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I'm A Good Man Getting Evil


From when I was a kid I had this "thing" with spirits and future. I can read the future, but not from dreams or cards etc. It's simple as a pure sentiment that I am sure that will happen. Sometimes I can read the future bad... I feel I am powerless... But sometimes I know everything... From next few minutes to 1 week almost. I don't know how to describe it, when I feel ready to "think" the future I feel on my back my hair my skin that is hot and its like "chicken skin" (something like that), that's when I feel very powerful. That nothing can stop me and I can read the future very accurate but... Its a very BIG "BUT". I'm getting very aggressive and I accept that I am evil (but I ain't). I feel evil powers inside. And another thing is that I can feel the energy of a room and the spirits there by just going in it. I believe in GOD and spirits. And one other thing... My family is very bad since when I was a kid. I was alone thinking and developing my powers. Everyone ignored me and learned a lot of lessons about people. Sometime I dream I can be in the forest talking to animals and feel their pain and love (that makes me think I'm crying - I can't cry no more). I don't know if you can help me... But I feel this evil power that it keeps growing inside. Every day I'm more evil and more accurate with my powers. Its probably my family too but I'm sure that I have powers. I know a lot of thing I can do and get what job I want to be precise, but again I know I have something else to do. I like advising people and EVERYTIME (yes EVERYTIME) I'm very accurate with their future and feelings and I know that power is from somewhere "underground". To tell you the truth I want to keep them... I like them and I can't survive without this knowledge (I don't know from who). I'm a good guy, I like to share and give everything to someone else... But when I feel again that powers (evil I think) that gives me access to both spirit and future... I see a different world.

Sorry my english

Regards and thanks in advance

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white_wolf (10 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-25)
Your gift don't depend on those demons. If you want to know how, please contact me.
Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-13)
You're Romanian, and an orthodox christian, so am i. We have a great religion, with powerful priests and saints, who have the power of Jesus and His holy Angels... Don't let darkness and evil take over your life! While you still have time, visit a holy monk (priest), confess your sins and occult practices. He CAN HELP YOU! But you must ASK! Read the exellent book about a holy Romanian monk: Father Cleopa, from Sihastria monastery, I think. CHRISTOS ANVIAT-ANTAVARAT ANVIAT!
AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-24)

I just came across your post. I think AnneV's advice sounds good. Have you read those articles?

What you have to do is resist the temptation to accumulate power for its own sake and it will help you raise your energy levels to help others not just with "telling the future" or using "powers" but simply by being human and a good friend. Listening and show to others you care, feeding those who are hungry, mourning with those who grieve, clothing the naked, etc.

Basically you have to build up good karma. The shadow beings want to scare you, but like you said, they let you go eventually, right?

Find a way to raise above your current state of fear, it might involved NOT telling the future and diminishing your powers in order to learn morality and build good karmic treasure in the upper planes so that when you do allow them to return and be used you can see the higher planes and not be dragged into hell with the dark shadows.

