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I need some help, with these things. I can see things that shouldn't be here and I think I can control air. And yes, Sorry it's so long but I want people to have a strong visual.

Since I was younger I could hear the voices of spirits. And I know they are spirits because one time my family were all eating dinner at the table and I heard other people in the Kitchen. They talked about going to war or something, it didn't make any sense. When they talked about war it wasn't with guns it was with magic!

But that's not all that has happened, I can also see figures. Some of them I can make out except their kind of transparent, others are to dark to see, and some I see just like regular people. Though it is easier to see who is a spirit and who isn't. These people are flawless, perfect skin, some have odd colored hair, and they give me an odd feeling about them when I look at them. I guess you could call them ghosts, but it's different from ghosts. Because they follow me, tons of them. And talk about different stuff all the time.

I have interacted with some of them too, and yes it sounds crazy and that's what I thought at first. Like this one time there were 4 of them in my kitchen (I have gotten used to them) and they were sitting in the chairs. So I sat down too and asked their names. Which they all answered. Amelia is a pretty blond teenager, Alex Rose is a black and blood red haired teenager, Shayde is a Red eyed transparent figure, and the other is Twilight, hence my name! They all did not stare at me, they kind of looked at each other. But when they looked it was like they were looking through each other.

Another interaction was when I was at a friend's house. (Alex Rose is the most chatty, but not with me. Her and Amelia talk a lot but the others seem more quiet. I have seen more than these 4 but they seem to come up less than others.) Anyway, I was at my friends house, and we had made a cake. My friend put the knife for it in the middle of the pan and the next thing we know it flipped out of the pan and onto the floor. After wards I heard giggling. And when I followed my friend when she flipped out and ran out in the woods I saw something shocking.

My friend could not see it but it was just an army. It wasn't the regular spirits either. They looked so real from like a video game or something. But I could tell right away they weren't good spirits. They had red eyes and wore black armor. And plain just plain looked evil. They didn't look like Shayde either, he was human. But these things, kind of looked like Darth Maul. But didn't carry around a light saber.

But after seeing them one of them whispered something and they disappeared. I couldn't really make out what she said but it sounded like Apocalypse is upon us. Or something like it.

So now that my seeing things is done, I can tell you about controlling air. I don't know if its just a coincidence but if I say move or something like it the wind will start blowing.

If anyone has any experiences like this or anything helpful to say please do.

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TwilightShayde (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-17)
I have moved a lot and this has kept happening to me so I don't think it is a regular haunting. They don't really tell ME things but each other. But if I ask them a question they'll answer. I know Alex Rose and Twilight are usually following each other and Shayde with Amelia. So usually there is more than one I see at a time.
This also happened when I was 6, and I remember clearly. My mother thought something was wrong because I would laugh or cry or something else if I saw one. Because they would do different things so I would just watch them instead of regular people. Thanks for sharing your story, I have yet to meet some one that isn't on the computer who can do what we can. And I use my gifts naturally but I as well am learning.
Pinky23 (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-16)
Yes I have. I have seen things fly around. My old house was hunted and I was the only was that could see things and feel things. Intell one day. A friend came in. She knew there was a lot of spirits in the house. She told me, well things started to fly. The spirits didn't want me to know at the time. I have seen dark spirits, and seen nice normal spirits that will help. I do talk to some. They help me, they tell me things that I need to figuere out on my own. I am only starting to understand them now.
It all started when I was 6. I can hear them talking to me some times. I think they know you have the gift. They help us understand them so we can use them. They help us as we help them. I don't really know how to use these gifts yet. I hoping someone can tell me.

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