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My Son Hears Voices


My 13 year old son doesn't want to be alone in the house anymore because he hears a deep, male voice saying his name and he sees people, in the form of shadows. This only happens when he is alone and so, he works very hard not to be alone. It's only been an issue, for lack of a better word in the house that we're in now, which is one we're renovating and is about 200 years old and yes, we do live right next to a cemetery...

But, no one else sees or hears anything and why would the one voice just be saying my son's name and nothing else? Is my son too freaked out by ghost shows (he loves them "ghost hunters" with the guys from taps) or is my son really linked to the other side? We need answers ASAP. My son needs peace and it would be nice if he could feel comfortable enough to sleep in his own room again and be alone in any part of the house without anxiety. If my son DOES have some abilities we would like to help him learn to live with them and to not be afraid.

Thank you for your help.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-19)
Invite an orthodox priest to sprinkle holy water in your house and on your family. Tell him your problems, and avoid living in sin, or practicing occult stuff like channeling/comunicating with spirits through psychic mediums, tarot, ouija, foretune telling, witchcraft, spells etc... And don't fight in front of your kids, especially before their bed time! All these things open doors to demons! Pray and fast whenever you can, read and DO the bible. If you are protected by God and His angels, no demon can harass you or your family! Teach your children to pray, morning and night to Jesus and His angels! Visit website: 'real life angel and demon experiences'. Timfaraos [at]
skywire4929 (guest)
13 years ago (2010-05-09)
Wow this story has been here for a long time. I have a lot of abilities that involve ghosts like seeing,touching,talking,hearing and my guardian has just given me the ability to summon them now:D (I have way more abilities).
I see that your son is very talented.
Is it too late to give him lessons?
CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-23)
Well, to start, I'm also thirteen, but I'm a girl and I've known about my gits for years. Your son sounds very talented-please tell him I said that, and has no reason to be afraid unless they've actually done something to hurt him. Also, tell him I can understand the fear because no one in the family is like him, and he can feel very centered out, most of my family is psychic, so I haven't had the experience of being truly alone like him. And by the sounds of it, you are very scared for your son, and I'm sure he feels like you think he's mental. The most important thing YOU can do for HIM is to tell him you believe him and your with him every step of the way. Another piece of advise is to ask him the tone in the voice, if it's scared or confused, most likely this is how they feel. If I were him, I would bring someone with me, (when I was ready) and I would ask the spirit to come out so I could help them. I'm sorry, but I don't see dead people, but I do see demons and shadow ghosts, so I'm giving you the best advice I can. One more thing, he has to learn how to deal on his own, because no one's there all the time, but until he's ready, be there for him, even after, and always have faith in his abilities. Psychic abilities can be ovrwhelming for the first time. Best of luck:)
Oh, and PS, If he ever wants to talk to someone with gifts, tell him to leave a comment on one of my stories, I'll gladly talk back.
ttwinkle (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-09)
I am the step mum of a beautiful 20month old little girl whose mum passed late Aug 08. She has always been a disturbed sleeper, but as she is now talking quite fluently now some things are starting to concern us... She woke the other night (around 1.30am) determined that someone was in the room that shouldn't be, (she sleeps in the same room as her 11yr old step sister who is very protective of her...) We looked with her through the room, under beds etc, assuming she had dreamt it and trying to show her that no-one was there... But she still insisted 'he' was still there.
I ended up getting cranky as I had had a hard week, and being mother of 4 and step mother of 6 more is not easy, especially as my partner is often not home for weeks at a time... And I told the girls to just stop mucking around, the dogs wouldn't let anyone come down the lane without letting us know, much less in the house, and to just get into bed and go to sleep...
I was woken again near morning (5.30), by my 11yr old calling me to take the little one out of her bed because she was too hot, and that she had climbed in with her saying the man won't go away. 😨 We spoke to her later that day and asked what the man had been doing in the bedroom, and she said he had hurt her... Alarmed I asked how, and she replied that he had hit her because she wouldn't listen to him...
I did my best to calm her and tell her that I would do my best to make sure that he couldn't hurt her again...
This morning I went to wake my 11 year old, and the little one on the bottom bunk sat up and announced 'She is a nice girl!' I bend down to see her more clearly, and ask "who is sweetie?' and she replies the little baby girl that came to talk to her last night... She came and sat on my bed...' "oh!" I reply... "Glad she was nice!" But in my head I am freaking! It is not that it appears my step daughter is seeing spirits that worries me, but that she has suffered more trauma than any child should suffer already, and I am worried I can't keep her safe from harm as I am not sure properly what I am dealing with. How do I best protect this treasured child that I have been given to look after? If anyone has some practical advice it would be gratefully accepted! Her father is sensitive to the spirit world, as am I but we are not so sure it is healthy for one so young without support and protection... Neither Dad or I discuss such things around the kids, and try to keep a "wholesome" approach to most things around them... HELP?
Jeff_The_Gypsy (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-09)
THis happens to me all the time. I have learned how to hone the voices and answer them.

