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Ever since I was a child, probably from the age of five or so, I have experienced abnormal things. I remember walking up my staircase and seeing a pale man wearing a black suit just standing there, watching me as if he knew I was coming, and as I screamed he vanished. I also remember this old man; he was very wrinkled and had long, thinning gray hair who would call for me. I would see him many times where he would be hiding in this storage closet that was in my house at the top of the staircase and sometimes he would poke out his hand and hold onto the wall. It always scared me but I'm not sure if this was my imagination getting the best of me. Another incident that occurred when I was very young was when I was trying to fall asleep. I was sleeping on the top of a bunk bed facing the wall and my back was slightly exposed. I felt three fingers gently slide across my back but I was too terrified to turn around to see if anything was there.

Recently, weird things have been happening to me also. About a year ago, I saw a white figure run across the hall into the living room from the corner of my eye and when I turned around nothing was there.

When trying to fall asleep, in between the hours of 2 and 4, I hear muffled voices speaking, I can't make out what they are saying but I know they are close to me and inside my house.

Last night I kept hearing these banging noises that I've never heard in the middle of the night before, as if someone was running up my basement stairs constantly.

I occasionally feel cold air blowing on one part of my body, usually my hands, it's very subtle but still odd.

I also am always scared or paranoid and feel very anxious for no reason at all. Many times I get the feeling that someone is watching me or is behind me and I always find myself running to my room as quickly as I can to get away from open spaces that my back is turned to.

I was reading some stories others have posted and quite a few have mentioned seeing a bright light flash when their eyes are closed trying to fall asleep. This has happened to me numerous times and I always open my eyes to see if anything is in my room with me but nothing is there.

Also, when my boyfriend calls my house, I always know when he is calling. I'll hear the phone ring and his name just pops up in my head and as I look to see who is calling, it's him. This happens ALL the time!

And finally, I'll be texting someone for a while and then I'll leave my room, probably for 20 minutes or so without telling that person I'm not going to respond to them. As soon as I walk back into my room, I receive a text message from that same person who did not text me in the time I did not have my phone with me. This happens to me almost everyday. I hope that doesn't sound too confusing!

I've never really shared any of this with anyone so any insight would be helpful!

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raiona (24 posts)
10 years ago (2010-01-15)
the spirits are trying to get your attention. They know you can sense them. Don't be afraid of them otherwise they know they will get the better of you. They are like mischief 3 year olds trying to get your attention. You need to contact a person who knows how to spirit cleanse maybe there are crystal shops in your town that sell pendulums, rose quartz, spiritual books and so and so. They are usually run by psychics or spiritual people who have contacts. I know this won't help but I do spirit cleansing and you need someone how to show what to do so if it happens again you know what to do. Also I too know when a text message is coming in and my cell phone isn't on me and when the phone rings who is on the other line. It freaks people out but its funny when you play the guess who game when people are around.
Ciel- (8 posts)
10 years ago (2010-01-14)
Oh wow you have experience a lot of weird happeings. I don't know what to say the only thing I can remember about ghost was a woman calling my name. But you should tell it to someone because it makes your burden feel lighter.

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