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Am I Slowly Developing My Psychic Abilities?


I have just recently found out that I am a clairsentient empath of some sort. I have the ability to sense, understand and feel peoples emotions and their energies. Ever since this discovery I have been more aware of everything that is around me.

I can see auras and vibrations coming off of everything around me; this includes animals, humans, and inadament objects. I sometimes see orbs of some sort and what I didn't know is that I have always had this type of ability since I was little. I don't quite remember when I started realizing this, but I guess you can say I have always been psychic.

I am also sensing that something is following me around; I have just recently spoke to one of my friend about it and we decided to contact both spirits that are following both of us. He was going to speak to his follower through me as a medium, and I was going to do the same with him. Unfortunately, nothing went according to plan; As we were walking down the back warehouses we both noticed lights flickering as we walked passed them. He mentioned that it has to do with our spirits following us and interfering with the electrical impulses coming off of them. We were coming close to our destination and we both heard breathing; at first, I thought it was him breathing in my ear, but he claimed to have heard it too. We finally sat down on a bench and them something extraordinary happened; I am not sure how to explain this; but apparently the spirit that was following me around talked to me through my friend who was sitting right next to me smoking. It said "Don't contact me!," My friend finally figured out what was following me and told me that there is a guardian angel following me. There is also a reason as to why we can't contact it; one reason is because if you look at an angels face it will blind you; at least that is what he said.

We ended up not doing anything and I walked back on home; I was walking by a lamp post and it started flickering again. I was with my boyfriend at the time and one of the lights burned out when I walked past it.

The same thing happened the next day but unfortunately it wasn't as powerful as it was the day before.

Here is the thing; I do fear losing my ability, and I want to know if this is me slowly developing some sort of clairvoyant ability or does this only happen when I am with my friend? I can sort of sense that I have slowly developing my ability but at the same time I fear losing it.

I don't want it to die down; I do have control of my empathic ability but I don't want to lose it altogether. I also want to know if I do have some sort of extrasensory ability how do I develop it? I can sense spirits and I pick up energies around me, but how can I make this ability a part of me?

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kaylene70 (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-03)
Jaklin is exactly right... Contact your guardian angel... If the being told you not to its either a dark entity or a fearful earthbound spirit playing tricks on you. Always before using your abilities use psychic protection. Call upon Archangel Michael to protect you when you are working with any spirits cause you never know what you will get. I recommend a book call Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides by Richard Webster. I am always looking for more to read so if you need anymore ideas or recommendations contact me some I can just email how to do. I work very closely with the Archangels on a daily basis. Its great. Your guardian angel is longing to build a closer relationship with you. Its ok to contact any angel you need.

Kayabottorf [at]
For further assitance
Who_Am_I (3 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-01)
Ok I will=] I appreciate that its just that I think the only thing is that it seems that I am only like that when I am with my friend when he is around but by myself... It is kind of hopeless... This is pretty recent that's all I can say...
JVALLE24 (guest)
13 years ago (2009-11-30)
hello! No talk to your angle tell him that you know he is there and that it would be nice if he would say a simple hello or goodnight or I love you. I talk to my angles a lot we are close. Right now my abilities are on hold becouse I need to pass my clases. Tell him that its ok to talk he feels kind of lonely so talk to him. Why do you think he messes around with the lights to get attention! Warning don't use other sources but yourself to communicate with him. Once you complete that tell him that you are ready to learn more about this abilities and how can help. You are going to be ok he loves you like a little sister he never had I think... You need to pass a couple of tasks before you get your hands into the real fun stuff lol

I can help you to no worries you are gifted nowan can take that away but yourself

Here is my email jaklin_valle [at]

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