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Force Pulling My Spirit Out Of My Body


I was in a catatonic state (sleep paralysis thing), I wasn't afraid but I remember reading about how you can leave your body at that time. So I tried. I felt, well like a was lifting out of my body. But then I started thinking, "Wait, what's the point of doing this?" So I realized there was no real motive behind it other then "hmm I wonder..." and it was right after I had a dream that involved a big orb thing in my back yard that I was drawn to, looked like a sun. I really don't know what it was (ANY IDEA'S?).

I was in my backyard and everything was beautifully lit. Glowing. Pretty much looked like a perfectly peaceful place. And there was this bright sun like orb at the other side of the yard by the pool. I was drawn to it. I wondered what it was, but it seemed I already knew (God? But I don't know). There was this mist falling before it. I remember sticking my fingers then hand (s) through it and parting the mist (like how you would if you had a hose, using your finger to make it come out like a fountain and then stick something in it and the water parts) and then that's all I remember.

Which brings us back to me in the catatonic state. So where I left off... So around the time when I realized I had no clue what I was even going to do once I was out of my body (and then wondering things like, if my spirit leaves the body then I don't have a soul for that time period? Because body+spirit= soul. Tell me if I'm wrong. Haha.

So I was wondering, would that mean I would be dead? Hmmm. That wouldn't be good if someone walked in the room and I looked like I was dead. Around this time I felt this slightly sick feeling, suddenly I was being "pulled" out of my body. Then I was like " o crap, "hah. I felt someone viciously putting forth a disgusting amount of effort to pull my spirit out of my body. It was my left leg I felt being pulled on. Just throwing that out there. Anyway. So then I thought, "not good." but I still wasn't afraid. Knowing that dark spirit type things (by the way, what's the difference between spirits, ghosts, entities, and demons?) Feed off fear. Plus it's not like being afraid would of made the situation any better. I was telling it " no" over and over, fighting with it. I felt as if I was becoming over powered so for the first time in a VERY very long time, I asked for help. I told the force in the name of heavenly father Jesus and the holy ghost I command you to leave. And I'm sure after the 1st (maybe 2nd) it booked it. Then I slowly fell back into my body. I could feel my spirit was a bit shaken up. Like when you take a snow globe and shake the crap out of it, but then it all slowly settles. Anyway. Tell me what you think of all that. I don't know if I know exactly what I think.

Ironical, the closer it's getting to the end of the month the more things like this our happening. I have been feeling weak a lot. Sleeping more. So I boosted up my calorie intake (don't worry its healthy stuff. I'm a health freak) and I have been getting random pains through out the day or suddenly get sick to my stomach. I have also been getting random minor headaches ALL THE TIME. Or ill be sitting in class and WHAM. My head is pulsing in pain. Strangely today, it was my jaw though.

This month it seems like, well, I'll put it this way: if there was a graph that told me how much paranormal/psychic/random things/ (and me learning about things of that sort,) have been happening to me this month compared to others. The little line thing would be shooting up off the chart. So MANY things happened.

I'm very open about these things. I don't care what people may think of me. All of this psychic paranormal stuff is there. Most of the time they don't flip out about it. But I only bring it up if that's where the conversation is going at. I'm 16.

