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I'm 13 years old, I think I'm a medium so I think. I have dreams that come true the next day or week. Say in my dream I see a new face the next day I see that exact face. My birthday was 6-6-96 my mom thinks I'm lying and a fake but everything I say comes true. I can't help but to say something.

I just moved into a new house and my room is the coldest I sweat and I'm freezing. I have seen some black things. I think it's a woman going into my mother's room. In my room I have heard something. It sounded like my brother saying " (my name) can I stay here?" then I thought it was the t.v. Then I went to the bathroom and the door open so slightly but it was locked. I was very scared and thought that it was going to haunt me.

I like to draw, eyes mostly. I don't know what that means. I have gone through many emotional things but death. I remember I was closing my eyes and then opened them and blinked and all I saw was letters and letters just 2 D E and the others were blurry. The next couple of days later my mom's friends husband had a heart attack. So we went to go see him. I walked in and see this statue of a person with his head in his knees made of letters and then I found a quarter that flew across the floor landing on my shoe with the letters DE. I was creeped out. And now today my mom said that when I was little that I would say I could talk to the angels! Please help me I need to know what's happening! Thank you


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mogladite12 (1 stories) (3 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-20)
WOAH! My post code is 2DE and I love to draw eyes too freaky!😲 😊 😲
Sueonmaui (6 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-19)
This sounds like you are very sensitive and picking up on some negative thought energies which you are contributing to with your fears. The advice from Ambrea is excellent. You are the master of your own thoughts. Now, if you feel that this is a little more than you can master right now, call in some help from your angel helpers. Try archangel Michael, he carries the sword and sheild and will protect you whenever you ask. Gabriel is good for emotions, and Raphael is great for creativity. Light some nice white candles or tea lights and read a great book. Put a favorite scent in your room, open the windows and let some air in (if not too cold) or sun in through the curtains. Change the atmosphere and you can change and shift the energies. Draw pictures of angels clearing unwanted energies around you and protecting you. At night when you are cold. Call the sun into your heart to warm you. Tell the darkness that you are protected by your angels and nothing can harm you so time to move on. Say a prayer of some kind if you like. Anything to bolster your confidence. If you actually are in a haunted house and hearing messages, then say a protective prayer, call in your angels, and listen as if you were hearing a very good friend talk to you. Say thank you, nice knowing you, but you've got to go away now! Ask them to go to the light. Tell your mom what is going on and that you want more information, but don't seek it from anything that scares you or causes you discomfort. You should feel confident and empowered from good information. Not scared. Good luck. Blessings Sue
Amber_M (3 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-19)
Just to put your mind at ease, let me say, your not crazy. I'm a teen sensitive. You are what we commonly call a sensitive or a physcic. I'm gernerally new at this kind of stuff too, but I have done a lot of research over my years. Some important things to remember is not to dwell on the fearful, negative feelings and see these things not as burdens but as gifts. Another thing that I had a problem with is ego. I was all ready to except supernatural gifts but its not a healthy way to live. Try and resisist the though- "i'm better than the average human" because in the end, the world feels very lonely and cold. Trust me.
Another thing, don't let it rule your life. You rule it. It doesn't rule you. After a while, things will just turn into second nature and won't seem as strange and daunting.
I'm still messing around with the power of meditaion, but I hear its a very good release. Just sit and try to push all things out of your head. Breath in with the good, out with the bad.
Others talk about calling to angels and since your mother said something about you already having prior power of this, it should come easier to you than others.
Finally, its good to have someone to talk to, that understands, your lucky to have found this site so early in discovering these things.
I hope this helps you at least a little and that you find the peace your looking for.
I'm always an open ear to anyone needing to talk.

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