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Voices In Sleep


This only happened over a one week period but shown me that there is something more.

The first time was while me and my family was away on holiday, as I was drifting in to sleep a voice told me (exact words), "Gaynor has had a baby boy." I sat bolt upright and facing me was the clock and it was 11.30pm.

I thought nothing more of it and went to sleep again, the next day as we were walking on the sea front we passed a telephone box and my wife said I will have to ring home and see if Gaynor has had the baby yet, immediately I remembered the night before as she was speaking on the phone she told me Gaynor had a baby boy and I was saying ask what time, what time! And I'm sure you can guess it was 11.30pm, sends a shiver through me now remembering it.

The second time we had arrived home from the holiday but this time the voice was in the morning just before I woke, and it told me (exact words again) there's been 3 plane crashes. On the news that day there was news of 2 plane crashes and I remember thinking unreal another true story but wrong amount, the next day in the paper was news of a third crash.

The final time was once again a morning (exact words were simply) Rob Ward's dead... Rob was an old friend of mine who I had not seen in many years and thankfully this time the prediction was totally wrong.

But as I woke from the message I said some nasty words about I don't want to know leave me alone and I never heard the voice again.

From reading some of your stories it seems like this is a regular occurrence and especially in the drifting to sleep or just before waking stages.

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VendettaSiblings (guest)
13 years ago (2009-11-03)

Yes, for some of us it CAN become a natural thing, especially when we are drifting into or out of sleep. The reason for this is that when we dream, we are closer to the spirit world, and our Spirit Guards or other creatures can reach us more easily.

We understand how you may not want to know all the things you were told, but you need to understand THIS. What we do, the abilities we have, are gifts, and they are not to be scorned. Of course you had a right to be angry at what you heard, since confusion is often turned into anger by the impatient. But do not get angry at the soul that delivered the news to you, it may not have been its will...

-Vendetta Siblings

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