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Sensing Energy


This is really freaky! So a few nights ago I was lying in my bed and I started to sense energy. This time the energy came earlier than usual. Like I mentioned in my other story the energy usually comes around 12-2am, but now it's been coming earlier it comes around 10:30p.m. So I was laying in my bed when I sensed this energy. It wasn't bad energy, but it was that same familiar energy I sense all the time. There was something off about it. Something I can't really explain in words, but it was strong and for some reason I felt drawn to it, like I HAD to go near it or follow the energy. I almost couldn't control myself I wanted to climb off my bed and go up to it. I don't know what came over me, but I was scared. If anyone knows what that means I'd like some help.

Also on that same night I felt like I was stuck in a trance. I was in my bed staring at the wall. I felt like I wasn't there. I wasn't thinking or moving I don't even think I was blinking either. I felt like I wasn't there like not in my own body or just didn't even exist. I suddenly shook my head and snapped out of it. I was a little confused on what had happened.

Yesterday, Sunday, February 7th, a gas line blew up in a town near mine. Lots of people heard it and some houses shook a bit. My house shook. We thought it was a Mini earthquake, but we heard a loud bang so we were not sure. Then we heard what had happened. Some landscape workers dug into a gas line, something sparked and it blew up. 3 or 5 workers died. I've been sensing unfamiliar energy about in my house and near my house.

Please I need more comments on what's going on and my abilities Please comment I check them daily! (note: I can't hear spirits... I don't think but I can see heat wave-like figures)

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