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Empathy Or Clairvoyance?


Ever since I was a child, I knew I was different. I had trouble fitting in, and no one seemed to understand me. When I was about 4 or 5 I would experience Deja Vu frequently, more than once a week, I remember thinking why does this day keep happening? What's going on why do I keep feeling that? I had about 2-3 encounters with spirits, or seeing shadows appearing rapidly when I was a kid, or hearing strange noises. I couldn't sleep at nights, and often would question life at such a tender age, I had nightmares at least once a month, I would wake up crying or scared and had the feeling someone was trying to harm me.

I think I may be an empath, because ever since I can remember, I've always been very sensitive, and sensitive to others emotions. If I saw a relative or a friend crying, I'd immediately feel sad and start crying with them. I'd pick up on their emotions fast, and even if I wanted to feel happy I just couldn't. So I found myself having constant mood swings. Till' this day, I still feel like that, but it's not as strong as when I was a child. Even as a teenager, it was still strong. I was always the go-to person for advice in my circle of friends, and I often felt like I didn't know who I was, because I kept having a mixture of emotions, that I was just confused as to why I would feel like that. It's as if, all of my friends' emotions would overwhelm me. I can't pick up others emotions as easily as I used to, does this mean I am no longer an empath? I'm only 20 but I did have rough teenage years, and frequent mood changes, so that maybe could have triggered my sensitivity towards others.

When I was 14, I went through a near death experience, I was on my way to school I was running late so I was walking fast, I decided I should start running because one of the administrators was about to shut the gate close, but all of a sudden I slowed my pace I had this bad feeling that I shouldn't run, I knew the gate was closing, but even so something told me I should walk slowly so I did, out of nowhere I hear gunshots, 3 to be exact they were about 4-5 inches away from me I immediately dropped to the ground along with the other students that were walking next to me. Had I ran towards the gate I could have been killed or badly injured.

That wasn't the first time that's happened. There's been a couple of times that if I go somewhere I get a bad vibe from the area or a person, about 5 months ago I was collecting money around the neighborhood for a deceased neighbor to help pay for the costs of her casket and other stuff, I was with my friend and cousin, we kept knocking on doors and such, we approach the last door towards the back I get a bad feeling about it, and I tell them, "Guys, I have a bad feeling about this one. Let's not knock on that door. Let's just leave." They didn't listen to me, they wanted to go anyway I was hesitant about it, and actually felt scared to approach it, but I went along with it anyway because we needed as much money as possible so I ignored the feeling and worked up the courage to knock, we knocked a couple of times. No answer but then by like the 5th or 6th knock they started opening the door, I started explaining how we needed to raise money for our deceased neighbor, I wasn't even halfway in fact I only said a couple of words, and the black lady just slams the door right in front of my face, and as we were walking away she threw something at us, and I could've sworn I saw her pointing out a gun through the window

I'm confused as to what I may have, are these just mere coincidences? Or do I actually have a gift? I'd love to hear your input on this, and hope to get some help:)

