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Paranormal Has Become Normal


Somehow I have always known I was different. Even when I was little. Paranormal things almost seem normal to me now.

I am only 13 years old. I have no clue where these gifts came from.

Here are a few small stories of mine. I don't know what these abilities are.

One time while I was in my room all of a sudden I felt weird. My vision was very blurry, and seemed like it was shaking rapidly. I felt as if my spirit was lifting out of my body. I could actually see it a little. It was a white-ish light. After a few moments it stopped. That was about a year ago and it hasn't happened since. Was someone trying to summon me or something?

I also felt a spirit when they died. It was my cat (whom I loved like my own daughter). She had a tumor in her stomach and was being taken to the vet that day around 9-10 am. I knew they were going to have to put her down. I was taking a quiz during my math class and all of a sudden I put my pencil down. The thought "Tiki." popped into my head. Then, I felt cold all over. After that I felt something brush against my leg. It felt like something Tiki always used to do to me when she came up to me. I looked at the clock. It was sometime at 10 am. Later that day I found out that the vet put her down. I think she came to say goodbye to me.

I am a christian so I don't practice wicca, but I have had to actually vanquish evil spirits before.

My abilities:

I can make sheilds

Control when it rains

Control electricity

Rarely see things from the past (that happened today)

Sometimes see shadows

Astral project some

Small empathy

And a few other psychic areas.

I can't fully control all of them except for about 2 or 3.

I need help and guidance because I am clueless and I don't know of anyone in my family who is psychic.

Only my mom knows about my gifts. Can someone help me?

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Deviation909 (1 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
"I have had to actually vanquish evil spirits before." Trying things like this when you don't have full control on the matter is dangerous. A lot of times people think they've vanquished an evil spirit but it ends up going somewhere where one, it does more harm, or it doesn't go away at all you just think it has. I know one of my friends insisted he could vanquish this evil spirit that was attached to him and after he tried to it ended up coming back and hurting him 'emotionally' more than it had in the first place. Just be careful please. Know what you're doing before you do it...
CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-13)
Wow, you sound gifted. Also, love your title. Alot of psychic pop up random, so it's not inherited. I inherited clairvoyence, and the 'nudge' you get not to do something. My other powers, though, are ENTIRLEY unheard of in my family, so I can sort of relate. Like my ability to see shadow ghosts and demons, or my likely Psychometry, or the strange unnamed power to absorb information through skin on skin contact (Usually peoples hands). I would try to practising your powers on different things, and see what wears you out. Pay close attention as your powers get stronger, because when my senses for the shadow ghosts and demons got stronger, my normal vision did too, now I'm some what Photophobic and things like beaters, vacuums, strong smells, almost everything has changed, but I feel even more like myself. I would start with Astral Projection, very handy, probably fun gift, then I would try shields and go from there. Shields can be very important. I natrally have one, and I've found few people can penatrate it. One person could, and he seemed hesitant about what he said.
I know it can be over whelming, I'm still there with the might-be-Psychometric thing, so just do what you think is right. Anyway, take your time, hone what you think is best, and good luck:)
kelisima (10 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-27)
I understand how you are feeling the vision shaking thing happens to me all the time, I never actually thought it meant something. But now that I think about it, it would explain why I always acted strange after something like that happened. But the vision issue differs from mine, your's only shook but I go completely blank.
girlygirl89 (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-03)
The whole words popping into my head thing happens to me all the time... For me this gift went unnoticed because I did not think it was something abnormal... I think it developed while it went unnoticed and then when I realized that I had this ability and others they began to grow stronger. I think my acknowledgment of them and my belief in myself is what helped me to grow. ❤
madamecamcam (1 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-03)
the shaking has happened to me too, now that you mention it. I never thought of it as a paranormal thing but it was so strange. I got up from my seat and couldn't see (as usual when I stand) but then I knelt over and my knees were shaking and I still couldn't see and totally lost control over myself and said "I feel like I'm dying" and only remembered having said it afterwards. Extremely involuntary. Never happened again though:)
Spirituallychallenged (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-02)
wow that's very unique stuff, I have a slight intuitive ness which I feel is medium charicteristics which I believe arent fully developed and a strong esp sense and I don't know the correct termanology but I can feel peoples emotions and intentions, and just pretty much know if there a good person or not my feelings are NEVER wrong
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-01)
Someone's been learning her history.:) Welcome;

So then, let us get this, you are a weather-manipulator, electrokinetic, clairvoyant, shielder, and have some small empathy. [Astral projecting is something everyone can learn]

Only your mother knows...hmm, we can't tell you that telling everybody you think you can trust is a good thing. People fear what they cannot understand, and believe us, once you tell them, they view you different, no matter how hard they try not to.

So, be careful who you trust, but don't keep it all under tight secrets. It gets lonely and annoying to try to. And, of course, you always have us. My sisters, brother and I, [There are nine of us, not related by blood, and we call ourselves the Vendettas] are all here to help you if you need.

-Fond of family feuds since 2007,[;) ] Vendettas.
nameless (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-01)
Wow you are truly talented. I always felt different as well all though my younger years. When I turned 13 it was like a lightning bolt struck me. I was developing powers and seeing spirts more in detail. I do not have the same ablilities as you but my advice is don't be scared. I was always so scared to look at the spirts I saw. Just remember you have a truly special gift and nothing bad will come from it. It is so good your mom knows. She is probably the person you tell everything to. That is good. I told my mom everything I experienced and it feels so good to tell someone about your experiences rather than keeping them bottled up. Embrace all the things that happen to you and just remember it's all good and never be afraid to tell your mom things because it's good to and it keeps you feeling better about what you can do.
Hope that helped and read up on some of the things you can do, that helped me.

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