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Starlight22 (11 stories) (166 posts)
11 years ago (2010-02-27)
how do yoou sleep parilized in the first places? I don't get it but I hear a lot about it on this site (please read some of my stories if you read this comment thank you!)
Bler (5 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-25)
For me its like opening my eyes, except the world is different in very small ways and I can't focus properly.
I did some more research on the matter and I found that a lot of the symptoms I experiance are all on the path to astral projection. And thinking about it from this new point of view makes a lot more sense to me. Its all explained from the voices to even the third eye that you see-which is apprantly important when it comes to projecting fully. I got a lot of info on luck.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-22)
I understand of what you are telling about opening the mind's eye. When I am on that state, I only see a big one eyed shaped on my forehead. I think it was that part you are talking about. Like the picture of the third eye where you can see from above from this site.😊
Bler (5 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-22)
I have had very similare things happen to me. It started with just being pinned to the best while I'm sleeping, then as time went on I could feel it coming along several minutes before the full volume of it hit me. Though I could never see anything. Later, trying to control it and to communicate with what ever it is in the hope of understanding more of what is happening, I started speaking to the entity in my sleep. In the early stages of this I would ask it what it wanted and it would start to answer. But I usually got such a fright from hearing a voice speaking to me that I pushed the entity away breaking the connection. After that it stopped answering me. Now when this happens I can hear random voices, always different and sometimes in different languages. Once I was woken up by a female voice calling me by my name in a very urgent manner telling me to wake up. Another time I was told that 30 days after I reach the purpose of my life I would die. Another thing that happens with these encounters is the feeling of being pulled or pushed around. Resisting this and opening, what I now think is, my minds eye, I think I am able to do a very small case of astral projection. It takes all of one's will power to move, but I have managed to sit up and look around several times. I am just uneasy about the fact that I have only managed to do this when the entity comes to me. So my question is, is it safe to continue trying this and how can I improve on this, preferably alone? Also note that sometimes when I get into the right mind set I can feel strong emotions of other people, I can know what people are going to say before they say it and I have managed to push my thoughts into their minds. However, these skills are still under developed and I don't know how to control them properly yet-it only really happen when I'm in a certain mind set.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-21)
Hello there. I also experienced sleep paralysis in the past. It was like moving your own self using only the mind but cannot moved at all. We share some things in common. It looks like the mind was fully awake but not the body when you are on that state. Good day😊
Raphale_Angel (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-21)
interesting! When you define spirit plus body, it doesn't make a soul, the spirit you mentioned it called shadow spirit, shadow spirit is a mirror of your spirit and it has certain ability according to your spiritual energy, if your spirit leaves your body you can't activate your body again, so in this scenario you have experienced and for all people who call it as spirit leaves the body, you may use the term as shadow spirit... It is natural to trigger your shadow spirit and brings experience back to your body... But remember do it only when you are in good mood and you do not have physical problems, if you feel well and healthy there will be no side effects, because when you leave your body as a shadow spirit your heart and blood pressure changes rapidly and it may cause damage to your body if you do it alot, best practice once every couple months.
Openminded15 (1 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-29)
In the pages you are missing for Evermore:

Drina chases Ever to a cliff. Ever asks why she is chasing her. Drina tells Ever that Damien is hers and about Ever's soul coming back each time Drina kills her. Ever throws a rock and it takes a chuck out of Drina's face. Drina heals herself and laughs. Ever feels that Drina is about to kill her and she remebers her family before the accident and holds onto it. Ever heals herself and both her and Drina are floored. She lunges at Drina and knocks her down. Ever sees a shimmering veil and throws herself to it. Ever end up in a beautiful meadow. Damien appears and tells her she is in Summerland (and Drina doesn't know it exists). Damien explains to her that she is an Immortal. Damien teaches Ever that she can create things from thoughts in Summerland. Ever asks about Damien and his history. He explains that he discovered immortality because he was an alchemist. He goes into his and Drina's history together. He found Drina and she was sick and dying so he saved her and later married her. He explains to Ever that now she has a choice to become an Immortal or she can forget and live a normal life. They cry and kiss. He tells her that he loves her but she can't will herself to say it aloud. Damien told her that when she is ready to tell him if she loves him he will be there and he leaves Summerland. Ever wakes up in her room. A day passes and she patches thing up with Sabine. She finallt sees Riley because she is "off the sauce". Riley suggests that Ever should go and see Ava, finally agrees because Riley says she doesn't have much time. O.o ever pulls into Ava's place. Ava is there to greet her and ushers her in. They start talking about Riley. Ava tells Ever that Riley decided to stay with her and by doing that she gave up her chance to be with her parents and Buttercup.: (Ever gets angry when she hears this and even more so when Ava says that Riley needs Ever's permission to leave. Ever asks Ava just to show her how to put up the psychic shields but not how to take them down (Ever doesn't want to know how). As Ever leaves Ava tells her that she said good-bye to the wrong person.
kissingursoul (4 stories) (23 posts)
12 years ago (2009-10-28)
I have always been afraid of trying to lift my spirit, am afraid I can't go back, never had tried it hahaha but I sure have felt, like many people have (I believe) this feeling that when I am very deep asleep, I feel like am falling and wake up very scared! 😜 Hope someone can tell you the difference of demon, entity, etc because I have always asked myself the same thing. Take Care and keep healthy!

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