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I've always had trouble reading auras but lately it's much easier to read energies around me. I can sometimes see the trail behind a person, and other times I can feel how dim they are by how tired or distressed they are. Only people with really strong auras, especially sinister I can ever read, unless I'm up-close and personal with the person.

My boyfriend (3 months strong) who I have a deep connection to, I sometimes wonder if he is my twin flame. Often many of the abilities we haven't talked about we share when somehow we do something only the other person can do. When I'm around him, auras are clearer as they are for him, when I'm with him he can feel emotions better. It's a little strange, but neither of us pay attention to energies. I don't know much about his gift and I don't know for sure that he ever read energies, bit I would think it's the first step to an aura but I'm not sure.

Lately I've seen energies that shouldn't be there though, they dance or flit away or simply sit there as if their watching. I see them constantly in our "haunted" auditorium. I never completely believed in ghosts, I'll admit even after seeing one I've always been a bit skeptical but now I don't think I am. Ten minutes ago I went into my parent's office and the TV was changing the channel it's self and I saw a mass of energy like a little kid. I had already dreamed of a little kid and somehow it felt familiar. I said something like, "You don't scare me it's just annoying." and it stopped. The remote was just laying there, and it went through one and a half cycles before it stopped.

Is this a new gift? Or is it a curse? Should I be afraid? Or should I just ignore it?

I'm not really sure.

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stormtree (1 stories) (53 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-20)

As XtjrX has said, of the options you asked about, fear is a definite uh-uh. Nor should you ignore what is going on, and you are definitely not describing a curse.

One option left...

As I read about your boyfriend, I'm reminded of a woman I was with thirty years ago. She was called Running Deer. A friend of hers, who was a witch, did see auras, and she described how, when the two of us were near each other, her blue and my green auras would blend into one beautiful turquoise light that would fill the room. That was kind of how it felt, too. She and I worked in the same telephone counseling service and had a lot of psychic experiences. Most certainly, we amped each other up in that department.

The world is full of spirits just as the world is full of people. Most incarnates don't notice these spirits, and arguably it would probably be a little overwhelming if they did.

There are, indeed, lingering spirits of mischievous kids who like to get attention, and they do tend to love flipping switches of all kinds. There are grieving spouses and confused soldiers and irate landlords and they slam doors and jam locks and play instruments and adjust pictures and just about anything else that you would expect such people to do. Just like the people that we see with our physical eyes, they range widely in personality, understanding of what's happening to them, and moral intent.

Sometimes a person who loves us comes by to say goodbye as they are passing. Sometime they stay around to watch out for us.

Add to this the lingering psychic imprints from intense experiences that can range from pipe smoke to funning water.

In addition to these ghosts, there are other critters out there, some very kind and loving, and some not so much so.

Especially in some areas, it can get downright crowded.

And, of course, Grandfather and Grandmother watch over all of us.

What is most critical is that you make sure to keep your own heart and spirit clear. Again, fear is a toxin to you (robs you of clear thought and strength, to start with) and honey to negative spirits... Both attracts them and gives them something to feed off of. And they tend to be really good at milking incarnates for it for this reason.

Perfect love casts out fear. Don't worry about being afraid. Focus on light.

In addition to adding a colorful and stimulating aspect to day-to-day life, your gift most certainly has a role in your life. What that is, I would not say if I knew. It is yours to find. But in the midst of identifying your passions, you will find your callings, and the gifts that you have will support you in living a fulfilling life.

(By the way, you seem to have dealt well with the kid at the TV set. Bodes well. More often than not, a little no-nonsense, down-to-earth conversation is a lot more helpful than a ton of hocus-pocus.)

You may very rarely find that there are times when it's best to clear out of a place, and a 911 to Spirit may occasionally be in order... But again, you walk by hundreds of people every day, and most of the time a warm smile or a firm word is the greatest force you will need to wield.

Keep hanging out in this forum. You will find that you are not alone. Well... You already know that by now... But I'm referring to the incarnate peers you have online.

XtjrX (7 stories) (300 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-20)
moonfox597: You shouldn't be afraid of anything. Fear breeds more fear, and it will absolutely stunt your spiritual growth. When these things happen try speaking to them, they are there. Ask them if they have something to tell you. When I'm activated by a spirit I get the biggest smile now. You asked about more than this, but fear has to be addressed first. If you haven't decided if you should or shouldn't be afraid, decide now that you aren't ok? I hope this helps.
CeeDee (1 stories) (36 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-19)
I would say that you are doing very well! Your intuition is leading you quite on the good track and this is your best ally.

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