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Astral Travel Through Time And Planes


I started experiencing paranormal and psychic activity when I was about eight years old. My first experience was a demon and I can safely say it wasn't a pleasant one. After my first experience I tried to turn my psychic abilities off and for awhile I succeeded, But I soon joined up with the military and my abilities flared back to me in full force, although this came more to my benefit.

My abilities allowed me to make the right decisions and know the outcome ahead of time. I did this by picturing the possible outcome and then found out if I was right or not by the feeling I got from the image its hard to explain, but has yet to fail me. The other abilities I have practiced are what I have come to understand is a form of astral travel. This has allowed me to travel through not only people, but time and other planes of existence. Through this I gained knowledge and understanding years ahead of my age. I soon left the military and sought out answers for the questions I have about my abilities.

Through research and investigation I have unlocked new sides to my abilities, but still other aspects of my abilities still baffle me like when I'm walking through a mall I can look at certain individuals and with a certain almost physical effort force thoughts or actions in to their mind for example.

I was sitting in a Dairy Queen one afternoon and as I sat there a father and his daughter came in through the door and began to purchase fries. The daughter then proceeded to turn to the father and ask for ice cream. The father then replied no so I concentrated and focused a connection between me and the father's mind then I proceeded to force the thought of buying the ice cream into his mind and as soon as I did. He stopped dead in his tracks turned around and bought the little girl some ice cream.

Now just in case that was a fluke I tried again a few more times and soon began to draw the conclusion that this couldn't be just being a fluke.

Although these are just one of many smaller abilities that have surfaced recently. I wish to find out more about these abilities

And seek help in training them if there's anyone out there. That could provide help and tips.

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HaVeN (guest)
10 years ago (2010-08-06)
Amazing. You have a gift. I can do that. I call it compulsion. HA HA.

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