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Are We Going Crazy?


For quite sometime now, I have always been able to sense things, hear things, and see things as well. Although it has been quite some time from seeing anything on the spiritual side, it is as if my sense of sensing and hearing things has never faded. To begin this, my wife & I were married as of June of 2009 and moved into our first home in August.

Upon moving into the new home in August, we were both very excited and happy to be in our first home; the gentleman whom owned the home agreed to owner finance the home to make it easier on the both of us. We decided to go gung-ho and repaint the walls to make it more adaptable to our personalities as well as making everything the way we liked it. It seemed as if nothing ever got finished within the home, as if we were fighting a lot (which is something that we never did or do), and things always came up missing!

I never really thought twice about anything, knowing that I had replaced the locks upon moving in and just figuring that things were misplaced due to the new layout of a home. We were continually running into things be put in one spot and the just moments later, it would be in a completely different area of the house. There was one incident where I had hung up the keys to our jeep on the mirror as you walk in the home, place groceries on the counter and grabbed them again because I had remember I forgot something in the vehicle. I turned around to grab the keys and they were gone. Walking into the home, you hit directly into the dinning room and conjoined kitchen, no other rooms. Knowing I made a straight path to the kitchen counter and had not been in any other rooms I checked for the keys outside and to no avail, they weren't. I asked my wife and she said I had them because I had to unlock the door upon going in; so I checked my pockets, and they weren't there either. I was stumped, so I used her keys because I knew I somehow lost mine. I ended up taking something into our bedroom, and right there they were, laying on our bed (and our bedroom door was shut as it always was). This is what really got to me.

About two and a half months after moving in, the owner of the home decided to replace the septic tank and water pump, so for two continual days, he had a few guys out back with a back hoe digging up the old septic tank so they could put the new one in. After they had finished and taken all of their equipment, there were many nights that we were awoken by voices of people talking (loudly but seemed so distance as in trying to understand what they were saying). Each and every-time, I knew that I was imaging things and just went back to sleep; until my wife said something about it. We both awoke one night to these distant conversations and noises seeming to come from right outside of our bedroom window; so I grabbed my shot-gun, ran outside, and fire two warning shots as well as checking the property; nothing found. We found that we both had been feeling very uneasy and a sense of unwelcoming in the home, at times smelling the most awful smell (rotten eggs or a smell of death) to linger and then instantly be gone. After a couple more of these experiences, we spoke with the owner and moved out into my parent's home until we could find another.

Now after living in my parent's homes with my wife for about a month, I was awoken tonight, hearing voices. I ignored what I heard and left it alone; my shoulder had been hurting very badly and I didn't even get up to satisfy my curiosity. Then I had to get up to use the restroom, even though I was so sore that I didn't want to. Getting ready to walk out of the bathroom, I hear the sound of someone walking through the living room and look; yet no one is there. I felt as if someone else was in the room with me, watching or beside me. I went back to the bedroom and my wife was awake, and asked what I was doing; I told her everything that went on and she said she had heard the same thing; only I misunderstood her and thought she was saying she heard it earlier in the evening, but after further discussion, found she had heard it (voice) the same time I did and just stay turned over because she was going to ignore it as well.

We live about 15 miles outside of town in the country with no neighbors for quite a ways. There were no TV's on or anything to make such sound of whispering distant conversations but remaining loud. No one besides her & I awake. I know I'm not going crazy if she is hearing it too and I sure hope we both aren't. Please help with your advice, it's really needed. What is happening? Why is it happening to us?

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bronedog (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-29)
You are not crazy at all the house you previously lived in might have been haunted by a demon who might have followed you I would suggest if anything else happens that could threaten you or your wife that you get a exorcist to preform an exorcism on both you your wife and your house. 😐
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-29)
scotte2051... The house you were going to buy through the owner is pretty haunted and with a heavy evil overtone according to your story. It also followed you to your new place which usually indicates a evil component also. Untill the old house has someone in it that the spirit wants what you and your wife need to say prayers together... You only need to do it once or twice a day for a few weeks but it is important that you do it together.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
14 years ago (2009-10-27)
Unless you can go into the mind of the deceased (if you're a psychic medium) you're not going to know who or what is fiddling with your belongings and hanging around you. It would be my hypothesis that there were ghosts at the first residence that were attracted to you both. I say "attracted" because they didn't do anything more mischievous than move things around. They may have even started to feel an attachment to you both. Just because you physically moved doesn't mean much in terms of the spirit world.

People who wonder if they are crazy generally aren't. It's the people who do crazy things and never ponder the subject that are the ones who are more apt to be. You already have confirmation from your wife that there are sounds and voices.

As far as what to do, you can speak to your ex-landlord about if he knows of any ghost activity in the house (a long standing ex tenant who died, violence, or something else of that nature). I wouldn't worry too much about embarrassment since you're moving out anyway. Second, try asking (nicely) that the spirits leave you in peace. As difficult as this may be for you, try and do it with a positive feeling. If you send them off in hate, you might stir up a pot that you wish you hadn't. Besides, negative attracts negative and if for some reason you've become sensitive to this, you don't want to attract something of a more sinister nature.

As for "why you", well, it may have started in that other house. I've had things I've inadvertently attracted that followed me for awhile until, for whatever reason, it decided to move on.

I'd save your bullets from here on out though;)

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