is this, please leave a message or contact me by e-mail : mk.guitar [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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may (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-10)
Hey Donta :) how are you? It's me May...
I know that if the same exact dream happens for three time in three frequent nights, this means that you should take this dream seriously!
it is either a worning or a sign for something that is about to happen (good or bad). The only one to know if it is good or bad, is YOU, let your feelings decide! Or there is one other thing, is that if you know someone that can tell dream meanings go and tell that person and see what he/she will tell you
take care Donta :)
Guest (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-28)
About the post about not knowing if you are creating your reality by thinking the things, or jsut seeing what is going to happen...
I know what you need to do. Just trust me. You need to visualize, every single day, good things. Things that you KNOW are good. Visualize peace. Visualize love. Ask youself "What do I want?" "What will my life look like when I have it?" If it is for someone else that you want something, ask yourself "What will their life look like when they have it?" Then answer yourself, in as much detail as possible. Write it down, and then visualize what it will look like, as clearly as possible. Make sure you only visualize things that you know are good. Don't just mess with things because you can, or because you want money, or some guy to like you. We all create our own realities. Some people are just more aware that they are doing it. Don't be scared of it. Yogis and Taoists study for years and years sometimes, trying to learn what you already know.
Robin (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-05)
Most people have this happen to them, it is just that majority of people block it out or tune it out, and others are more inclined to pay attention. These sort of things used to happen to me a lot, and you build up a wall so that spirits and visions don't overpower your life. This happened to me more by accident then on purpose. I had a vision that was so strong that my subconsious closed that door for me, because it was overpowering my life. Now my issue is trying to take that wall away. Now only rarely do I see spirits or have visions... Which might be good for other people but I hate knowing something is there and not being able to see it... I have no clue how to break down this wall I have put up around me.
idntcareifudntcare (1 stories) (3 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-18)
I FEEL THE SAME WAY! Like when I was taking a shower. Like suddenly these flashes of people started, It was scary.

An Article:
"Opening your third eye is exposing the holiest in nature to the influence of the evil spirit – Blessed Anne Katherine Emerick"

