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Hearing Voices During The Night


I tried experimenting with my sixth sense that is called clairaudience and I got some results, I only can get results is when I'm almost asleep. I heard theses voices. One of the voices asked "What are you doing" in a little girl voice that I did not recognize, another was " Your heavily dependent on it" sounding like my math teacher, It didn't make any sense what the voice said and there was this other little girl that that said "That's the card\cart", I'm not sure if it's card or cart because it wasn't that clear. During the times when I hear the voices I get this feeling that I cannot describe, but I got it heavily then I started to hear whispering right behind me, I got this before but it's was very loud when I started the hear the whispering the first time. The first time I heard it there was a female and a male whispering a conversation and I remember hearing my name in it. I could not make out any of the words in the conversation. Is this clairaudience or something else? I read on this site that you could meditate to help hearing the voices and lately I been meditating. Am I crazy or something? The first time when I experienced the voices I was scared badly when I was 12, I will be reading the comments and participate in the discussion.

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miss_OMEGA88 (15 posts)
11 years ago (2009-12-02)
Hi Adrenalin6, I have also experience this to exacly how you explain it and also before I'm go to astral projection/O.B.E. I never hear my own voice is mostly other people's voices, sometimes I hear my name and I freak out and also when I hear a scary grundge voice. These voices could be from the spirit world.
Bler (5 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-22)
I just copy/paste'ed my comment here from another comment I left cause its also relevent here. 'I have had very similare things happen to me. It started with just being pinned to the best while I'm sleeping, then as time went on I could feel it coming along several minutes before the full volume of it hit me. Though I could never see anything. Later, trying to control it and to communicate with what ever it is in the hope of understanding more of what is happening, I started speaking to the entity in my sleep. In the early stages of this I would ask it what it wanted and it would start to answer. But I usually got such a fright from hearing a voice speaking to me that I pushed the entity away breaking the connection. After that it stopped answering me. Now when this happens I can hear random voices, always different and sometimes in different languages. Once I was woken up by a female voice calling me by my name in a very urgent manner telling me to wake up. Another time I was told that 30 days after I reach the purpose of my life I would die. Another thing that happens with these encounters is the feeling of being pulled or pushed around. Resisting this and opening, what I now think is, my minds eye, I think I am able to do a very small case of astral projection. It takes all of one's will power to move, but I have managed to sit up and look around several times. I am just uneasy about the fact that I have only managed to do this when the entity comes to me. So my question is, is it safe to continue trying this and how can I improve on this, preferably alone? Also note that sometimes when I get into the right mind set I can feel strong emotions of other people, I can know what people are going to say before they say it and I have managed to push my thoughts into their minds. However, these skills are still under developed and I don't know how to control them properly yet-it only really happen when I'm in a certain mind set.'
Lavenders (2 stories) (22 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-20)
I hear voices sometimes too right before I fall alseep... I didn't know it was called clairaudience though.

D: I should go look and do some research on that. Thanks for your post.
adrenalin6 (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-20)
Same thing for me but they never sound like me, they always sound somebody else's.
scorpio88 (3 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-18)
sometimes, I also hear these voices it started only when I was laying down to sleep. But I started medatating and it would occasionally come through then. Now once in awhile I can get myself into that mindset. These voices are still very faint, but I write the enitre thing down. Sometimes though it is very confusing, because it will onetime be clearly someonelses voice, other times I think it sounds like my own. Not sure what this is, or if I helped any.
adrenalin6 (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-18)
I don't know if it matters but I live in this old house, I tend to fell a presence but nobody's there and my dog will stare and its eyes will follow nothing in mid air. He would follow it and sometimes bark at it, when he jumped of my bed and walked out of my room you could hear his nails hitting the floor and speeding up before he got out of my room which creeped me out. Maybe a spirit? Is this who I'm hearing? Any comments is helpful.
adrenalin6 (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-18)
I also get vibrations sometimes some people said because I'm near to a astral projection or obe. I forgot to right that in the story.

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