Remember, overcome the fear just because they scare you doesn't mean they can actually hurt anything but your mind. God loves you or you would already be one of those shadows. (note not all shadows are bad, if you didn't already know that)
AirJudgement (18 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-18)
If you want to stay good, you must reject the darkness in your heart, speak to it saying you want no part of this evil
SnowAngel12 (guest)
13 years ago (2010-06-04)
Ah sorry when I meant stay far away from those dark aura with human shapes (those with pure black). Just be careful that you don't make them mad and have a reason to go after you. Every time I think about them it creeps me out. >.<
cr4k3r (4 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-17)
Yea but how can I stay away from those... Please read my other post with the kundalini snake... I used it and I saw on my sealing a black eyes... I think I got rid of it, but I'm not so sure... 😢
SnowAngel12 (guest)
13 years ago (2010-01-27)
The black smoke thing. Stay far away from those... Those are something you do not every want to come across... They attack your life energy/chi. They do this when 1.if they feel like it 2.step into their boundary/territory 3. Know that you can sense them (other times leaves you alone) 4. They know that they can scare you for the hell of it 5.have a purpose to harm you I don't know what 5. Etc... And the attacks that they send out, take a longer time to heal then regular wounds. These black smokes are what you typically call demons or human (serial killers/murders/etc.) with dark aura that passed away. I'm not so sure they'll possess you but they'll try to harm you every way possible.
Church is one step, another is possibly asking god to help you on your journey through life. Others could be find someone around your area that has the same ability or something like your ability that could help you understand yourself more. Have you ever tried meditation? Maybe that will help you find what you think its inside of you, even if you don't it also helps strengthen your chakra. If its not other entity it could be just your gift to see the future. Don't worry to much take it step by step.:D
cr4k3r (4 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
And another thing I forgot to ask... These powers... Are because I have something in me? Or its just me? Could it be that "thing" was black like a smoke or something... A hard smooth smoke. Where this powers come from? I think I will go to church... But I don't think that it will help, but I feel for along time ago dizzy in the church, I will try to go back in there... Maybe I can see what's in me... Because I feel it. I'm tired of not knowing what I can do with these powers and where are from. Thanks again and sorry for double post again.
cr4k3r (4 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-08)
Another thing I forgot to tell you guys, I saw it it another post here today and I remembered the same thing happening to me twice 😭. When I was in bed (I was 10 or 11) I felt like someone grabbed me by behind and drag me down or I think was down... Anyways I screamed but I was screamind in vane... I had no voice, nothing. And I think it wasn't a dream because next minutes this thing left or I don't know what happened to it, I got out of bed and go at my grand mother to tell her... Of course she said it was a bad dream 😉. Next few years the same thing came back... And this time it held me for about 3 minutes (IMAGIN 3 MINUTES HOLD BY SOMETHING AND CANT HEAR YOUR VOICE SCREAMING)... I was freaked out, I staid awake all night and I knew it left (if is not in me, or tried to get into me). Another thing: when I was a kid...5-6 years... My mother was putting me to sleap, she was at a side of me until I was asleap... But something in that room was odd. I was watching the sealing and I was sawing some lines like in a rainbow color or something... It was "running" into the sealing (lol, maybe its funny but I can still remember now and freak out). So what do you think... 😲.
SnowAngel12 (guest)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
Well it really is your choice on how you use your power. Even if you do not have this power it does not make you any different from whom you were before. It is how you bring yourself up to be, good or evil that is the route you must choose yourself. Just think before you tell them what might happen. Some people do not like their future told because they might think it takes the fun out of their life. Also the future you tell them is the truth and people don't look to it kindly when the truth is told about them. It is like a slap to the face and it angers them. This is because it is a wakeup call and they don't want to believe it. Also personal opinion on reading a person future is a factor you need to consider. There are some people who might constantly bug you to tell them of their future everyday and it could get annoying as well as their future could start another chain reaction that you might even not know of yet.
But anyways, have you ever thought of the idea that the future you tell them might also be the reason for it to actually happen? Just a thought that spontaneously occurred while typing this... There are so many solutions to your question that any answer could be correct. I wish you good luck. 😊
cr4k3r (4 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
Yes but I have a thought: if I want to let go of this powers... What would I be after? And another question: I don't want to hurt people... I want with this "evil" (im sure 85% it is) to make something good of it. I want to take this powers and do good... I don't want anything bad. Bad are my fealings when are over me, taking me... But nothing else. I can read future and sense the spirits (maybe I can talk to them too), but I use that information to make a good thing, warn someone of something. Ist this another solution... By not giving up to them? Thanks ❤
SnowAngel12 (guest)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
If you want help you either can control it instead of letting the dark energy take control of you. Dark energy is very dangerous and no one I repeat no one is able to control dark energy perfectly. Another way is to either block out this ability. Yes I know this sounds really hard to do, but it could help you out in the long run.

Well to start off, every positive must have a negative energy. Balance is the key to this world. The future you read could be good or bad. Yes you know the future, but have you thought of the consequence of what it could do to the person? The flow of energy effects those around the person and yourself and it could either be good or bad, but in turn it also effects those around them like a ripple effect. When you change that person future and you read there life again, what would the chance of it being good or bad? It becomes 50/50. Its like playing with fire that could burn your face and scar you horribly. Think wisely before you give your predictions to anyone, because one wrong move and it could end someone's life.

Another thing, everyone loves power, but power comes with a great price maybe your sanity. Your better off locking it away and pray to god that whatever the dark energy that resides in you does not come back and ask for something you may not want to give in return.
mh09 (3 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-07)
cr4k3r, It's obviously plain and simple you are a good man that is being intruded overcome and invaded by evil spirit (s). We are in control of our mental conscience and capacity, yet whether we realize it or not sometimes we can be controlled by good or bad spirits without even realizing it, referred to as Godly or demonic spirits. As a believer in God, ask for deliverance in the blood of Jesus. Otherwise these spirits will get worse and lead you to doing something bad if you don't seek remedies.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
13 years ago (2010-01-06)
To be and think evil is easy because it's what this base planet is all about. You are like a million other people that are filled with things base in nature. Do something special and rise above it. That is what an advanced soul does. The bottom of the barrel just falls off the negativity cliff they are hanging on and try to take as many people with them. We read about it every day of our lives. It's the first grade of spirituality. To fall when leaning over is nothing to say of oneself. To stop falling into darkness, or letting base spiritual "gravity" work, takes a special human being that eventually helps people not by 'advising them with accurate information' but helping others get away from evil too or taking something other than the very easiest of paths on this planet. You don't think all of us are tempted with going to the dark side? Who couldn't be? It's all around us. It's a daily struggle not to let the negative aspect of life eat at our soul. Buddha said life is suffering and it is but the goal is not to gloat on how evil we are becoming but how we are becoming conscious and enlightened and have overcome our natural tendencies towards this. To graduate from this hell and to help others do the same.

I only publish articles of this nature because it's a good example to others of what happens to people and how they can justify anything. This is how we become dehumanized. It's scary and you've demonstrated it so eloquently.

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