When the psychic ability is opened, you are like in a state of hypnosis. It’s like being in a trance; you open your psychic ability and then the hypnotist says, "When you hear a bell, jump!". When he tells you to wake up, you will wake, and you will walk, and when he rings the bell, you will jump unknowingly and unconsciously. This is because when you open your psychic ability, the hypnotist places something into your unconscious, and you just follow without being aware of it because you are in a trance, a hypnotized state; the message was already planted in your mind. And so a person whose psychic ability is consciously opened easily gets harassed by spirits. He can see them and hear them. He can be harassed at night; he can see all kinds of demonic visions; he can have hallucinations, etc. People who go to our office because they experience possession of spirits are usually those whose psychic abilities were opened. Most cases involve children or women, because, as we have established earlier, their psychic abilities are more open than those of adults and men. And so we often hear of stories of an only child saying, "Mommy, I already have a playmate. My friend is a dwarf..." Be careful; it could be true. The devil can make himself visible to the child, and he takes it as an opportunity to befriend the child. He could be part of the child’s life, waiting for the proper moment to manifest himself. But the difficulty lies in the fact that it is very hard to distinguish if it is really an evil spirit. They can disguise themselves as angels. Of course, he will not show himself as the devil, otherwise, you will run away from him. Evil spirits often disguise themselves as dwarves, as a beautiful woman or a very good-looking guy, or as your spirit guide. The devil is intelligent; he will never show what or who he really is. So you have to be very careful. In the words of Blessed Anne Katherine Emerick, opening your third eye is really exposing the holiest in nature to the influence of the evil spirit. Exposing yourself to the influence of the evil spirit is very dangerous. And so, people who want to open this psychic faculty to have power and to contact God will see that doing this is not really of God.
Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2007-09-08)
Hi I know what your going through its so upsetting your not the only one there's people who go through things just like me and you do. I dream of the future, I see ghosts I also see all sorts in my pictures which I've taken. I see floating clods over me which has happened a few times once at my Nanna and my room .the just kept flashing at me I know I wasn't imagining it it feels like my eyes are the weird ones in a way I ended up taking my contact lenses out it was still there last up2 10mins. I saw one last night in my room but this time I was in my bed looking in the dark and this moon popped up and for some reason I was tryna said a message to my Xbf to phone me that's telepathic then that moon popped up like a symbol it felt like I could see through the walls and see the moon in the sky This moon a saw was half a moon I wonder if it was half a moon last night I'm only 16 years old
sillygirl (guest)
16 years ago (2007-08-01)
I once had a very stange experience that still has me freaked out, my husband had gotton a DWI and was court ordered to go to a rehab and when I went to visit him I met his roommate. I didn't have any stange feeling until I saw him with his girlfriend, but when I saw them together I saw a red cloud arround them and I knew something very bad was going to happen, I felt I should tell them not to do although I didn't know what it was they were going to do. My husband thought I was crazy and would not let me talk to them he said even if I was right how did I know they wouldn't hurt me thinking I knew something, so I didn't say anything. A few weeks later I was watching the news and their had been a murder and I knew right then it was them and I wanted to call the police but again my husband stopped me(he thought I was crazy) but a few days later they caught them and I had been right my husband was speachless (for once) I could see the whole thing after I herd about the murder but I couldn't before I could only see evil and I never understand why, why only after the murder, I could have maybe done something if I had seen what was going to happen before
linda (guest)
16 years ago (2007-06-26)
i have visions/thoughts that come true. Most recent, I worried one day about my attorneys dog whom I had never seen, but told him via email conversation that I was worried about his dog he went home that day to find his dog laying paralized from a stroke. They had to put him to sleep. My first vision was the dog was going to die while attorney was on vacation away from his dog. But I did not share that thought, but in the vision the dog waited to say goodbye to his 14 year master... Not the first time of some form of visions about this attorney and his family... They are getting a bit scared of me... I do not wish it or will it... It just comes to mind... Why ? Someone tell me why. These visions that come true have very emotional results and make me scared enough to cry and feel also their pain
may (1 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2007-06-15)
Dear Abby,
thanks for that.

to the person who wrote HELP ME SOMEONE, I believ since you mintioned that your son is too freaked out by ghost shows (he loves them "ghost hunters" with the guys from taps, then this means that he is so much touched my these movies, and because he believes in them he started to hear voices that does not exist. Because these voices are ONLY calling his name! This might be only his emagination...

Oh, Miley, you remind me to tell you (I forgot to mention it in my story), I too have the same gift you got! When the telephone rings I "often-but not always" knows who is the speaker and what he wants to say...
by the way, I have tried this psychic test, but I can't quess things like that! I have my own way of predection and only with the ones I know. Does that make me a non-psychic?
may (1 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2007-06-15)
hey Donat,
about your dream, happens over and over again. I know that if you see the same dream for 3 time, then you should take it seriously! It might be a worning sor something. Take it seriously if you saw that dream 3 times.
may (1 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2007-06-15)
hey Lee,

it's me "who published my story/above". I want to tell you another thing that you also might have, I have a kind of a "tick"! It is that I believe that if things, for example, in my room are Not organized the way they should be, that this is a bad omen! And if I leave them unorganized, that day will be a hell to me, and really I'd have a bad day! And that is why if I remember that I left(for example, my lipstick fell down and it is not standing) that is too a bad omen to me, and if I forgot it without standing it up again, I would go back home-to my room and correct it befor I got anything bad on that day! Am I carzy?!
but it happens ALOT! It might be also if I forgot to put my earing back,...
i once had a fight with my boyfriend, and so I took off my earing (the one on top of my ear) to take a shower, and I thought that when I'll put it back, my boyfriend will get back to me and everything will be back to normal, at that day, after I took a shower I forgot to put it back, and I went out, and it was getting worse between us! He even turned off his mobile. Then I remembered that I haven't put my earing back, so I went back home, and as soon as I put it back in my ear my phone rang, and guess what, it was him appologizing, and every thing went back to normal! This is a one story to share... What do you think? Is it true what I'm experiencing?

