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Weird Things Happening, Driving Me Insane


There has always been something wrong with me but I have always been too embarrassed to acknowledge it. From what I see, only one or so "strange" things would happen to a person at a time - with me that isn't the case.

When I was 3, I would have very strong feelings about people, and I'd hear voices. It was one main voice, then there were around 4 more softer voices in the background. The voices didn't do much... They kept me company, and informed of people to avoid [like this guy who would end up stealing a lot of money from my mum]. As I grew older I stopped hearing the voices - not because they left, but as if there is something blocking them out.

By the time I was in the 4th grade, I would say that every time I made a wish it would come true. I would do this ridiculous little thing where I'd say "I wish [insert wish here]," and I would concentrate really hard on what I wanted. After either a few minutes or an hour or so it would come true. No one from my classmates would believe me so I proved it to them by bringing on a signal 2 storm (Winds of greater than 60 kph and up to 100 kph) out of perfectly sunny day each time they doubted me.

By this time I thought my purpose in this world was to make peoples wishes come true - like a fairy g-d mother. (Note: I tried this again last summer in Israel and when we went outside there was rain. It NEVER rains in Israel. Not in the summer.)

When I got bored, I would play with hanging things from afar. That is to say, I would concentrate on something hanging (like a chandelier, a towel, a belt, a pendulum, a necklace) and make them swing around just by looking at them.

There have been other strange things that have happened to me that I am sure were not my doing. For example, one time I was eating in a restaurant, and every time I closed my eyes the design on the plate would change completely - from a flower to a man to a boat. But no one noticed, and it was the same plate as it still had the same food.

Another time I caught a dragonfly in my hand and it smiled at me, showing me its razor sharp teeth... (I am aware that dragonflies don't have teeth like that or smile... Bare with me.) And then it bit me! And another time my mum and I were at this store, and I was looking at an angel figurine. Then all of a sudden it blinked at me!

Anyway, In the 8th grade I started having dreams that would come true, and I could feel the gist of the thoughts people were having. It scared a few of my friends when I'd discuss the detail of what they were thinking about and tell them to stop thinking about it because how they were feeling was bothering me.

It was around this time that I decided I was crazy and tried to block out everything "weird" as part of my imagination. Eventually, the "weird" part of my life happened less and less frequently.

Then one day, I was lighting candles.

And the fire on the match suddenly ate all the way up and covered my hand. But it wasn't hot at all... Neither did it burn. I was so confused I just stared for a few seconds at the fire just sitting on my hand before I got totally freaked out and blew it off.

Sometimes, even though I was "just imagining" it, I would still get "weird" things like... I would SMELL things. What I mean to say is, I could smell a friend getting sick a week from now... Or the pool I'm going to almost drown in a month from now... Or the guy who's going to ask me out 5 minutes from now... Its not just smelling, like I'd actually be there... I just can't SEE that I'm there. And it'd come and go out of nowhere.

Then finally, a month ago something [non supernatural but very emotional] happened and I decided to stop denying what was happening and just embrace everything. Since then the "weirdness" has been growing steadily more frequent and more intense.

First, I was very sleepy. And as I was just about to fall asleep, I heard the voices of the people I live with in my head. Like someone turned up the volume of their voices inside my head and turned it back down again. I won't explain why, but I know it was their thoughts I could hear.

Then a few days later, I started talking in my sleep. That is to say, people would hear me calling their names inside their heads while I was not quite asleep, in exactly the same fashion as how I explained it earlier = like someone playing with the volume inside their heads. It would have been possible to mark it all off as coincidence, but it happened so frequently and with such a variety of people it seemed unlikely. Invariably it would be someone I wanted and I would remember calling them.

Then last week, during a school sanctioned field trip, I heard peoples voices again. I was again, half asleep. It seems to only work with two people at a time, this hearing voices thing. I could hear what they were dreaming.

And a few days after that, while I was in the bus going home, I heard someone from the middle seat at the back of the bus call my name. I immediately thought it was this guy... Except that it could not have been him because said guy was sitting in a different place in the bus (far as I knew) and his voice was slightly different. Needless to say again, when I woke up he was sitting in the exact same seat I heard the voice to come from. Oh and speaking of this guy, for weeks before he told me to "give us a chance" (we used to go out) I would see the first letter of his name in my head. I thought it was a completely different name though. I can be very off on my predictions sometimes - as long as I think of them consciously.

Now this would be all fine and all. I don't have much of a problem with what has been going on. On the contrary, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's been this way for longer than I can remember. But as of yet, it's not anything I can consciously control, and I know I shouldn't tell anyone until I can give concrete proof that I shouldn't be locked up in a mental facility.

But the real cause for concern is that every time I "embrace" the strangeness in my life, I go insane. As if I want to rage out, claw at my face. As if I'm anxious to do something, and to lash out. It's like I want to scream, and all of this is for no reason at all. Whenever I embrace it (I have once before, and I could start to feel peoples thoughts instead of actually hear them) I get depressed and easily irritated and lonely for no reason what so ever. And again, whenever I embrace it - and only when - people get strangely drawn to me. I prefer to be alone, and I'm sure they can sense that because they stay away. But they stare at me, and they even seem... Drawn to me... But they're afraid of me as well and so stay away. They don't know why - and I know this because a couple of them have told me this to my face. But then when I decide to block it all out I'm just a normal person like everyone else.

And another thing that happens is my allergies get a lot worse.

I'm of mixed race. And I'm not exactly dark, but I do tan fairly well... But when I'm in the sun my eyes hurt its almost unbearable, and they swell and... Well, its not pretty... It has gotten so bad that the doctor actually forced me to wear sunglasses everyday in the 2nd grade.

And there have been many times in the past where people come up to me out of nowhere to tell me "you're psychic." I've heard everything from "you have psychic hands," and something about the time I was born or the colour of my hair, or my eyes... Or because I was born with a caul (which I was, that and I was upside down in the womb). I've heard that I was a "strigoii viu" (I have Romanian blood, and they're very superstitious about me) or some other form of "evil" thing (I really do think that's just because of the hair though). I've pretty much heard everything.

If its any help,

I'm 16 years old, born at 22:20 7+ April the 5th 1993

I have red-brown hair.

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Triniti (1 stories) (69 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-21)
i think you should look 4 psychic help if every time you "embrace" it you attack yurself
Lasker2 (5 stories) (89 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-16)
Hmm, lot's of details.

Though I'd always recommending keeping your identity secret online, my general advice would read:

Different culture come to terms with these ideas in different ways. Though only one I've read about thus far to narrow the ideas down to an exact science are the medicine systems found in the East.

That is, in Eastern medicine there is a concept known as the meridian system, which is like a nervous system for a different knid of energy than what's defined in Western science.

Every person has one of these, though among psychics it would seem that our system is connected to the spirit realm, which allows us to have the abilities we have.

When we begin to ascend further into these abilities, we begin to have have food allergies that we didn't have before - which either means there is an imbalance in the meridians, or that our bodies no longer need those foods (there are some psychics that don't need food, but that's a different topic).

The main way to take control of your abilities is to take control of your unconscious mind. Monks would put themselves through a series of logic puzzles to reach this state, though how I do this is that I simply separate which actions of mine are conscious and which are unconscious and then come to a realization about what the human mind is.

It's not easy, though I'm working on a series of guides for people to reference at this blog if you're interested:


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