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My name is Jessica, I'm 15 and I live in New Jersey. I had moved to New Jersey with my family in 2007 and that's when I noticed something oddly different about myself. It started with my younger brother Paul. He's a year younger than me and we're really close. Say we'd be talking about something and I knew he was uncomfortable with the subject. I'd be thinking to myself, "He's going to change the subject to about his friend Nick," and a couple seconds later he did it. At first I thought it was just a coincidence but then from time to time I'd end up finishing a sentence for him and sometimes I knew what he would be thinking. I couldn't hear his thoughts but something would be telling me he's thinking about playing sick tomorrow so he doesn't have to go to school and he would do that tell my mom he threw up or something.

That was in 8th grade. The next year when I entered 9th grade, that's when things really started creeping me out. It seemed to happen a lot during my math class. I have two math teachers and sometimes one would be late or out sick or at a meeting. That day, I had asked where the other teacher was and was told she was at a meeting and wouldn't be here for this class period. While my teacher was giving us our lesson I was wondering what the meeting was about, and if it would end early she was rarely called into meetings a minute later she walked in! My teacher asked why she wasn't at the meeting and she said it ended earlier than she thought.

It happened lots of times after that, not just meetings but for other things. Another time she was out and I went to ask the teacher where she was today and for some reason something in my mind kept telling me, "She's sick she's going to be out for a while." And when I asked I was told she was sick and would be out for a few days.

Then there was also a nightmare I had a few weeks ago I had a nightmare where this man was raping a baby of just a couple months old and there was just blood everywhere! (in my family when we have dreams that has a lot blood involved it means something bad is going to happen). I woke up and gave it some thought and it came to me to call my friend and tell her to be careful that something bad is going to happen and incase the nightmare was about her I wanted her to be careful. It turned out her babysitter - who is also her best friend- had gotten into a bad car accident.

I know my mom has some psychic abilities - not much from what she told me- and I'm wondering if I got it from her. Most recently today I was on the internet watching magic videos and thought the guy is going to pick the number five as his example and he did and then I thought he's going to pick eight for his second example and he did I was so freaked out! I'm wondering is it possible that I could have some kind of small psychic ability?

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