In fact I have heard three different voices a older man, A woman about my age, and a child. But I have never gotten a reply from them with what I am suppost to do.

I so see figures in black all around. Usually they are around my home. However they seem like they are following me. I do not know exactly why this happens but I do know one thing. If they need my help and are trying to contact me. Then your child may have to help the person he hears and sees.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-28)
Another suggestion. I've never had problems with spirits, but tend to feel others too much. Even now, can walk into a room and feel myself tearing-up, sensing distress somewhere. Long ago, I learned to protect myself. I build an invisible, emotional wall around myself. It works. The trick is to know and bring it down when it needs to be down, like with the hubby or kids or friends. It almost feels too comfortable.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-01-28)
I don't know if this will help at all. When I was young use to see a man, Native American, in full ceremonial dress standing in my bedroom. My mom told me it was a dream. Decades later, found out when my uncle did a major family tree search that my grandmother's "birth" mother had been the daughter of a Cherokee medicine man and she had passed in their village during child birth. My great grandfather then rejoined a pioneer camp and remarried. Back to my experience as a child. I finally told him that he scared me. He danced once. Then I never saw him again. Perhaps they don't realize how scary visits can be. Anyway, telling worked for me. Or maybe it was a dream. Seems a big coincidence though.
Heather Brumley (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-27)
I hope someone can help me. My daugher is 11 years old. I truly believe she sees spirits and has since she was 18 months old. I am so afraid for her. She came into the living room tonight shaking and crying uncontrollably saying that she is hearing the voices scream at her again and they won't go away. She can't make out what they are saying, just that they are yelling at her. I don't think she is crazy. I just don't know how to help her. My mom passed away two years ago and since then she has been experiencing these voices and has seen what I believe are two spirits. We live in a house that is over 150 years old. She has seen a man in a stove pipe hat and a younger woman in a black dress. How do I help her. She is so scared. If you have any idea please e-mail me at hfbrumley70 [at]

Thank you.
Nancy Paahana (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-21)
children are innocent and judge people not. The after life is always present and only chooses to reveal itself for good or evil. Sometimes a soul at unrest will come as visions or dreams, children cannot help but see these as they are not encumbered by disbelief to block them out or justify there existance
poppy (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-07)
you guys should try to work on fine tuning your gifts and learn how to control it. It takes a lot of focus and you can't master it in one day but it can be done. And listen to katie she seems wise for her age.
Heather (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-06)
I am concerned to read some of these messages, such as Emmys... It is apparent that whatever is happening, these are children who are very frightened. It is sad to think a 12 year old is sleeping during the day like this- so afraid to be alone. I just strolled upon this site by accident, but I do believe in spirits and people who connect, but I feel sad for people like Emmy who is affecting negatively so much of their life. I can't imagine be scared at that age all the time. She needs help. Even if it is just someone to talk to that believes her/him.

