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Is This Normal, Intuition, Or Precognition?


First of all, I am so happy to have found this website. I have been searching for answers to some of these experiences that I have been having more and more frequently. Hear are some of them.

I too have always felt "special" ever since I was a little girl.

It started when I was very young. My mother was a single mom, and she would always have people over at the house. I remember feeling that certain men that she brought over were not good at all and that I should be very aware of them and stay away from them. I was never molested as a child, but my younger sister was molested by one of those men. Then when my brother was in his 20's, he came forward to me and told me that he was molested when he was 5 or 6 by another of the men that gave me the strong creeps.

I feel very bad that I had those feelings, and they protected me, but not my brother and sister.

In my early 30's I was staying with my two son's at my mom's house. I was sleeping, and I woke up at about 1:00 a.m., to the strong smell of smoke, I went into my mothers room and she was sleeping and I could no longer smell the smoke so I went back to bed. Then I awoke again at around 2:30 a.m., same thing, strong smell of smoke, so this time I went into the kitchen and smelled outside, and nothing. The smell was gone. Then again, I awoke at about 4:00 a.m., and again, the very strong smell of smoke, I went immediately into my mothers room, because this time the smell was accompanied by a very strong sense of urgency, when I opened her door, her entire room was smokey. She had fallen asleep with a cigarette in her hand, and it was burning her pillow and her hair.

Another time as I was approaching an intersection at night on my way to the store, I had this strong sense of having to stop at the green light even though it was green, so I stopped and then I crossed (there was no one behind me) on my way back from the store, there was a bad accident. I know immediately that the other car had run the red light and hit the car that had been going the same way I had been going. The next day, the newspaper had the story, and the driver was drunk and ran the red light and the other driver was hurt, but ok. I got the chills

One day I was sitting in my living room waiting to take my brother to an appointment, when I had this thought that "Dickie's dad just died". It wasn't a voice or anything like that, it was as if it were a fact I already knew. When we came home from the appointment, my mother told me that I better call Dickie, she is really upset, her Dad just passed away. Before that day, I had not talked to my friend Dickie for months. I knew her dad had been in the hospital a few months before that, but that was all I knew.

I have also predicted the sex of all my three sons. Without a doubt. I told my best friend she was having a boy when she first found out she was pregnant and a week ago it was confirmed. (not really psychic, but I wasn't guessing either I knew)

Two nights ago, I was coming home at about 9pm, when I passed by another huge accident. I immediately felt sad for the middle aged woman who had died. I knew that she was in her 40's, a woman and she was alone in the car. Again I was right, she was 44 and alone.

Also, I have always had dreams that have come true. I once had a dream that my son's father had told me he was in love with someone else and left me this girl named Angel. I later found out that he was fooling around with a girl and her name was Angela.

I will also have dreams about people that I have not seen in a while and then suddenly within the next week, see them or hear from them. The latest one was I had a dream about my son's father who I never dream the next day I received a child support payment from him. The first in a year and a half.

When my eldest son was just about 4 or 5, I used to always have him sit in the middle of the backseat with the seat belt. (this is before booster seats) I would get a panicked feeling if he wasn't in the middle seat and have to pull over and put him the middle seat. I would get the feeling like he was going to fall out the door. Then he went to visit with his dad, and while they were driving, the passenger door to his truck opened and my son fell out of the truck when he was going about 45-55 mph. They did not tell me for about 2 days until it was time for me to pick him up. Then they told me not to freak out when I see my son's face, because it was all scraped up, I asked them what happened, and they told me, and I immediately felt the same panic that I would feel when my son wasn't in the middle seat. After that day, I have never had that feeling about my son having to be in the middle seat again. It is as if once this incident happened, the feelings of panic went away.

I also never knew my father, but I was recently found by his sister who lives in Knoxville, TN. I live in WA, but I was born and raised in Hawaii. My "new" aunt told me a lot about my dad's side of the family and one thing she told me was that my great grandmother was a Chikamauga/Cherokee medicine woman. I feel that I need to learn more about her. I didn't want to ask too much about her since my Aunt wanted to tell me all about my father. Not that I don't want to know about him, I do, it is just that I felt drawn to finding out more about my great grandmother.

Also a lot of little things like, knowing that I am going to stub my toe or knowing a cup will fall before it falls, or knowing before my children would fall. These feelings would come as a knowing feeling as if it were fact, except before it happens.

There are other things that have happened, these are just some of the ones I immediately remember. I cannot do this at will it seems, the knowing feelings just come at random times. I have noticed that they are happening more often. I am really starting to notice them when they happen and then I feel drawn to following up on them to see if it is true. I would like to know what it means. Can anyone help please.

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grt7c34 (1 posts)
3 years ago (2017-12-11)
Hey everyone,

I think I have precognition - from all the sports I can predict, and all the events I can see in the future. Even my spelling quite often has mistakes... Does anyone have any relaxation techniques, if possible?

Thanks, Brendan
Naturaliana (48 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-28)
Welcome home.:)

I've tried the psychic tests here, and I always fail them. Lol. However, I'm gifted as well. Your story seems tragic, but full of lots of learning, I would love to hear more.:)

-Love and understanding, Val. [3rd Vendetta]
mauirayne (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-25)
Lust: Thank you for comment, Do you think what I have been experiencing to be normal intuition? Sorry my story is so long, there are so many times this has happened and I was writing as I remembered them
Lust_Infected (5 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-25)
I believe they are both the same thing, its just to what degree can you use them which is what separates the average from advanced
mauirayne (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-24)
I also took the precognition test on this site. This is the test where you focus on the four numbers and try to visualize the target picture.

The first one I visualized something round then I clearly saw teeth. (which I thought was weird)
The target picture was of skulls and you could see all their teeth. WOW

The next one I could only visualize something square shaped.

The target picture was of a suitecase.

The last one, I visualized what at first seemed like a dresser, but as I focused more I realized it was a piano, a wooden standing piano.

The target picture was of a piano the only difference was the target pic was a grand piano.

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