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Talking With Dead Friends?


I'm a 16 year old female. I knew two of the three boys who died in a car crash a couple of months ago, and am now close with the only surviving boy in the crash. I used to be close with one of them a couple of years ago.

I have had a few experiences and at times when I close my eyes and focus, I am in a dark room, with a door, with light streaming out of it. I see one or two of the boys, and talk with them. At first, he couldn't speak. I think something to do with his throat. I sensed the colour purple and found out purple was the colour of the car they crashed in. I sensed a problem with his bum and something significant about his feet or shoes, and found a picture from a party with an unusual figure with a hole in their neck, stomach, bum and feet.

When I meet him in the dark room, he sometimes likes to sneak up behind me. I asked somebody if he liked to do this in real life and they said yes.

I was at work and was the only one in the store, and I said his name and the TVs turned off and started flickering. I got home and realized in my bum pocket was the lyrics of a song I had written him about his passing, I had lost this previously.

I was talking to the surviving boy and I told him a few things about his friends and how they wanted him to live his life and were sorry about a few things. Scarily enough, he replied saying that was exactly what the medium told him that he had recently been to seen.

I was with the surviving boy in the weekend at a party and one of the deceased boys faces is in the photo at the back, it has a defined neck and a crease around the mouth.

I feel as though I am connected somehow but I cannot figure out why I am involved or if I am imagining all of this. There's a link, like we were destined to marry or destined to interface but I cannot figure out what is going on.

When I was younger, I had about 7 imaginary friends. I remember vividly one young boy I used to play with, who mum cannot. I used to lay awake all night while I was growing up, thinking there was somebody standing against the curtain. And I used to have demon thoughts trying to take over my mind but went away with prayer, and I remember people trying to connect with me but ignoring them and blocking them out.

I just did a psychic test and I scored 60%

Can someone please give me an indication as to whether I'm crazy or this is somewhat true? Its doing my head in!

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Tetyana (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
You should find out more about the boy like his name, where he passed, where he lived, and what Aura is, if you can't see it. You are definatelly a psychic medium by the sounds of your story. I am myself also a psychic medium and if you like any help don't be shy to have a chat her's my email: chick_russ [at], its amazing what a discussion can do. Best of luck!
blueangel777 (2 stories) (24 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-25)
well you are a psychic medium look it up in glossary and you can understand more if you just learn what you got is a gift to see and hear dead spirits. I'm one my self and I'm use to it. It freaks my boyfriend out but his mom came to me and I told him things only he and his mothers only knows so he was like freaked out by my gift lol but I love it. God bless you peace

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