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Sudden Visions. What's Happening?


I know a little bit about this stuff, but not a lot to explain what's happening to me, I'm 18 years old, full blood Native American from BC Canada. This is my very weird story.

I have a ghost following me, it's creepy and weird, at least I think it's a ghost, a tall man with black long stringy hair, who wears an old like 1800's outfit, and he follows me everywhere I go, not all the time but I see him everywhere whenever. He doesn't harm me, but he just looks at me weird, I've tried to communicate with him but it looks as though he doesn't understand me, any ideas?!

Ever since I was a kid, I've had ahh premonitions (?) of things and people, for instance, I saw a building as I was walking down the street, and all of a sudden I see it aged 100 years, and a split second it's the same as it was 5 minutes ago, this happens with almost everything when I almost doze off or concentrate really hard, it happens with people to, any ideas?

I hear voices, not in the kind of straight jacket voices, but conversations with other people around me, even when I'm alone, I remember hearing that angels speak on your right and demons speak on your left, usually it's both but sometimes it's either or.

Also, I can control fire and wind, it's a long story, but my elder says it's a passed on gift, but that's all he told me. I can push wind around in my hand or make a small flame big and vice versa. I've read others can control their body temps, I can do that too, but I want to stop that one because mine goes all wacko and it makes me sick and feel horrible.

I have dreams of wolfs talking to me, sharing their experiences and telling me their life stories, the same with bears and sometimes fish. What does that mean?

I sense when good/bad things happen, like I'm cooking, and all of a sudden there's a tingling sensation in my eyes, they do a shock kind of thing and then the next minute something happens, like I felt it once and the next thing I knew, my brother's football comes crashing through the window, or my mom comes home and says she got a raise at work.

I also see shapes, dark figures roam around, it freaks me out when I shower or when I'm driving, when I see it or sense one, my heart sinks and I become all paranoid and nervous.

Another thing, if I concentrate, and I'm around that person or any person around me, I can actually see what they see, like I'm watching tv with my brother, and I close my eyes and concentrate, I can see what my brother sees, but only for a few seconds, any ideas?

I know this is a long list of stuff and there's more but I know what those are already and how to control them. But some are really freaking me out, some of these I kind of like, and wouldn't mind controlling them or suppressing them, if anyone has any insight to these, I would really appreciate it!

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whispermethis24 (2 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2009-07-13)
I have De JA VU In the Past. But About a month before I had my daughter I had a vision I was boarding up the livingroom windows then made my way into my sons room. It seemed so real.
And I have never had a vision before!
The only thing I could connect it to is maybe sometime in the near future we will have a bad hurricane (my first natural distruction encounter other than tornado's)
But why did I have it as soon as I walked in the house carrying in groceries?
And why was I wairing the same clothes I was wairing in my vision?
Could any of this have to do with the horomones and me being pregnant at the time? Or maybe the medication I am on? WOuld those effect phycic ablities? 😕
Or CAuse me to loose abilities?
Also Recently I developed a high sense of hearing as well. I think I can actually hear what my husband is thinking. Its like he is talking to me, but when I asked him what he said He tells me nothing. But when I hear this its a whisper and its defently his voice.
What exactly is happening to me? I know in the past I always told him we had a connection.
About what AnneV said about loosing your powers... I am almost 25 and I lost my abilites for a while but then now right before I had my baby (2 months ago she was born) It is coming back to me. What is this?
PathR (4 stories) (1245 posts)
11 years ago (2009-07-12)
ryanowen, it sounds like there are a lot of abilities. But your ghost (spirit/helper) that you referred to is waiting and just accompaning you until you open the door to interact. The wolf/bear/fish speaking their story is the old traditon of many indigenous people receiving instructions. They can also be power animals as well. The fire/wind (elements) sound as a precursor. They can be used in healing like some of the old medicine people used or in what ever your mission is in this life path. Just keep seeking and praying it will come with time and patience. Blessings
Donni (24 posts)
11 years ago (2009-07-11)
You have a very special gift. You are going to learn more about the control of your gift in the future. The Spirits that follow you know that you are sentient and this attracts them to you. They won't hurt you in any way. They are simply lost souls that haven't crossed over for one reason or another. They actually don't know that they are dead, but someday they'll all cross over. You are also seeing your Angels and Spirit Guides. You have a wonderful ancestry that has put you in tune with all of nature. Ask God to show you how you can use your gifts in a positive way. God is going to guide your path. Relax and in quiet times LISTEN for His voice. D. ❤
TheWatcher330 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2009-07-09)
Hey I'm Full blood Native American also. You should read my story. Its called:Controlling Fire, Visions, and Auras. I too can control fire. I see things that come true. And I too also have dreams with wolves. And in my dreams they talk to me too. We have a lot in common so if you want to email me feel free too its wardragon330 [at]
AnneV (4 stories) (1045 posts) mod
11 years ago (2009-07-09)
You're a natural remote viewer. You can read a bit on my other webpage or use Google to surf the topic.


Bi-location (a remote viewing term) is when your consciousness suddenly shifts forwards, backwards, into different dimenstions etc. It's called "bi-location" because your in two places at once. For example, you're in front of the building, then in a split second you're also into the future.

You should think about increasing your skills through practice. Really good remote viewers can not only bi-locate, which is equivalent of being there in the flesh, but you can also interact with your environment. I knew one guy who could bi-locate to a pool of water and even swim in it. Just amazing.

Anyway, use your gifts so you don't lose them. As for flinching before events, that's just part of being an empath. I wouldn't focus so much on categorizing your abilities, just know that the veil you hold is thin and so getting to the other side, sensing things, remote viewing, etc., will come more natural to you than others.

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