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It has been a while since I experienced anything, but a few years back I think I may have had a premonition?

There was one time I was at work and simply could not concentrate on my job. I was quiet and sad, even to the point of tears and had to be sent home. Later that night I was spending some time with relatives. One of my cousins was outside and everyone heard a loud crack. Turns out he had a confrontation with someone and was smacked over the head with a baseball bat. He needed brain surgery. Thankfully, after that he turned out ok.

Another time I suddenly decided to call my father who I had not spoken to in at least sin years. As soon as my stepmother answered the phone I was told that my grandmother (my father's mother) had just passed away that very day. I was living in Texas at the time where my grandmother and many aunts and uncles lived and would have found out this information from them most likely later that evening. My father lived in Arizona! I just think it's odd that I called him after all those years only to find this out. It was almost like I knew my father was suffering.

When I was in grade school I used to play games with my friends. They seemed silly back then but make me wonder now. They were often what we referred to as "guessing games" but in predicting or "reading" a person, I would say eight out of ten times I was correct.

So, are these coincidence or do I have some abilities I need to develop?

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