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I hate putting up what my abilities are so just look on my profile page, if you're curious. This has all happened in the last week and a half.

It was take your kids to work day and I got a community host and got to spend the day at the museum (bad choice for psychics just managing their abilities). I got there and asked questions about the museum and such. An hour later, I was walking through a painting gallery and felt a hand touch my shoulder. I turned around really fast and saw nothing behind me. I also had to try to look normal because there are video cameras and sensors in the museum itself.

I continued walking around until I heard this thump and footsteps. The only problem was that I was the only one in the gallery and this was not coming from outside. I walk to the next exhibit and it's of these stuffed wild animals. I felt a pulsing vibration from behind me and it drove me insane. I felt so violated of privacy that I spun around and saw a shadow that disappeared after I saw it. I continued on, ignoring the shadow following me and it stopped.

When I went into an oil and development exhibit, I felt too exhausted and saw a mannequin that scared the living lights out of me. But when I turned around I saw the shadow again with this white dust thing beside it. I walked as fast as I could until I got to the gallery and only the white dust thing followed me in the gallery. I left the gallery and when someone walked by, it would be gone for five minutes at a time and it was a quiet museum. I left the museum and I never felt bothered by it for a while now.

Today, I was in class and felt so impacted by an aura of one of my friends that I felt nauseated, but when I got away twenty feet at least, I felt fine.

This is slowly getting out of control and I'm telling myself that I am in control and such and I believe it, but my abilities are pushing against it as I trying to acknowledge it. Any information or suggestions would greatly be appreciated! Thank you!

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