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For most of my life I've had many psychic experiences; however the most peculiar are through my dreams. Here's a couple:

While pregnant with my first child I had a dream that I was in the hospitals' nursery area with a baby wrapped in a pink blanket. After that dream I pretty much expected a girl. But I was wrong? When I actually had my son I pretty much had forgotten about the dream during all the excitement until the day after he was born. I remember I was resting in my hospital bed and my son was in the nursery. My husband went down the hall to the nursery to get our newborn son. I was shaken and surprised when he hurriedly came back to tell me our son was gone! He said all the babies in the nursery were wrapped in pink blankets. I could hardly believe our child would be stolen so I walked back down the hall with him to the nursery. Yes, our son was safely sleeping wrapped in a pink blanket! The nurses apologized telling us they were doing laundry and ran out of blue ones!

I also have had a series of dreams that led me back to an old friend from high school. One of those dreams stood out from the rest. I dreamed I was in an old-time movie theatre with my friend (which I had no contact with for 20+ yrs). We were in the back row, he was on my left, and looking at him brought really good feelings of warmth and pure love. I put my head on his shoulder and felt ecstatic. When I awoke, I felt as if I'd actually visited him. The dream stuck in my head for days and I longed to reconnect with him someday to tell him what I difference he'd made in my life long ago.

Then through another series of life-changing events, and many dreams, visions and unreal coincidences, I actually met him again. He took me to his church a couple months later. I had no idea what religion he was when we arrived and parked the car a few blocks away. When we entered I could tell we were in an old renovated movie theatre, but at that point I didn't remember my dream. We sat down near the back row, he was on my left, and the old familiar warm feelings surrounded me again. I felt like I was right where I belonged. Then the church pamphlets were handed out and the theme was "Dream, dream bigger than you've ever dreamed before." I got the Goosebumps and I remembered my dream (from about 6 years ago!) I was living that dream I once had and I told my friend about it.

Many other similar dreams have also come true relating to our newfound friendship; but too numerous to mention.

But the coolest thing is how when we actually met again, we were both at very pivotal points in our lives. And we've been there for each other and understand each other at a very deep level. Telepathy is profound. It's truly amazing and it's been enlightening and life-changing in a very good way.

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