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Random Dreams Of Children


I come from a family that has come from Italy. My aunts and cousin all have the ability to read tea leaves and cards. From a young age, my grandmother told me I was a sensitive and had a third eye. I never understood what she was talking about.

I remember having the "deja vu" feeling but never put them together until my husband and I had a conversation I swear he already had with them. Yet he swears he didn't. I got dizzy when he told me. He could believe I already knew the details.

I then chop it up to, maybe you said something in your sleep. My grandmother than passed away and since then I have had a lot of "odd" things and dreams happen.

Current Dream: When she passed away I had a dream she was sitting at Sunday dinner telling me that she was preg, I was crying cause there was no way that she was prego as she was 80ish and dead. Everyone in the dream around me was happy and talking. To me this dream freaked me out! I woke up crying and missing her so much.

I called my family member who studies sensitives and she told me it was my grandmother reaching out to me from the dead telling me she is ok, and this is a new life for her (new life being the birth)

I allowed this to be the truth, it make sense.

Another odd dream: my husband and I are off roading in his truck and we come to a stop, the truck is in half water and my husband opens the door and hands me a baby and we drive off. We chat about it. He said the woman who gave him the child was Spanish and young. She said her boyfriend left her and she doesn't want the baby anymore. So we drove away. Later down the road, I made him turn around and find the young girls grandparents.

She took the baby back. Then another part I remember is I am in Best Buy with my baby and we walk into her god father. He said he wanted this child back as his wife was having twins and missed her. For some reason I gave up my child, she walked away and called him dad.

I have yet to figure this one out and why my dreams all included children.

If anyone is out there can help me with that.

Also: I have had a ton of "depression" episodes and the docs have put me on zolft which helps with the crying

Now I think that the tears, or the upset feeling I get is me relating with people around me. Although, I don't feel a ton of joy from this.

I can be watching the news and hear something sad, would make a normal people feel bad. However this makes me break down as if this happened to me.

Someone please help me!

Thank you for reading and sharing your ideas


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Ursala (48 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-03)
Hi, lostinherself. These dreams to me have a reincarnational feel to them. Your grandmother being pregnant could be saying that she was coming back in the form of a newborn to rejoin your family. That's why your family was so happy. Is anyone in your extended family pregnant, or perhaps you are?I do like the explanation from your family member as well. The godfather dream could be that your child once belonged to his wife in another lifetime and you were just unconsciously acknowledging that or remembering. These were my first impressions when I read your story. Hope this helps.

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