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Always A Bad Feeling


i always get a feeling something bad is going to happen like it might be a perfect day and then my friend will say let's go do something and I will be like yeah okay and I have a feeling something bad will happen and it does...

Well this one time me and 2 friends (Megan & Shannon) were at our friends house (Lauren)

And we were all riding Lauren's electric scooter at the front... It was my go and I had an eerie feeling something bad was going to happen. So I went slow and watched out for bumps in the road, when I got back to the group of friends I hesitated to give the scooter to Shannon and told her to be careful because now my instinct had gotten stronger and I was certain something was going to happen... And it did,

Shannon hit a bit of tyre that was on the gravel and fell off... She said she was okay until she looked down at her leg she screamed and told us to help I ran over there and her leg was sliced open and the skin had stretched so it was like a big square in her shin and I could see her shin bone! It was gross she ended up being okay but got a big scar from it...

Then about 6 months later I went to the rodeo with my friend and her mum and me my friend and some other girl that went to our school were playing on the gates that let's the bulls out. I sat there with my hand away from the gate and when our friend shut the gate I was like man it would hurt getting your fingers stuck in there... And she opened the gate I leant over and put my hand where the gates shut (I didn't even realize I did) and then she shut the gate on my hand it hurt so bad.

It's happened a few times after that but I don't want to keep blabbing on. So I will write another story about my other experiences

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secrets (6 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-16)
Well according to Karma law what you put out there (whether in thought, speech or action) comes back at you.

I don't know whether its right or wrong its open to personal belief. I personally believe it otherwise I would never have learnt the life lessons I needed to learn at this point in my life.

For those that don't know me, I have a sixth sense which I choose not to share due to other peoples need to be correct (and that's ok). We each have our talents, and some choose to see beyond the obvious. If you want to discuss your this more let me know 😁

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