Emmy, or others living in this same fear - please email me - I will listen and help as I can, and believe you. Dana-heather [at]
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-23)
When the physical body dies, its spirit with all its intelligence, and memories both good and bad go with it to the Spirit World and as such it can return and speak to us and come to us in our dreams.
People who hear voices and see Spirits need to pay attention and acknowledge their friends and relatives who have passed over.
This is all very normal and there are quite a few people who channel for Spirit and write all sorts of wonderful things with their Guides.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-23)
To Sugar:
I believe your son and daughter are receiving a visit from grandma and I don't think you have anything to worry about.
if she is telling him to get off the computer and go do other things she could be doing this for his own good.
Don't for a minute believe your son needs Psychiatric help Doctors would agree he is schitzo because they don't know anything about Spirit Communication and they are there to make diagnoses and hand out medication, just tell your son that yes Grandma can speak to him from heaven and that she loves him and misses him just as he does her.
Tell him that she is now his Guardian Angel and that is why he hears her speaking to him on occassion.
whisper (guest)
15 years ago (2007-11-11)
Hi, I guess I'm like your son, I too am 13 and refuse to stay home alone, because I feel that something is watching me where ever I go, but it isn't a good feeling, and I makes me scared. I am the only one who hears and sees things too. My mom just told me to ignore it, and that's what I have been doing, but its still there. I don't know what it is though!
Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-10-21)
hi abundance it happened to me so I know what your going through the thing is your the only one who can hear it. It maybe a a family relative or spirit who knows your name. I don't think they know you can hear them though.
abundance (guest)
15 years ago (2007-10-21)
I also have heard a voice call my name it has happened twice in my life both times I was alone and when I was sleeping, but I can tell you 100% both times were not a dream. If anyone can relate please let me know
Sugar (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-30)
I have a 6 year old son, his grandmother passed away 2 years this past March suddenly. She got ill away on holidays and died. Jeffrey has times were he gets so upset that his Mummu( grandma) has died and he wants her to come back. I am sure all children and adults do this. But sometimes he's hard to console. He talks about Heaven and if he can go see her or if she can come home, that he wants her to come back.
Over the last few weeks things have changed.
He is having a good time at the park with his sister, and then he says to her, Mummu is up there talking to me and he points to the clouds. Says that's where she is and she's playing Xbox, and that she wants to come back to us. He has mentioned this to his father also.
When I asked him about this he says that Mummu tells him to get off the computer or from watching tv and go outside that he needs to do other things. He says he hears her and music. That she talks to him.
My daughter also feels her presence at night when shes going to sleep and this has been since the day she passed away.
We also have strange things happen recently like all the pictures in master bedroom where all tilted, to one side, enough to notice and there were at least 10 pictures in the room.
concerned, mom
katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-25)
Hi it happens to me as well I'm 16 I see dead people ghost and just tell him to calm down the ghosts want him to help them you know they come to gifted people they come to certain people. They won't harm him you know I should know cause I'm always alone but nothin I can do they usually come when no ones around or when I'm upstairs alone. I see teen ghosts I don't know what they want really? You can't do nothing.
emmy (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-24)
i am 12 and this happens to me quite a lot I have a name for him it is steve it has got so bad now I am sleeping half the day when people are around me and awake all night things that happen for example I am oposite the bathroom and see people go in to the room but shadows I her paper being scrunched up at the end of my bed I hear stairs creek my door shuts on its own I tell my family but they tell me not to be silly and when I tell my mates I just freaks me out I am so scared what can I do
jess (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-08)
this sort of thing happened to me when I was 12 and now I am 15 it has been happening to me my whole life wherever I go I see and hear stuff in my friends houses and in school sometimes I think we have this sort of stuff that you said was happening to your son happened to me in a house that I lived in I heard a man voice callin my name and I could see shadows I don't kno why but I'm still tryin to find out why! I hope he gets through it like I'm tryin to!
Daniel (1 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2007-07-15)
I recommend listening to Abby. I'd read her advice a couple of times and take it to heart. In addition, I would contact local paanormal societies to see if they can help.

You mentioned that you have been doing some remodeling. This may be reason for your haunting. Not to mention that your son may have some abilities. It's a perfect recipe for a haunting.

When I was a child I had similar circumstances. A ghost appeared in a mirror as a red face and at other times he spoke to me.

Best of luck,
angie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-06-20)
please don't worry to much about your son bless him ,he is only young, I have the same problem but am much older, I would sugest you try to stop him watching these programs first, tell him to read books about this stuff and learn about protecting himself with the light, they do come when you are relaxed and tired, now I just tell them to go away, I also say a prayer of protection before going to sleep, maybe your son will be an excellent medium when he is older, but for now he needs to read up on the subject to understand better what is happening to him, there are so many children now that are like this, so don't be afraid just be open to what is happening to him, and let him talk, he is not going mad, which is what I thought in the beginning, sometimes even now I sleep with the light on
angie xx
wathappensdoes (guest)
15 years ago (2007-06-20)
I try to keep an open mind about ghost stories and I do truley believe (as I have seen one ghost and expierenced many). But with my basic medical knowledge your son has a few symptoms of schizophrenia. (The *maybe* hullucinations of "shadows" and hearing of voices). Does he seem quieter lately? More withdrawn then he used to? Not trying to worry you more than you are already worried. Another usual symptoms not being able to make rational decsions for other people other than himself. But if he doesn't seem himself (other then being scared of being alone) I would contact a doctor rather then exorcist .

