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My Experiences From A Child To A Young Woman


Hey everyone, I stumbled across this site while browsing various interests. I'd like to share some things and would greatly appreciate the feedback/help/guidance.

Whenever I was a child, I remember a distinct dream - nothing too serious or sinister. Just the boy next door who I hung about with climbing over the neighbor's wall. I remember the next day how I had seen that exact same image just the way I had seen it in my dream. From time to time, I would experience that but it is a rarity.

I remember when I was in the garden playing as a child, it was a sunny day and I had heard a voice. It sounded quite like a man. I can't remember exactly what he said but no-one was with me, whatever he had said he sounded calm, very relaxed and to me I interpreted as what he was saying as the sun was going down. Just then the sun had faded. It sounds crazy even as I write this but I was only a child. I never heard that voice again. As I got a little older, maybe around 8, I seen what I would describe as a demon. To this day I will never forget it. It looked like something from a scary film and no one would believe me so I thought it must have been part of my imagination.

Around 14-16 years old, I began to feel either reasonably fine or uncomfortable in a room. I used to feel if there was a presence. Whenever I was a child I remember being drawn to the storage room and I would be there in the dark. Maybe I was playing with toys I can't remember much but I do remember something that would draw me to this room. This very room got turned into my bedroom when I was 14-16 years old.

One night we got a call and a distant relative had died. It was around 11pm, and I sat reading in bed. My mum left to go see the distant family members, to go show support. I stayed in my room reading. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a weird colour (grey/whitish/greenish tinge not too bright but an almost faded colour with a very distinct outline of clothing and detail as well as facial features) and I detected a sign of movement. Both eyes stared straight ahead. I did a double take and actually started to see a shape take form. A lady was at the bottom of my bed. She glided gracefully across my room towards the door, I was in complete shock and absolutely terrified. I felt as if she knew I was looking at her. She didn't smile but simply glided gracefully through my bedroom door. I couldn't move, I was in complete shock. I don't know how long I sat for but it felt like an hour had gone past. Eventually I plucked up the courage to stop staring at the door and to go turn the television on to comfort me with some form of noise. Was this the lady who had just passed away? Who was this?

A few things I will also comment about that old house is to do with two rooms: the bathroom (which was built into an extension on the house) and also my mum's bedroom. Firstly, the bathroom. I felt very uncomfortable being in there at all. As soon as I was in the room I wanted to be out of it. I felt that something very bad had happened. I got these visions in my head that there had been a fight of some description at that particular area and someone had gotten hurt. More so the feelings of violence and anger though. Secondly, my mum's bedroom. I loathed it. It made me feel incredibly uncomfortable like I wasn't suppose to be there. There was one particular area that I was really drawn to in which I felt it was a bad place. I just wasn't wanted. Any of my friends that had been in the house, also said that they too did not like my mother's bedroom. That it made them feel uncomfortable, that there was "something about it."

I spoke to my mum outside of the house about the lady I had seen. I felt frightened speaking about it inside the house. My mum told me that she didn't want to say anything but she had woke one night and seen a lady standing at the bottom of her bed. I felt frightened at that moment. It really knocked the breathe out of me just to hear confirmation that my mum had also seen something.

One person I was very close to in my life was my grandmother. She passed away when I was about 16. I remember it was a Sunday and I had stayed with her. I was getting ready to go home and this awful thought came into my head of something happening to my grandmother. I got this momentary image in my head of the street, the coffin and the people carrying it. I also felt the pain. It was only momentary. I shrugged it off but still did not like the fact I had thought of something like this. A few hours later when I had gone home to my mum, we received a phone call from my grandmother's next door neighbor. I knew as soon as the phone rang something wasn't right. I ran as fast as I could round to her house and the ambulance was there. She had had a stroke. My gran had passed away many months later. As you can imagine it really broke my heart but I dealt with the pain and stayed strong for my mum.

We were in the process of moving all my grandmother's items into our own home and one night, my mum went upstairs to check everything was ok. I remained downstairs and I was humming to myself casually, waiting on my mum. I looked up and I had seen a small, greenish/white "orb" floating towards me. I was so frightened, I backed against the wall. It fell downwards gently and faded gradually. I was frightened yes, but I didn't feel as if I was threatened in any sort of way. A few years after my grandmother had died, I was incredibly upset. I wished for nothing but just to see her and for her to hold me again. That night I dreamt of being in her arms. It felt so real and I was so comforted. She told me everything was going to be ok. Not only did this feel real but I could also smell her scent when I hugged her.

