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Still Haunted


I have been having on and off psychic things going on. This is one night when I went to bed scared of my own room.

My night began when I spent my night at my dad's place. I was already settled in and was listening to the radio while reading a book. I look up to a corner in my room and I see my dead cat Jazzy jump down from my bed. She died when I was 5, so I don't know why she is back.

"Bye Jazzy. I already know you are going." I said and turned back to my book.

A while later I was doing my dance routine when I look up at my window and see an old man's face. I tried to figure out who it was. The man didn't look like my grandfather who had passed away in January. Quickly I knew he wasn't good so I turned away from my window and repeated my dance.

A while after I practiced my dance a couple times I saw a white thin man walk into my room. I didn't know any man that looked like him. I only saw him walk through my door and pass my barrow and vanish. "My room better not be haunted." I know that things happen to me everywhere. Meaning I'm haunted.

Near ten I was sitting in my butterfly chair, listening to music and half asleep, but more wide away. I got up and noticed a green square blocking a part of my window. "What the heck is up with this place tonight!" Shaking my head I went to bed. Scared that something will scare me during the night. But I didn't feel or see any dead people or pets or even things after I climbed into bed.

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