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I Don't Know What Is Wrong With Me


I don't really know what's going on with me, I've always seen things that I can't explain. I'm not saying that I see ghosts but I can more hear things then see them while I'm going to sleep I'll hear voices almost like conversations but it's not in my head it almost sounds like a radio or something like that. I was thinking that maybe I was tuning in to a frequency that is in the air. This was so bad that I wouldn't sleep so I got a fan installed in my room to constantly deliver noise and that seem to help it and if I am staying over at someones house I have to put my I Pod in to flush out the noises. Also I have had dreams that are so weird that almost turns in to a physical manifestation. It seems to always be a mouse I had one where I was sleeping and I heard a mouse and looked up and saw what looked like a mouse come through the wall and run across my dresser and jump off my dresser and when it jumped off a book fell off my dresser. This has happened before but not for a very long time last time was when I was 8 and it was crawling on my ceiling I got so afraid of that, that I slept in the bath tub for that night. Also with the frequency stuff I can always feel electricity and things like that. Also sometimes before I had the fan installed in my room I would here loud voices one was a very loud and distinctive "WHAT" or another time I heard a very loud growl like a wolf. So if you could help me out with what is up with me.

Thank you

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midnightgold (30 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-10)
I make up my own protections because it just feels right to me at the time. I've read books, conversed with other sensitives, it really comes down to what feels right to you, not the actual white circle or salt or whatever else the books say. You'll know if something works because it'll simply feel right. I couldn't sleep and would actually watch shadows walk right into my room at night and sit down in front of me with their colored glowing eyes (like they were going to be hanging out all night long!). Them being right in front of me or floating above me just made it hard to sleep. I simply explained to myself, and to them, I needed one place for my sanctuary to rest, that was my bed. They are around me all day and night and I consider being in my bed as being "off the clock". Think of a mosquito net hanging over your bed to keep mosquitos out at night. That is what I imagine when I sleep, except in golden white energy. I also picture one of them trying to touch it and not be able to get through it. Remember, you can always say, "Shoo! I am sleeping now, please keep some more distance while I do so." I hope you found something that worked for you in the last few months, has anything changed since you wrote the story or last commented? ❤
robij9528 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-21)
Ya I've thought of that and every thing but I don't really think anything is bad but I just weird and like I'm not afraid or anything but there is this thing that happens to me and it is really crazy and while I have my eyes closed I can NOT look to the left because if I do I see these very bad things so I open my eyes and look at light and it will go away but that has annoyed me for a while but yall ill try the circle of light I've seen it on TV a couple times so I think I can do one just by memory.

midnightgold (30 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-21)
I'm no expert on this but maybe when you are falling asleep or are asleep, you somehow slip into being more open to whatever is going on your room. Do you know how to do protection or cleansing? You could try cleansing and using a protection around your bed or bedroom to keep the darker or scarier things out and ask for the good things (angels, guides, spirits, ect) to remain. I like to just imagine a white/gold bubble, like a barrier, around my bed to get a good night's sleep. Try looking up cleansing and protection practices, something out there will have just the right feel to you and work beautifully. Hope this helps! ❤

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