Deepest regards,
may (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-15)
hey guys,
yes I do believe in ghosts, but I also believe that not all ghost cases are true, some of them might be just illusions because he/she is freeked out from ghost stories,movies,... And when a person starts reading these stories a lot this person might have his imagination working!

dear (help us), I believ since you mintioned that your son is too freaked out by ghost shows (he loves them "ghost hunters" with the guys from taps, then this means that he is so much touched my these movies, and because he believes in them he started to hear voices that does not exist. Because these voices are ONLY calling his name! This might be only his emagination...
Angelic (guest)
15 years ago (2007-06-15)
When I was 13 years old I used to experience simular experiences. When my parents would go to sleep at night my stairs used to creek and I would hear foot steps heading towards my room every nite. In order to comfort myself, being that my parents wouldn't believe me, I pretended to have an imaginary friend, and I would talk to it, and it would respond back. Eventually, one night the ghost started turning the lights on and off in the kitchen while my mother was there, and I told her, look there is a ghost in the house and he is my friend. I talked to the ghost and told him to leave because he was scaring my family, and the ghost responded and told me he would leave the next day and he would give me a sign. The next morning I woke up and there were at least 50 white pigeons outside of my house, and I never heard from it again. But I noticed after he had left I started to hear more voices, this time a woman and a man laughing, and I would sense the presence of the woman sometimes standing outside of my bedroom door. One day I got frusturated because I sensed her again by my door, where I kept a bible. And I yelled at her and told her to leave me house. My bed jumped! But she was gone. Anyway, I think a lot of times spirits are drawn to certain people and sometimes once you acknowledge them, they try to reach out to you even more. I think spirits have a lot of unanswered questions too. My best advice is to acknowledge them, and let them know that there dead. And I suggest keeping a bible around. And light a white candle every nite.
Donta (guest)
15 years ago (2007-06-14)
WOW babygurl, that was some good tips and... WOW.

I totally argee on the fear part on this problem and maybe that's what the ghosts are trying to do, scare his pants off. Maybe our greatest power can be our greatest fear.
babygurl (guest)
15 years ago (2007-06-14)
lets put it this way, if the spirit, or being, or whom ever it may be wanted to hurt your son, it would have happened already!

Does your son provoke this spirit?

Also, it's best to not let yourself be afraid, as hard as it may be, spirits feed off fear.

And no matter what you do, make sure no one in your household invites the spirit to stay or to show himself, as he may watch the ghost hunting shows, they do that in those shows, and many people don't know that releases the spirit, good or bad to roam freely in your house, and can cause the spirit to do bad things... Just some advice.
Donta Hensley (guest)
15 years ago (2007-06-13)
Hey girlygirl9,
What's your gift? I get prmonitions from the next day. By the way you are right though about being their to help him face this deeps fear.
girlygirl9 (guest)
15 years ago (2007-06-13)
wow. This story even scared me. It makes me feel like I don't want to be alone anyone anymore. Well I don't blame your son for not sleeping in his own room because I would do the same and I'm 16 years old! Yeah, just try to do everything you can to make him not be afraid. Help him stand up to this presence or whatever it is. If he is too afraid to do that (which I would be), my first choice would be to move. I believe in all of that stuff about ghosts.
Abby (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-06-13)
Dear help us,

Please refer to this site's sister site as follows:
http:// for a wealth of information about this type of subject you are relating within your story here.

Your son is most likely a sensitive. I have found within my own experience that most ghosts are not harmful. Most just want to get a human's attention. They also exist by drawing or feeding upon energy from a human being or any other electrical or electromagnetic type voltages in which to take on a form, manifest or talk. This is probably why the present ghost can only say your son's name.

There are many things you may wish to try and here are some suggestions as follows: Surround your son, your family and yourself with white or violet light like you would be encased within a cocoon. Call upon those you believe in within your own imagination and vision, like your choice of a God/Goddess, masters,angels, ancestors, friends, pets and so forth to support you as an army and protect you and your family. Now, demand with great intention that the ghost leave your home. You may want to explain to them that they are dead or stuck, but you must be firm. You must park your fear at the door. Send them to the other side where awaits only unconditional love. If you cannot do this, call in a minister, priest, shaman or anyone you trust and who supports your belief system to help bless your home and cleanse or rid your house of this ghost, spirit or entity. You can clap, use bells, annoying noise like music and incessant chatter, use a singing bowl, light cleansing incense, smudge with white sage, sprinkle holy water, put lights on in every room, move furnitiure, cover mirrors or use new and blessed mirrors to reflect the negative, bless, cleanse or get rid of items that may be haunted, bathe in sea salt, use sea or table salt, and basically try everything until you find the remedy that works for you. Then please come back and let us all know here what did and did not work for you and yours.

You could also choose to move your son's bedroom to one less haunted or as a last resort you can choose to move out of the residence completely.

Always empower your self and your family and do the research to find the answer to a remedy.

As always this is but my opinion, take all, some or nothing. We would all be pleased to hear of your outcome, so do not forget us here, as your experience and remedy will help us all.

Blessings, Abby

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