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Am I Psychic Or Something Else?


The first experience I remember was when I was in the second grade. In early December, I had a dream that my teacher would take myself and another boy out of class to fetch old paint cans, which we'd do an Easter project on.

Sure enough, one day in March, she called myself and a boy to go with her for a surprise project. When we were grabbing the paint cans, I asked her if we were going to finish the project that day. She was startled, because she hadn't told us anything about it.

While in the sixth grade, I remember finishing people's sentences for them, often cutting them off, in a way that earned me weird glances and fewer friends.

I moved in with my mom my freshman year, and one night in May, I remember taking a garbage bag full of clothes out to the curb, and stopping, because I thought someone was watching me. This was about ten o'clock at night.

I looked to my left, at the intersection, and standing there was a man, dressed in a completely white suit, with a top hat on. He stood there and watched me, hands in his pockets. I stood there for a few minutes, staring right back at him. Finally I walked back up to the house, continuing to watch him. His eyes never left me.

I got my mom, and she went to get in the car, intending to shine her lights on him. As she was backing out, I went inside. When my mother came back later, she was shaky, telling me that before she could finish backing up he'd vanished, and she'd driven around looking for him.

I moved out my junior year, moving in with my great-grandmother. I've begun to suffer from insomnia, and when I do sleep, the only thing I can remember about my dreams is that they're terrifying.

I've woken up to odd and random bruises on my body, and more recently, within the last month, I've begun to find long scratches that look almost like razorblade cuts, and they leave scars after they heal.

I'm just very confused and a bit overwhelmed, sometimes I just get a feeling in my gut and the feeling of someone choking me. I just want to know if I'm psychic or what.

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revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2010-01-12)
seeing a man in a white suit and hat once is not enough proof for me to say it was a psychic experience. He may have been real.

My real concern for you is sleep deprivation and sleep walking when you cut and bruise yourself. Insomnia can be debilitating and with the other things you have described I urge you to see a doctor immediately.

Your experiences are not of a psychic nature- they are signs of a dangerous psychological/chemical imbalance. Seek help now!

Love and Light...Always

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