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My name's Anaghia (my username anyway... Anna for short), I'm 15 years old, and I'm kind of new to this site. The psychic side of my life doesn't seem like much compared to other stories I've read or heard of, but each of my experiences are special to me.

I'm a clairsentient, and I have been since I was little. I've always been quite sensitive, crying over small things such as fights over who'd be on which team in a game when I was little, to when someone hacked my school e-mail and sent humiliating letters to people. I'm also very shy as well.

As a clairsentient and empath, I've been able to sense what people are feeling, whether they were right next to me or miles away. For instance, when one of my friends was struggling to tell me something when I was talking to him through instant messaging, I began to feel strange. My body started shaking, my heart was beating relentlessly, my body was heating up, my eyes were watering, and I started hyperventilating. What I felt was his nervousness, and the relief only came after he told me.

Another case is that I can also feel that something is about to happen to someone. I usually end up staring at people (even if I don't know them just then) because I know something's about to happen. I had a feeling about one of my new classmates; she left before the first quarter of school due to some problems between our school and her mother. I had a bad feeling about my best friend's classmate (in other words, I, for some reason, did not trust or like her even though we hadn't even formally met); she ended up basically stabbing my friend in the back later in the year (not to mention she ticked me off in the process). I even had this mysterious feeling about my mother's co-worker; I ended up meeting someone who looked almost exactly like her in my new high school.

My second strongest sense is clairaudience. Sometimes I can hear sounds that are going to happen in the future, such as a phone ringing, a song that will play later on in the day, or the voices of people I know.

My third strongest is my clairvoyance. If I concentrate, I can see people's auras. I see them as thin lines lining their heads (which is what I look to for practice). I've even seen my own aura (unintentionally) when I wasn't feeling well one day.

I can sometimes have small flashes of the future in my head. I've also seen a ghost walk past me before. And lately I've been seeing strange things out of the corner of my eye (recently I've seen a green light/sparkle in my room that had no reason for being there at all. It disappeared when I went to get a better look).

Currently, I'm working on astral projection (doing it at will and remembering) and lucid dreaming. I find it quite fascinating. I also work with crystals/stones and emotional telepathy.

I study and practice in private with self-help books because my family doesn't understand. My mom always tells me, whenever I'm looking at something to do with dreams, psychic things and the like, "Don't read too much into it." It bugs me because while I'm trying to figure things about myself and my gifts, I don't read things like that every single day. My family also didn't understand my fear when I heard spirits banging on my dresser.

And just last year, when my brother saw me looking at a dream forum, he thought I was studying witchcraft. He told my parents and they wanted to know that I wasn't going to "go all weird on them because of the strange things I read." They just don't understand, so I keep my interests in this subject to myself.

So that's me in a nutshell. Thank you for taking the time to read this (it's a relief to get all of this out after years of keeping it quiet). Bye!

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shadowbishop (19 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-14)
I know what you feel like, with no one supporting you. I have always hidden my books and journals in a secret compartment in my bookcase that I built. My friend once told his mom that he was an empath, and she just told him that psychics don't exist. (After he explained to her what an empath is.) So I do all my research in secret. Well, I can't really help with anything like that, sorry.
Rook takes knight! Fight, fight, fight! 😁
i-believe-in-love (7 stories) (36 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-08)
I know exactly what you mean with your situation with your parents. I have mentioned things to them, but they don't really believe in those things, and don't support it.

-Lauren ❤
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2009-07-28)

Thank you for posting your thoughts to us. It's so nice to see a young adult broaden her mind, despite the fact you're not supported. This shows how strong you are and what a bright star you'll be to society.

I was just like you growing up but was fortunate in that my parents never told me not do my research. They acknowledged the vastness of the universe and that it was impossible to know everything and that there must be lots out there we don't know - and they were right.

Keep doing your great research and the fascinating stuff will only get better. Feel free to browse my astral projection website too, since you're interested in that.

Best to you!

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