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Strange But Coincidental Thoughts And Dreams


The following thoughts happened during the day while awake.

1. About 27 years ago I got home after work, my wife and a woman friend of hers were there. The woman's partner was supposed to call but she was getting concerned, saying that he mustn't be coming because it was getting too late. I immediately responded that he would in fact be here in a minute. I just got a quick glimpse of him in my mind's eye taking the turn into our estate; it was like I knew he would be here. The door bell rang a minute later and it was him.

2. About a year later my sister gave me a present of eight music cassettes which she had compiled. They were very special because they were from old recordings of Fats Domino and others of that era. When I got home this same guy was there and when he saw the tapes he was so interested in them that I said he could borrow them if he promised to return them in a week or so as I hadn't yet listened to them. Not long after, he split with his partner and was out of contact. Months later I got word to him that I wanted the tapes back but he said that he had given them away. This made me very unhappy but there was nothing I could do. A year or two later for no reason the thought of this guy came into my mind and I obviously thought of the tapes, but in my mind's eye he appeared to be having a heart attack. I didn't think anymore of it. About two months later my wife told she just heard that he had in fact had a heart attack at about that time and had recovered. For a while I thought it might have been my fault, that I somehow wished for something nasty to happen to him, but of course it wasn't.

3. About 5 years ago my brother-in-law's mother fell ill and was taken into hospital. Her illness was curable but during her recovery she caught the MRSA infection and became so bad that she was expected to die within a day or two. The next day, after being told this, I was in work, the thought of her came into my mind and I made a quick plea to God to save her. Immediately I knew for sure that she was going to make a full and rapid recovery, and she did. When speaking to my mother sometime later she said that nobody really expected her to recover.

The following happened in dreams while asleep at night.

1. About fifteen years ago someone I knew was taken into hospital and I was to visit the next day. That night I had a strange dream. It was of a large flat area with a distinct colored pattern. The next day I had to wait in the hospital corridor before I could visit. While I was sitting there I was pre-occupied with thoughts and hadn't taken in my surroundings, but after a while I found myself looking at the floor and it was the exact same pattern as in the dream, right down to the color, it was identical. That made my skin tingle I can tell you, I had never been in that hospital.

2. In the middle of a dream one night about 5 years ago I drove out to my parents' house. When I got out of the car it was dark and the outside light on. My mother was standing outside which was unusual, I knew something was wrong; in fact that someone was dead. I thought it might be my father but she said no that he was in the house. That's all I remember of the dream and I didn't dwell on it. Two weeks later she phoned me to say that her brother had died the previous night, I knew little about him and hadn't seen him for about 40 years.

3. A man worked with me in a company, we were both there for about 15 years. He was one of the good people, one of the nicest people you could hope to meet, his son and daughter too, they used to work there in the summer holidays. I left to go to another job in 2005; he became ill at the same time and was given leave of absence for as long as it would take to get better. At the time I didn't know how serious it was and didn't actually see him again. Two years later I met another man who worked there, he told me that the man was still very ill, critical in fact and was only expected to live another week. I prayed and hoped he would recover but just didn't feel it was doing any good. One night soon after in a dream we were walking down a long corridor, it wasn't a place I was familiar with, since I had lost touch with him when I left work I didn't visit him in hospital. We weren't saying anything, just walking down this big corridor when he simply turned and walked through a door to his right. I looked after him but knew that I couldn't follow. The next day I remembered the dream and I had a bad feeling but refused to think that he might have died. I still hoped God would spare him. Unfortunately I met a neighbor of his sometime later and he told me that the man had in fact died at about that time.

4. Soon afterwards this man appeared in some more dreams but I only remember details of one. He was standing behind two men. He wanted me to shake hands with these two men because they were going somewhere. They were somewhat familiar but I couldn't make out who they were and I was reluctant to shake their hands. Also when I looked at my hand there appeared to be something like wet green paint on it. In the end I think I shook hands with one of them. The next day I could remember the dream but hadn't a clue who they were or why they were trying to say goodbye. About six months later I heard that two men I had worked closely with had left their jobs around that time. There were no more dreams where this man was present.

5. In July of this year I had a dream in which a man phoned me to tell me that someone had died. He immediately put a woman on the phone, I felt that she was middle aged although I didn't see her and couldn't identify her. She continued to talk where the man left off, telling me that the woman, who I realized was elderly, had just died and she was with her in hospital. I thought of my mother but I looked to my left and could see her standing not far away and knew that it wasn't her. The next day I remembered the dream but had no idea who the people were. I thought the mans name might be Sean so I was expecting to hear news from my fathers family. At the end of August my mother phoned and said that her sister had a pain in her back and the daughter brought her into hospital. It turned out to be a small chip on her spine, not considered serious and probably would have healed itself. Unfortunately while in hospital she caught pneumonia and died within a week. I have no idea if this was connected with the dream but my aunt was in her late eighties and her daughter, my cousin, late forties.

I have no idea if these dreams have any meaning or relevance to actual events. All I know is that it has been strange and these dreams and thoughts are totally random, they appear out of nowhere. I cannot induce these types of thoughts when I try. There is nothing spectacular in them, I just find them interesting. Some were relevant to instant events and some occurred up to 2 months prior to events. When I was young I also used to experience deja vu moments quite often, especially when people were talking, I seemed to know what they were going to say next and I don't mean obvious things.

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mryoyo9 (2 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-09)
Hey we should help each other! I too have dreams of the future... One time I knew what people were going to say because if the dream. I can't read minds... Can yiu teach me? I was also thinking of making a group for gifted people like us. My email is rtbrman12 (at) Send me an email so we both can learn more.

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