I continued to see orbs. Although I did not see orbs all the time, I would still see them. I also see, what I can only describe as dark shadows. Both, the orbs and shadows I would see rarely. Now as a 21 year old woman, in my boyfriend's room I get this vision of a man who is in a black suit. He laughs but I don't know if it is a mocking or friendly laugh. I seem to get his image in my boyfriend's room or generally in the upstairs area. On the stairs, there is one particular spot in which I sense something. I am quite unsure what I feel in this area. However, from this point on the stairs to the hallway I get this image of a child. The child is happy and incredibly playful.

The only thing I have seen in my boyfriend's house is an outline of something that isn't there. However, it isn't a definite outline of a figure. I would say that it is more an outline of a sort of shape. I'm not being very clear but unfortunately, that is the best way I can describe it.

I would love it if someone could help me - give clarification, advice and guidance. If I do have a gift - how do I further this? Thank you.

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Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-25)
How to contact your Guides:

It is important to seek advice from your Guides. Unlike people, your Guides always have good intentions and their job is to protect you and guide you.

To confirm that you have Guides (and that they are who they say they are) ask them for signs then be on the lookout for those signs. I asked for specific detailed signs which are not easily found anywhere and they shocked me everytime by sending me those exact signs, so make your requests a bit challenging (but not impossible) and they will comply. Do not be scared. Think of your Guides as friends, Angels, etc. Your job is to develop and use your gift and their job is to show you how. Just make certain you only use it for good purposes. Also make certain they are Guides, not bad entities or Spirits/Ghosts, by only thinking your thoughts to them rather than speaking your requests outloud, and first pray for your top level Guides to come guide you, and verbally outloud banish all bad entities from around you telling them they are not welcome.

Guides or spirits?

It is very important to confirm that they are good entities which you are meant to help and not bad entities trying to attack or manipulate you. They can see you and hear your spoken word but not usually hear your thoughts so the first thing to do is to pray for your guides to protect you and advise you on what to do. As for the entities/spirits you must speak outloud to them to ensure that they hear you and tell them that you only welcome good spirits and ask all negative or bad energies/entities/spirits to leave. This is also important to do when using lettered cards, tarot cards, scrabble, etc to communicate with your top level Guides for advice and guidance. Always confirm you are speaking to them and not to entities/spirits until you are ready to do so.

How to make first contact with Guides:

-First be relaxed and in a location where you feel most spiritual and protected.

-Next in your mind and outloud ask for all negative energies/entities to leave for they are not welcome. They need to be told this.

-Next pray innerly (not outloud). Ask to be protected from negative, bad, evil, or dark energies/entities/spirits.

-Once you feel at peace and protected, pray innerly to communicate with your Top Level Guides. Only those who guide you, care for you, protect you, and are of the white light.

-You will then hear some inner thoughts, which at first you might feel are only your own, but they will catch you off guard because you will know you yourself did not think that thought. Reply to it. Listen carefully. Ask it questions. Listen for answers.

-Now at this point you will wonder if you are crazy, and are imagining things, or making it up in your own mind. This is when you need to ask to be sent signs as an assurance that they do in fact exist. They do not mind doing this. They understand. Request a sign which is challenging and not so common so you will know for a fact that it is from them, but do not choose a sign that is impossible.

Be aware and watch for the signs.

Keep in mind that Guides do not always come forward until we know they exist, believe in them, and need them. Even then it might be against the rules for them to come forward. Others like to remain hidden and watch over us silently. Remember that Guides are on another level. They can make mistakes, be not so experienced as other ones, and might bend the rules and get in trouble for it. So be careful when making contact and making demands. They do have to answer to the highest power aka God.

Ways to communicate with your Guides:

-Rune Stones
-Asking for and reading signs

To get your Guides to TALK to you in a more physical voice they need to develop this ability just as you need to develop the ability to HEAR them.

Until then they will use whatever other methods they can in which to communicate with you (Inner Thoughts, Tarot, Rune, Meditating, Radio, Signs, etc).

Remember not to pressure your Guides with being able to communicate better with you. They want this as much as you do and it is a two way street. You try more on your end, and they will try more on their end. Teamwork.

Oracle101, Psychic and Medium for 43 years

Always happy to help others

For more advice click on my profile name to read my other posts.
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-25)
You did not mention anything about your Spirit Guides. All of us have Guides who's job is to guide and protect us. The man in your garden may very well have been one of your Guides.

When you have abilities as a sensitive and so are able to sense and see Spirits, more of them will try to make contact with you. This explains the orbs, and also the demons who try to scare you from helping the Spirits who are coming to you.

Do you know how to contact your Guides? I will post it next for your convenience.

Oracle101, Psychic and Medium for 43 years

Always happy to help others

For more advice click on my profile name to read my other posts.

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