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This story is true and whether you believe it or not is up to you. First off, I am more of a scientific person, and quite a few times I have been accused of "over analyzing" things. I just can't accept some things "just because". I need explanation, reasons, facts and so forth.

It was 1989 on a Halloween night. I lived in Orlando, Florida with a friend of mine. I was 22 years old, and Al was 23, so we were not too long out of high school. We got on the subject of psychics and witchcraft somehow, and I told him I didn't believe in that mumbo jumbo stuff, but I was familiar with it because my mom used to have little parties where she would invite a psychic, and people would write a question and put it in an envelope for the psychic to answer. There's a lot of opinions on this, and mine at the time was- that it was just for entertainment. Let's face it. I could ask you a few vague questions like: "Who do you know named Bill?" Or "Does someone in your family have a health condition?"

I am bound to at least get something to go on. I could say that I see Bill's future is... Fill in the blank.

This being said, my opinion really changed that Halloween night, in a little town called Cassadaga, Florida. What I didn't know then, was that Cassadaga is a "spiritualist camp". Almost everyone living there has something to do with psychic ability, holistic healing, the power of crystals, ect. Let me tell you: THESE PEOPLE ARE THE REAL DEAL. I never thought I'd be saying this, but here's what happened that night.

My roommate and I decided that Halloween would be a cool time to get a psychic reading because "the spirits would be out in full force." So we went to the hotel in Cassadaga to choose a psychic. Even though it was around midnight, one was available.

As we were waiting in the lobby, I was trying to figure out what this large, square piece of furniture was. I thought it was a desk, but after looking closer, it was a very old; square shaped piano. I was thinking about going over to play it, when a five or six year old little girl walked in to the lobby and in a very firm voice said: "That's George's piano, and he doesn't want you to play it." I didn't answer her, but I thought to myself: "How did she know I wanted to play it?" And: "Who's George?" Both of these answers came shortly.

The psychic came out and introduced herself and the first thing out of her mouth was: "Stop trying to contact outside spirits." (We were playing with an Ouija board the night before). In short she was dead on with quite a few predictions, and some things that you would only know if you knew me. As for George, he was the deceased owner of the piano in the lobby, and quite the psychic in his day. The little girl was our psychic's daughter.

After getting our readings, we walked around outside the hotel, down towards a cemetery. It was absolutely quiet. You could have heard a blade of grass fall. All of a sudden we heard a voice say: "Where are you going?" It sounded like an old woman, and it was like she was RIGHT BEHIND US! Although we were pretty scared to turn around, we did. There was NO ONE THERE. We did of course follow the order, and we went back to the car. That was probably one of the fastest sprints I have ever made!

We decided then, to take a ride through the camp, which was kind of like a typical mobile home park. It doesn't take too long to drive through. We were driving very slow so that we could observe any other strange things.

One of the first things on the drive was a pair of trees that were growing together in the shape of a little cave. We thought it would be cool to get out and see where it lead to, so we backed up. IT WAS GONE! Now keep in mind, I am a very rational person, and stone cold sober. This was like a movie.

We then decided to make another drive through the park. The first drive through, we noticed that all of the lights in and around all of the houses were off (it was about 2 am), and the curtains drawn. On the next drive through, all of the houses had the lights on, and curtains open. One thing: No cars in the driveway, and it appeared there was nobody home.

I haven't told this story too often because I don't want anyone to think I'm nuts. It's also why I haven't put it on my website: But it happened. As far as the psychic stuff, I haven't been back to Cassadaga since, but if you want "interesting" I recommend you visit.

By the way the Bible doesn't condone contacting spirits, because you could really create some problems.

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White_Butterflies (1 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-22)
This place sounds so familar. I can't put my finger on it. I think I'll vist. Best of luck!
revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-12)
cassadaga is a wonderful place. I have been there many times taking other interested people along and showing them around. There is a healing gazebo there and I liked just sitting in the room with others and while they would get healings I would just send out my healing energy. This became ackward because people kept waiting for me to take my turn and I didn't need to so I left soon after I figured that out. Small spaces like that gazebo are great for raising and concentrating energy. They have 2 bookstores and another general new age shop. The things you buy here are "juiced" meaning they have a lot of power already in them. The whole area is very peaceful and there is a temple you can attend spiritualist services after the healings on sunday mornings. I bought a wonderful photograph with spirit energy swirling outside one of the rooms in the hotel. I asked for the key to that room and they allowed me to go in. I encountered an old woman's spirit in that room. She wasn't happy I was there so I ducked out quickly. If you are in that area this is a great place to visit- don't expect the energy to knock you over, it is very subtle although a light blue aura surrounding the town can be seen from space. But at halloween, well... Anything can happen.

Love and Light
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2009-05-08)
I too of am a rational mind but I like to quote Einstein, "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Cassadaga sounds like my kind of place, and my kind of people.

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