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Pinkyrose144 (1 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-21)
Also it doesn't really have to do with a Gift but when I talk to god or ask him something he makes it come true everything I asked him so far he did it I know some peoples don't believe in him but I believe 100 percent and that's maybe why he made some stuff came true the only time I asked him something that really menthe a lot to me and that he didn't make it come true was when
I asked him to save my great grandmother so she doesn't die, I know that you can't stop someone from dyeing if that there destiny but I gesse I was sad that I just wished he could of did that for me. My point is Believe in god and Heaven and all that because it is true and try not to be the kind of person who needed to see to believe because you might just miss out on stuff ❤
Pinkyrose144 (1 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-21)
Im vicky and I'm 16 and I think I don't have a gift but more then one because I can do more then one thing Example I know things like something a couple of minutes before it happens I get a vision or I think about that person or there name and then something happens that had to do with that person or name or the vision. Once I was in class and I was thinking about a guys name from my class and I wasn't even concentrating on that but his name just popped up in my head and then a couple of minutes after he came up to me and threw water at me for fun yea guys in my class do that to all the girls I don't know there point though because it isn't fun for us. But my point is I knew that something was going to happen and that he was the one who will do something. Also once made a dream and it came true it was about a disaster about tornados that was going to happen and I made a dream about it. The dream was about me and my family and my hole town being destroyed my many tornados. Then next thing I knew was that when I woke up in the morning my mom had the news on and something about tornados came up and it was a hole town that had gotten destroyed by tornados and lots of peoples died so the dream that I made did come true except it wasn't in my town but in a town far from were I lived. Also sometimes I hear my name in the shower like if someone was calling me and it did happen to me once at school too, someone or something was calling my name out of no were and then I turned around and I was thinking that it was my friend calling my name because she was siting in back of me in class but when I turned around I said what? And Then shes like I didn't even call your name. Also when I hear my name they don't say it once but a couple of times at it isn't supper loud but sometimes its like a whisper or a little louder then a whisper but never supper loud, at night sometimes I can hear music when there is none playing or peoples talking when no one is talking but I can't really hear the voices really clear like to know what there saying. Also sometimes I have the sensation that things will happen like once my brother was fighting with his friend for fun and I told them to stop because I had the sensation that something would happen and they didn't stop and the next think I knew is that my brothers friend got hurt. Well all the things I was talking about that I could hearing things or know thing before it happens or do a dream and then it comes true or have a sensation that something will go wrong and then it happens, it all happened more then once
But what I want to know if how I could like get to go Feeder with all I can do like how I could try to work with my gifts to help peoples and stuff. So if you have experience with things I do Add me on msn because I need help I'm not quite sure were my gifts are located like for example in telepathy. Well its because I have more then on gift that I can do but it isn't in the same section and usually peoples only have one gift from only one section like telepathy for example but I have more then on gift that comes from more then one section. Anyway add me on msn if you have experienced things like me or you could help me get feeder or techniques how to get better with my gifts. Thanks
Xox-vicky-peace-xox [at]
lightprincess (6 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-17)
You are welcome and can contact me too. I think everyone has an area with wrong doers in it, and I like your strength to want to make people walk in the path of the light... Just try some angel cards or learn how to conect with your gardian angel if you have a really strong link with yours you may be ment to be a teacher of faith and help others learn how to connect with theirs, but your mission would be to enhance your gifts, your empathy is a great way to know things about people they don't tell you, which can help their lives subtly and yours. I do have empathy and telepathy ever since I can remember and I have a strong link with my gaurdian angel I can also do a bit of prophecy but I wouldn't say that I was advanced, no one is! I'm just grateful for what I have got and anyway I can help some one I will xx
PunkFairy09 (2 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-16)
Thank you so much for the advice to both of you! 😁 light princess, pretty much everything you said got me teary eyed, I do try to help people if I have gifts, I want to use them for good, and guide people into the right path. You mentioned that was my guardian angel, then perhaps that's not the first time my angel has guided me, couple months ago my friends saw me sitting in a playground in the dark by myself, they called me because we were on our way home, they were looking for me, as I got up they told me they saw a shadow behind me, not just any shadow they saw what looked like a golden puppy, following me and as soon as I stepped into the light hence I was sitting in the dark, it disappeared.It's crazy they said that, because my favorite breed of dogs are golden retrievers. Oh and I actually live in an area with gangs & wrong doers, but I won't get mixed up with that 😉 fossilera thank you! I will look at those articles and find more information on it, you seem like a kickass friend to have 😁
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-14)
You can fall into more than one group, and have more than one ability.

Based on what you posted, I'd say you are an empath, and also do the smart thing by listening to your gut-There is a term for this, but I can't remember off the top of my head

I'm going to throw a couple terms into the mix that you may be interested to look into: Precognition (your second story), telepathy/clairvoyance (third story)

The only way you will lose these abilities is if you believe you will- and possibly if they are used for the wrong reasons.

I am also an empath- but I use it to find out what's wrong with my friends, and try to cheer them up when I know something's wrong (they still never found out how I knew the details). To this day, they are grateful that I'm there for them.

If you want to "enhance" the abilities, this site has an article resource where a few methods can be found. If anything gets to be too much, try to meditate-it will not only help you control the ability a little, but it can also give you a little time for yourself

Hope this helps, and message if you have any other questions
lightprincess (6 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-14)
I think you do have a gift everyone is capable of achieving. You just seem to be more open minded to it, which creates a flow of awareness to the messages you recieve. That was your gaurdain angel or spirit guide helping you threw your instincts, repetitve thoughts and feelings. You may try to do things and wonder why it dosen't happen when you focus on it, its because your trying too hard. You are obviously important to this world and even though you may seem somethings in your life are not great you might be great for others or some plan ahead. Just don't get too carried away with occult ideas and ideas of super powers. You have a good connection with your Gaurdian Angel you should try appreaciating that and try and stay on the right path in life and help others too as well. You could be an influence of inspiriation, people may think your mad changing bad habbits etc... But in the long term if you keep to the right path and have faith people will be inspired and you may develop more spiritual gifts, at the fact of not abusing the ones you have. As for being an empath, you need to shield yourself in imaginary white light and think of happy thoughts when in negative situations. Try expanding your imaginary light as far as your thoughts can go, then imagine every person it touches a sense of love and calm comes over them. Smile and be happy your gifts are from God and if you can help people like him and the angels help you then, I'm sure some things in the future may start to make sense. You are on a journey and I think part of your purpose is becoming spiritually aware not obsessive just add the love and compassion into your life and others and accept every gift you get granted with in the focus to help others not brag, nag or use for your gain, You like many others posses a gift that many people have not yet learned to tap into, you can increase it in your own company and it won't happen over night it takes time. Just walk in the light with your protective gardian angel and help every soul you can, but don't force your ways on to others, they will learn threw their own mistakes. You are very wise for your age spiritually, do some reading on angels and angel cards it will do you good. You may be able to do readings for others in the future but this is a blessing not a party trick for drinking past times. Respect it. And the day you expect God to stop helping you is the day you should stop helping others. Take care and enjoy life, don't get mixed up in gangs or wrong doers they will drag you down in more ways than one. Make something of your life and help every one you get the oppertunity too. Xx

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