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I am now 45 years old and since I was a teen, I have had precognitive dreams, and during the past ten years, I sometimes have visions during the day.

It's ok, I'm not frightened anymore, though there are times when I wished I had not seen that particular future, like when a relative has passed away. I seen my mother in-law's father, and my mother in-law passing, but not my mother, or my grandparents, go figure.

Usually, though the dreams are very mundane, like a small moment in my life the next day: the weather or what I am doing at a particular moment. I have tried, as an experiment, to change the future, but have not been successful yet. Once, I seen my youngest child floating out of my reach at a lake that we were going to the next day. I knew my child was going to get into trouble so I put a life-jacket on him. The life jacket was defective and my child was of course out of my reach. Everything turned out ok though.

My husband, and a couple of my children know what is going on. My children were told not to mention it outside the house, and my husband is not very supportive, he tells me that he can't believe in my dreams, he apparently has too much education for that, but on the other hand, he treats me like some weird science experiment. For that reason, the books/files I had of my experiences, I destroyed them all.

Thanks for listening, and I'm very glad to know there are people exactly like me out there.

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