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Who Are These Two Spirits?


If you have read my other stories you should know I can feel energy of people, animals, and spirits. For the past 5 months I have sensed energy in my room at 12:00 am through 2:00am. I feel two energies and sense the presence of two people. I can't see spirits, but I think I can hear them. I'm never sure if I'm imagining it. In my dreams I can feel the energy of spirits and the two spirits in my room appear in my dreams sometimes. (I can read energy and tell if it is familiar or not) I'm not sure what they want. They are male around 19 or 20. They ware a black-gray cloak and one has a small dagger the other has a sword. I have a sword of my own and if I have a dream and these two spirits are in the dream, I have my sword. But it's not to fight them. I don't know what they want, but I can't tell my family they don't believe in Paranormal only my dad and older brother do.

My parents are divorced and one night I told my dad of my ability. I want to talk to a good friend of his who is a psychic I hope I don't cause to much commotion of my ability. I don't like people knowing of my ability. Only my friends know. If anyone can help please comment. Also read my other stories please. I have a few and I have two sensing energy stories. I need suggestions and help.

All of this is starting to bother me and my abilities are changing. Please help. I don't want these spirits to leave I just want to know what they want. I don't know who they are.

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Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
Rather than pressing to see more of these energies (and your desire to want to learn how to read minds), it is best to leave well alone. Remember the olde saying; "If you play with fire you will get burned". It seems you are a very curious person, desperately digging. Having divorced parents can leave a young person feeling lost, lonely, and confused. If these energies you are sensing really do exist and want your help then they will find a way to reach out to you for help and will ask for your help. But do not try to build them up, especially for the wrong reasons.

As for the Kedo (swordfighting) which you assume they want to teach you in your dreams, it might be from seeing you playing video games, or it could be for you to protect yourself only in your dreams, or it could be a dream of someone else who uses Kedo and you are just seeing it. You are asking the wrong people since we were not there with you. You should be asking the person in your dream.

(in reply to your question you posted on my own story)

Oracle101, Psychic and Medium for 43 years
Always happy to help others
For more advice on this subject and others click on my profile name to read my stories and other posts
Starlight22 (11 stories) (166 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
i do talk out loud when I sense the energy but I can't hear spirits or see them. I think I can hear them faintly sometimes 😕 if anyone can explain the part about them in my dreams and who or what these spirits are...
Starlight22 (11 stories) (166 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
my abilities are getting stronger and I'm finding I can do different things like if I search for energy and want to find someone with strong energy I close my eyes and I can feel a energy trail leading to someone with unusal energy. It really hard to explain but I can do that. There are not many people but I don't think the people I find are aware of their energy, but I think some people are aware of it and aware that I'm reading it. I can see how strong the energy and how developed it is.
jakeandleon (10 stories) (35 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-10)
Have you ever tried communicating with them? Telling them your name or just talking at all to them. Maybe you should try that. I'm not really sure what your ability is called but it might be aura reading. Oh wait a second. That would mean you would have to be able to read auras... Nvm. =)
And also, what do you mean by 'your abilities are changing. That was kind of ominous and pretty creepy.

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