oh, Lee I'll be looking forword for your story, just inform us under what title it will be, so we can check it...
Donat Hensley (guest)
16 years ago (2007-06-14)
Hello, Hello, Hello do any one know more about dreams that happen over and over again, like it's going to happen real soon or something. I know I'm suppose to be the one helping people but in this problem I need real help. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME ON THIS ONE HERE, ANY BODY? I get permonitions and this one dream is happening over and over again like a movie. My last one wasn't good.
Donta Hensley (guest)
16 years ago (2007-06-13)
Hey Lee glad to be a helping hand and don't give up your gifted because God may have choosen you because your special through his eyes, not your friends. I have a gift and I'm not walking away from it. Please, Please don't give up on your gift well as your mum. Much love sent out from Donta Hensley, a 16 year old guy who knows that faith is all you need.
Abby (99 posts)
16 years ago (2007-06-13)
Dear mays,

As always, but my opinion...

I believe that each person as an individual is responsible for themselves and their outcome. I also believe that they can freely choose the possibility of the outcome and even their own death. Yet this all is based upon one's own belief system about thier own reality. Thus, in my reality, I am responsible for my choices and my death. Thus, when I sense someone I know or do not know is about to die, I bless them and their choice of what possibility they wish to choose. I can deny, cancel or void my intuitive visions, feelings and thoughts about an event that is disturbing to me, but it is not my responsibility to choose for another person his possibility in life or in death.

I do believe that a human being creates and is responsible for what they believe to be their reality and how they live it. Though others are also doing the same thing, there is always a human being's choice to choose how they will react or not react to any given human life or death experience.

I know this sounds trite, but the first thing as humans we all need to do, is to clean up our own backyard, be responsible for it and maintain it. The second thing is to find one's balance and center foundation and live from that center of one's soul's truth. All else will go outwards and be returned again in like. If not, then there needs to be more work done and a re-balance to regain a center again. The main thing is to be empowered while respectful of others and choosing do no harm to the living and non-living.

The knowledge that all humans search for will present it self on the human's life journey as the individual's self and spiritual awareness rises.

