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Was This A Dream? Or Did It Actually Happen?


Please read this, it may seem a little long but I can promise you it won't be boring, and I need help on this. I'm not scared but I am concerned about what this means...

Last night I went to bed pretty late, like at about midnight. As I was finally catching sleep, I remember wondering why I had been twitching so much lately, that was the last thought I remember of.

All of the sudden, it's like I was drifting into some heavy heavy dream, I couldn't even keep my eyelids open for a second, and the edges were turning yellow and black. I had to fight to keep my eyes open and the little bit I had them open I kept having a vision of a small witch floating around on a broom in front of my bed. I didn't want to see this, but I didn't want to close my eyes either. I kept repeating in my head, "Don't show me this, I don't want to see this." When I finally fought it and kept my eyes open this music started in my ears, of this woman and a man singing, I tried to recognize the song but I had never heard it. By this time, I was panicking. I wanted to scream but my body wasn't listening, I tried and I tried but I couldn't get myself to scream as loud as I wanted, all that came out was too light for anyone outside my room to hear. Suddenly my vision started turning black, I wanted to scream and get out running but my body wouldn't respond, I kept on trying to make that loud scream I could feel coming up my throat and wondered if it would be loud enough for my brother or my parents to hear but by then my voice sounded too far away, I didn't have control of myself anymore, and the music kept playing in my ears. Then out of nowhere, it all ended, then I just laid back and tried to ask the angels for help, I tried to hide my ears with the stuffed animal that was to my right and some of the sheets that were on my left. Suddenly I felt it coming again.

This time something made me sit up then the music was back and it was like I was in that trance again where I didn't have control of my body anymore. This time I didn't try to scream or get away, that wouldn't work anyway. Then I had the feeling that there was a message for me in the song. Then I heard a male voice in my head tell me, "There are SO many things I want to tell you." I just tried to fight this trance, I kept whispering, "Get out of my head... Get out of my head..." I kept repeating it over and over again but it all seemed far away. It was as if something was trying to make me fall asleep. Then it all ended suddenly. Abruptly something pulled me up and was trying to pull me into the vent on the ceiling, I held on to some other vent that was perpendicular to the one I was being pulled into. I was scared of where I was being pulled into, and who was doing this. I thought of praying to the angels but remembered how it hadn't worked, then I remembered about God and I wasn't scared anymore, I felt strong and thought to myself that I wasn't going down without a fight, and that I wouldn't go down either way.

Then I was suddenly on the bed again, but this time I was more towards the front of it, almost towards the edge. I was sitting up and in front of the bed, there was my mom's ironing board with a big cloth over it. The cloth almost reached the floor, there were about five inches from the cloth to the floor, and under it, on the other side, I saw a spirit's black shoes walking to the right and around it towards me. Then I suddenly woke up saying, "Get out". I looked around and it had all been a dream, a very very realistic dream...

I looked in front of my bed and there was no ironing board, I looked at the ceiling and there were no vents. The lights in the "dream" and how they looked now were the same, just that the ceiling was a little lower in the "dream".

What does this mean? Was this a demon? What do you think? Should I be on the lookout for demons or something? What's your opinion?

All help is appreciated:)

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DarkBlueStar (11 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-14)
I think you were having an out of body experience, even though it felt like you were being pulled, you may have been attracted to something.
Poltergeists usually move things, and they are commonly not poltergeists, but telepathic individuals mistakenly thinking that a ghost moved the objects.
If you were having a premonition, you pry would have had some sort of validation, like an even that happened in real life that explained the "dream" to you.
Your spirit was pry in a real other place. I've went right through the ceiling and walls during some OOB experiences.
VendettaSiblings (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-14)

I don't believe it was a demon, no. A vision, maybe. These things are hard to deal with, as many psychics' visions are scary and confusing. I don't know if it was a poltergeist, and I don't believe so. Its hard to give in to your visions without being scared of what may happen, I totally understand that. When I first started to have visions, I was so scared that I wouldn't come back that I'd fight them and freak out, then wake up scared and confused. As I learned to accept them and joined Vendetta Siblings, I stayed calm during my visions (as calm as I could, anyway) and learned to ignore all the scary images and only take the knowledge. Sometimes I still wake up/snap out of them shaking or scared, but I am no longer confused by them.

dreamergurl (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-14)
I think maybe that was a vision just trying to tell you something. I'm half thinking you shouldn't have fought it, if something in the spirit world wants to be seen or know you should just go with the flow. If it was scarty, I get that, but at the beginning you said your eyes just wanted to close... That doesn't seem to scary hah but what do I know. I think there was a lot of meaning in the man saying "I hav so much I want to show you" he could very easily be your spirit guide. He could be wanting to show you a vision or tell you about soe powers you may not know about. It's when you resist that they get... Well... Finicky, to say the least. Hope this helped some! Email me if you want =]

Earth_Fire_Water_Air (12 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-13)
Ummmmm... No its not a demon. Lol you have a thing called a poltergeist. These are very dangerous ghosts. And sometimes if you go past the cemetery you will see him. Don't try to summon him by laying down and closing your eyes just concerntrate on what he looks like.
If he seems to have black eyes run very fast from that thought. Because it DOES get scary.
He will go in every nightmare you have maybe also a friend will be in it. If he is tell him to come closer and the punch him, he will turn into a demon in it. Then what you do is you say/sing a word or song that you like alot. If you do this you will wake up, and you will do that every nightmare you have 😊 😉 😊

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