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Animal Bond?


I've lived with many animals over my life. I've had different types and (I guess according to what has happened) have been closer to some than others. I've had/have 3 dogs (1 currently), 2 cats (none currently), 12 guinea pigs (4 currently), around 20 hamsters (none currently), 7 turtles (3 currently), 1 chinchilla (1 currently), several fish (none currently), and 2 hermit crabs (none currently).

I'm 15 years old and got my first guinea pig at about 5 years of age. I got her at a breeder and had her for about 8 years (I guess). One day when I was in 5th grade I felt like crying for no apparent reason at the time. I wasn't in my normal classroom because my teacher was sick and the substitute never showed up. Towards the end of the class I felt something happen to me and felt like crying over it. I didn't understand and didn't start crying because it would have seemed weird and I was always the quiet child in the class. When I got home I found my guinea pig dead in her cage. She wasn't sick and the only reason I would have known that she was going to die was because she didn't eat in the morning but I didn't think about it. I then cried over her but I was told by my parents that she died of old age and not because of anything else.

My guinea pig might have been giving me a warning that she was going to die when she wasn't eating. Could my feeling have been a bond between me and my pet and I felt her death? Was this feeling just my imagination and couldn't have meant anything? I haven't felt this with another animal but might have had something close to it.

Also at times I feel like a wolf. It feels like I have four legs, a tail, ears on head, and a snout. It sometimes feels like I should be walking on my hands and feet rather than just my feet. Does anyone have an explanation for this?

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Ruhi (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-24)
I have lost my beloved Putru (rabbit).Putru is her nick name which came instently on my mind.she's not preasent with me physically but she is always with me. I always used to intro her to my fends & eveyone saying she is my 1st born (and will always be).
Few months back I had misscarage but she helped me a lot in tough time... Just her preasence or  jumping or running around my feet use to make me happy, she use to try eveything to get my attention and tried to change my mood.

Since she is have left her physical body... There were lots of things going on  at the same... I want to know what was all that and what does it meant?

One day, I was sitting on my sofa and she was relaxing near my feet... I looked at her and started crying and felt something wrong is going to happen related to her... Then after few days she developed dentol problem, which was normal & just needed to trim her tooth. We (me& my hubby Shri) got it done & she seems ok... I was with her whole night taking care and when felt shez better
Around 4.44 am I thought of taking nap for an hour or  2, 
In my deep sleep I saw a  dream which is still very fresh on my mind as if I just saw... I saw a Beautiful Pregnent black goat with very shiny coat (hair) just about to give birth and I woke up with that dream and stright went to her room to check on her... She was breathing very fast & trying to breath with mouth open... We rushed her to vet... Doctor gave her some injections & we got her home but within 10 minutes she left us. For me it was difficult to handle, for moment I had gone mad... Then again rush her to vet though we had already realised that she had crossed over,
But while she was take her few last breath I saw her face in great peace and for sec I felt she is fine (seeing her peaceful face)...

 Wanted to add one more thing... While all that was going on I saw my grandfather In my dreams telling me that don't worry for anything am there beside you to help you.
My grantfather was dead brfore I was born, I just saw his photo
What I want to know is...

(1) after so many years y I saw my grandfather in dreams & It was just a strong image and felt his touch on my shoulder and my forehead as if he was blessing me.

(2) why I started crying all of sudden... My bunny was perfectly fine?

(3) what does dream of pregnent goat about to give birth meant? Was it any kind of indication?

(4) while taking her last breath I saw her face in peace
And she was looking towards sky from open window... I waned to know was she seeing anythinn or anyone?

I know whatever I have written could be difficult to read because of so much qustion on mind which I am not able to frame it propely, and am really sorry for that

And thank you 

Dragonsflight7 (2 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-07)
It sounds like you a bit of a natural shaman, and have the loving and kind attitude you have will help you work with animal spirits. The wolf is a powerful spirit, but icant help you more than that as I am just starting on this path myself.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-07)
Tiffyinky I can't tell you why you formed a super strong bond with your hamster. I can say I experienced this type of bond with 2 of my cats, during my life I've had a few.
The issue with pets is they are composed of energy and so are we. We give and receiving energy, intentionally and unintentionally it is like a circle, so once this circle is broken we feel the cut off, emotional/mentally and sometimes physically as in a pain or break a cord that is between the 2 (you and your pet).

Wolf I can only say what I have read, there are 2 types of shapeshifting is was very prominent here in Europe. The first physical and astral. Some believe that to connect to ones animal is to connect to ones own essence. For a wolf is a hunter, observer, runs in a pack which would define some traits that are in yourself.

2 books: The magic of shapeshifting by Rosalyn Grieve, 2nd) Animal Bond-The Art of shapeshifting by Ted Andrews. Ask your local library if they can get them for you so you can read. You may prefer Ted Andrews he is an easy read.

Bless you in your journey
Tessalovesmusic (3 stories) (72 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-06)
For the pet connection, everyone forms bonds with their pets. It can form to a more spiritual bond for some people like in your case. For the wolf thing I could only suggest that you could have been a wolf in a past life. There are many theories I have but that's the most basic one. If you want more info on the matter email me, my emails on my profile. Hope that helps.

Blessed Be,

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