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Premonition Of Sick Grandmother


Since school has ended I have had a nasty feeling about someone. I couldn't pin point it, it was really making me mad until I had the dream I was sitting in a hospital room looking at someone asleep. But I couldn't tell who it was or why I was there. All I knew is that they weren't going to make it. A week later my grandmother was admitted to the hospital. And there I was sitting down looking at her knowing she isn't going to make it. And I feel awful that I haven't told anybody. I mean if I tell them they'll think I'm nuts, and if I don't then they won't be prepared for the worst.

Turns out she has a very rare tumor that only three people have had it making her the fourth victim of it. And since then I have had a black shadow just hover over me, or run across my room even, weird noises while I'm trying to sleep. Even now while I'm writing this, my dog is barking at thin air. And I hear tapping noises on the floor. I always feeling like I'm being watch while I'm sleeping or merely just watching t.v.; sometimes by bad energies and other times but some what good energies. I even had something push me over while I'm sleeping thinking it's my older or my dog but when I open my eyes there's no one there. I can even think of the same thing as someone else and they'll be weirded out. I just want some type of answers

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Casey (3 stories) (33 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-07)
Hi Confused,

Your ability seems to be some kind of precognition that allows you to know that someone is going to pass away soon. The shadow's you see are spirits. Mediums often attract spirits because they are better equipped to help them. Maybe that's why you're see so many shadows because you can help them. They're obviously craving your attention lol.

And every psychic has faced the problem of telling someone about their ability. Some have chosen to keep it a secret, which has it's benefits, while others have told a close friend or their family. If they don't believe you, you can always try to prove to them what you can do.

Good Luck,


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