All that you thought you needed today will not be necessary tomorrow. So let us focus on the present and just be the best that you can be at this very moment. ***Blessings, Abby
Lee (2 posts)
16 years ago (2007-06-13)
Hi Donta,
Many thanks I do not have my own computer I have been using my brother's so I will try to email you as soon as I can, ok- thanks again the only person I can talk to is my mum who has the same thigns happen also, but everyone thinks that she has a mental problem obviously we only have each other. I have chosen to ignore these things for a few years because I felt that I was causing things to happen by them being in my head but now I know tht I actually see them but not clear. I am 30yrs old and have always sensed "other people" I thought that it was normal for a while and because of the stigma with my mum I have kept these things to myself I have opened up to 2 friends but I now regret telling them becuase I know that they are trying to understandand think that it's a gift but I need someone who understands what I am going through and should I further develop my gifts? I have chosen not to ignore this gift any longer I had a reading done around 10yrs ago and was tld that I had a psychic gift but again I chose to ignore that thinking that I was being told rubbish- again because of the stigma- but I do believe and that's what scares me so so much. I am confused so much, I will post my story tomorrow night when I get a chance on my brother's computer- I want to invest in one for sure! Thanks Donta
Donta Hensley (guest)
16 years ago (2007-06-12)
Hey Lee,
Hey Lee, my name is Donta and I like to help people with their problems. My gift is that I get permonitons from the next day now and then. If you wannna talk we can. I just want everyone to know that their never alone and theirs always someone to relate to. Donta_hensley [at]
Miley (guest)
16 years ago (2007-06-12)
By the way the person on here that goes by HELP ME SOMEONE I totaly think your son is Psycic the same thing happened to me when I was 5 and it happened to my friend who is Psycic and we both are gifted so I think he may be too
Miley (guest)
16 years ago (2007-06-12)
Hi are there any other psycics on this site because I am only 13 but I know when the phone is going to ring who is on the phone and what is going to happen before it happens
I already saw someone who helps you with discovering if you are psycic and he said I am a psycic and I am only one person who lives in Hollywood and I am so not mature enough to handle this
help me someone (guest)
16 years ago (2007-06-12)
my thirteen year old (13) doesn't want to be alone in the house anymore because he hears a deep, male voice saying his name and he sees people, in the form of shadows... This only happens when he is alone and so, he works very hard not to be alone. It's only been an issue, for lack of a better word in the house that we're in now, which is one we're renovating and is about 200 years old and yes, we do live right next to a cemetary ... But, no one else sees or hears anything and why would the one voice just be saying my son's name and nothing else? Is my son too freaked out by ghost shows (he loves them "ghost hunters" with the guys from taps) or is my son really linked to the other side? We need answers ASAP ... My son needs peace and it would be nice if he could feel comfortable enough to sleep in his own room again and be alone in any part of the house without anxiety. If my son DOES have some abilities we would like to help him learn to live with them and to not be afraid. Thank you for your help.
Lee (2 posts)
16 years ago (2007-06-12)
Finally I have found people I can relate too and hopefully you guys might be able to help me out. This is my first time ever here so please be patient with me.
You are not alone I also have these things happen to me it is scary and I even sometimes feel like I might be evil (although I am far from it) because I also feel as though I make these things happen how I do not know!
You have a gift but when these bad things "pop into my head" I try to be as positive as possible and ask those close to me if there is anything wrong just in case.
I think that you and I are very much alike by thinking that this is bad and you want it to stop, but I have found you can almost ignore it but you may always have this as it is a gift.
I agree with Donta's advice.
(I will put my stories up over the next few days I want people's opinion's and I will ask about advice! I am lost!)
mays (guest)
16 years ago (2007-06-10)
Thank you Donta Hensley,
about this gift that I have, it is not like I can imagine what I really want, but it is more like something is controling my thoughts at that moment and made me think in a way that I'm not the one who is creating it (it is like or example: if my head... Brain is a computer, it is like a higher power is installing images in my mind and as if I am creating them, but at that moment I am not! It is complicated to express it clearly, but all I can say that it is more like if I'm non consiouse at that momant (though I am consiouse) and the images even if they are bad, I am the one who creats them but unconsiously! After I creat them I would stop for a while thinking why I did that! It is me and not me at the same time! I hate it! I once called a best friend crying, telling her about this, which I need it to stop, because I didn't want to know the bad things in my future, I just wanted to stop! I lost many dear people by this! I can't stop it!
i once thought that I should go to a psychic to help me stop it. But I thought that he will never understand and could never help because it is something in me!
by the way, I don't choose the person whom I am going to predect , it just happens alone! I don't know even when would it happen! (so don't worry I can't make you die haha ;)
sometimes, while I'm in my car driving somewhere, I would start imagining things,(that happens only when I am alone!) and I start talking to myself and making emotions in my face as if there is someone with me whom I'm talking with. But I know that there is no one around, even a spirit, ghost,...etc no one! I realise that I am talking or reacting, suddenly when I look to a person in the car beside me and see him laughing at what I am doing, or even looking curious wondering what am I doing... That is when I realize what am I doing!
anyways , I'll send you on your e-mail...
Donta Hensley (guest)
16 years ago (2007-06-10)
Hey, I know you don't know me, but I had read your story about your gifted and it's an amazimg gifted, but also a horrible one too. I get permonitions in my dreams some nights about what is going to happen the next day. I had one about my best friend losing must of all friends and it happen the next day, day by day. I also had one about myself dying after I had three in a row that came true. But I'm still here because I was to afraid to get up out of bed. I wrote to you because I can relate to you. Look at yourself in the mirror and picture yourself just losing your gifted (even though it's cool to desire everything you want) just picture just washing away all of your tears and your gift washing away as well in a room or a park, but before you do that, fix everything with your gifted(like getting your man back) before losing your gited. But my address is donta_hensley [at], so you know your not alone and you have a friend to talk to. Even though you can kill me tomorrow or next week with a thought, I'm not afriaid. -friend

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