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My Abilities Are Slowly Developing... What Is My Purpose?


Apparently I have just started out the "waking up" process towards my spiritual and psychic abilities. At least that is what I have had someone tell me before, but at the same time I don't want to exaggerate my abilities; I just recently had a low level spirit follow me around for quite some time; absorbing my energy slowly making me sick. I called out the Archangel Michael and somehow everything was okay again. I have the ability to sense spirits but not see them, my senses seemed to have heightened; maybe due to my normal cycles but I could smell my friend that I was about to see from two miles away and that is pretty weird. My aura seem to change color sometimes. One moment it is a light pale green to a dark prominent color green; next I see yellow and other times there is a very slight tint of purple and red mixed in with blue green yellow. Other times I am a blue green what does that mean? What does my aura show? One of my friends spirits told my friend that he has to help me develop my abilities. Why would a spirit care so much about that?

What should I do? And what is my purpose? I don't mean to sound overly dramatic, but I feel as if though I don't belong in this world that here is something so much more to life than what I see. I did some research on the internet looked up a thing or two about crystal and rainbow children and I don't want to automatically label myself as one since I wasn't born in 2000 I was born on 1990 and plus I don't want to brag about anything, but there are certain characteristics of a rainbow and a crystal child that somehow corresponds to me as one. I still feel as if though I don't belong anywhere; it maybe because of my lack of self-esteem or maybe because I just don't want to come off like I am really special because everyone can do what I do I am sure. I know that I am an empath; and I can sense spirits when they are with me; and somehow I may be starting a waking up process but it scares me because I am so new to this I just don't know what to do.

I feel another spirit following me now, but I am too scared to communicate with it. I am not familiar with the paranormal and plus I get scared really easily. Help what should I do? I have a feeling that 2012 is going to affect me like every other indigo child out there but at the same time I am not quite sure. It may it may not; to be honest I have been lost for a while since recently. It seems to me that since I have tuned into my abilities I may have a heightened sense of things; I am much more aware of everything. Should I just let everything down and let things happen on their own or should I just forget about everything because I am very sure I wasn't born with some sort of special purpose. What do you think I should do?

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