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It Just Won't Stop


So in my last story I mentioned some weird things I could do. Since then I have gained what seems to be more abilities. After learning more about the force in my hands, I tried the psy wheel. Nothing happened for a few days, but then I could move it. It wasn't the wind because all windows and doors were shut and it wasn't my breath because I was holding it.

Also I started to see ghost, but only small flashes of them and I never see a face. I've also read peoples minds, but I don't hear thoughts I see pictures of what someone is thinking of, but they have to be thinking of it really hard. And I've started to just know things, like the last number on my moms account, and what song is on the radio, and what dvd is in what case, (my little brother never puts them in the same case), and what's happening next on a tv show (there are very little surprises) any more. And last I can control my t.v.'s digital signal, when it's bad I can make it work, and when it's good I can screw it up, lights also dim every once and a while around me. So if any one has any advice or ideas on what's happening to me please leave a comment also If this is real and if any one has any ideas on how to control this please leave a comment. Thank You.

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