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Knowing When Someone Is Going To Contact Me


The strangest things have been happening to me, and at this point, I feel it is beyond coincidence. Hopefully, I can find answers here that will help me understand what is going on.

A little over two years ago, out of nowhere, I decided I wanted to see if I could find an old friend of mine, Amanda, on the web. She and I attended middle school in New Orleans from 1994-1995, and due to a bad flood, she and her family moved to Texas, and we lost touch by the time we entered high school.

I started with Myspace, since I had been using their site for a few years and was familiar with the process. As I searched, it returned thousands of results for her name, which is very common. I even searched her little brother's name with no luck. I got a little obsessed, and searched other sources such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, White Pages and Classmates. Again, I found no matches. After a couple of hours, I accepted that I would not be able to find her.

The very next morning, as I checked my email, I had a message that said "Amanda would like to add you as a friend." I initially thought it had to be a different Amanda, but to my shock, it was her! She had no idea I was searching for her, and she had just signed up for an account. I had not talked to or even thought of her for over 12 years, and within less than 24 hours of thinking of her, she ended up contacting me!

While this was quite odd to me, it got even stranger. As Amanda and I began sending each other messages back and forth, we mentioned another friend of ours, Casey, who we had also lost touch with at the same time back in 1995. I found a possible listing for Casey on a networking site, and sent her a message. I got no response, so figured it wasn't her. About a year later, I decided to search for her again, but had no luck. The very next day, I had a message in my email from Casey, who was returning the message I had sent a year ago. It turned out that it was her, but she never checked her messages on that site. It just so happened that she checked her message the night I searched for her. The only times I had searched for Casey were those two times. At this point, I knew something odd was happening.

This morning, I woke up with a thought of an old friend who I had lost touch with around 1998. I had a little bit of a crush on him, but I'm now a married woman, so had no clue why the thought of him popped in my head. Again, to my surprise, I had a message from him as I first checked my email.

I don't want to draw any conclusions, but it seems like I know when someone from my past is going to contact me. It never happens with people I talk to on a regular basis, though.

I also once had a vivid dream of a catastrophic event that came true. I wish I knew a little more about what is going on here. Any insight would be appreciated.

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flipflop (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-15)
hey! Um... Well the reason I think you were able to get in contact with your old buddies was because you desired to and kept thinking about them. And since your thoughts carry energy you were able to manifest them. Its the power of the mind because your thoughts hold strong emotions and energy. As 4 that one dream you had I think it was a deja vu. I hope this helps =)
killico (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-22)
i wish I could do that because I have been looking for 2 of my friends from pre school sammy and andy but I had no lluck because I don't no there lat names any more:/

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