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Strange Shape In My Vision


Since I was very young, I have seen what I have always called a "vortex" in my vision. This tends to happen when it's bright outside, but it sometimes happens in dimmer situations. It kind of looks like that Microsoft stars screen saver, but not coming towards me; rather the dots seem to be draining into some point. I cannot look directly at this, as it is more in my upper peripheral vision and if I actually do try to look at it, it simply moves with the rest of my vision.

I have grown some cysts in my jaw over the years, but CATscans for these occasions revealed no brain tumors, although we never were checking for them. Still I think my brain was scanned in the process and someone would have noticed. I also have pretty blurry vision. However I have always had a very vibrant imagination and on a couple of occasions, while deeply relaxed, have started to hear voices speaking gibberish, gorgeous music and an intense ringing and feel as though I am about to float out of my body. This always catches me off guard and in fear I force myself down, although in my most recent experience it took quite a bit of willpower to get down. I always regret it after;P

Also I have some instances of seeing future occurrences in my dreams and when I was very young I was able to fix our crappy TV by "hitting" it with my mind. But then again I was young and I had just seen Matilda I think. The point is there is a bit of a history of strange occurrences with me, probably not much stranger than the average person, but this "vortex" in my vision is something very peculiar. It generally shows up when I am feeling very relaxed and "empty-minded". I just don't quite know what to make of it. Other than needing glasses, my eyes are healthy.

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cherrry23 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-15)
I think you all may have seen the same thing I saw in a (sorta sleep paralysis dream) check out this page I have a picture and my story of what I saw that night

voxefex (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-14)
No, unfortunately I don't have any more information. That is strange that you may have the same thing going on as me! No one I've ever talked to about it has heard anything like it. I haven't completely abandoned the idea that I may have some kind of disease, but since this has been with me for some time, I doubt it very much.

It's so hard to describe this thing in my vision. Does it kind of remind you of a moving Magic Eye image? It could even be the result of staring directly into flashlights, now that I think about it, which is something I did a lot when I was young. Did you happen to do that? Anyway I'm not too convinced of this either.

I just know that if I notice this thing in my vision and decide to focus on it, it becomes larger and faster and more vivid. Sometimes I enjoy just watching it.

As for floating and seeing the future in dreams, I think just about all humans have psychic capabilities; some of us are just born with a disposition or these abilities are discovered later in life somehow and we develop them. You'll find much wilder stuff than my small experiences around this site.
new_and_confused (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-14)
I'm just wondering if you've found any further information on this as the same thing happens to me. The "stars" and the "floating" felling. I also dream of things that are about to happen.
I thought I was going crazy! I'm glad to hear I'm not!

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