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Premonition Or What?


Today, I was having a Supernatural Season three marathon. On the episode of "Mystery Spot" I pictured Sam Winchester saying "gung ho" and he never did on that episode. I thought it was strange that I saw him saying that in my head. Several episodes later, on "Time Is On My Side" Sam said "You're the one who's been gung ho to hunt." to his brother, Dean Winchester. I thought to myself, what I experienced was amazing and interesting. I didn't know what to call this and came up with few possible psychic powers. Though I am not sure if I am right.

The point is, it is my first time to watch Supernatural Season three. I never watched it until now. I was wide awake. I didn't have any kind of sudden surge of energy when I pictured Sam saying that. It was a plain and simple motion of him saying "gung ho" while I was watching an episode.

Was that a premonition or what? I mean, it was strange to experience that. Experiencing something paranormal/supernatural, while watching a Supernatural episode? Was this a coincidence?

I am not sure what I experienced. Was that clairvoyance? Premonition? Remote Viewing (it couldn't be unless I'm wrong.)? I am pretty confused and I need help and assurance on what I experienced.

Many thanks.

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deb1980 (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-30)
I would consider it a gift. I think sometimes what happens is our gifts just reach in with small things to first let you know it's there. Second, if you had never experienced a premonition, it maybe be building you up to be able to handle it. You are not the only one. I once woke up one morning (about16 years ago), and could not get the name Craven out of my head. I had never heard the name/word before and racked my brain almost all day trying to figure out why it wouldn't go away. Later that evening, I went to a movie wherein the main characters last name was Craven. The intrusive thought completely disappeared at that point and I was very off put. (hey I still remember that day) So my advice would be to pay more attention to dreams, daydream, and anything else that pops into your head. You may just have not noticed it before. If other things come up, you may be able to better identify your abilities. 😁
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-30)
So you are saying you witnessed a prediction of someone saying something and it happens hmm well if you have more experinces like this then you might consider it a gift. 😕

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