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Sleeping At The Spirit Place


Last summer I traveled on my own for 5 days along the North Downs National Trail, as there were things I needed to think about deeply. On the second day I arrived at a place in a huge farm field where there was a very special energy, a sacred feeling. It was a grove of trees including two massive yews, thorn trees and an oak. I decided to camp there and put up my one person stealth tent.

Night fell and I went to sleep. When I 'woke' it was not a normal waking but had a extra dimensional quality, in that I knew I wasn't in normal reality, but also not in a dream. A tall pale man was outside the tent and he reached down, so I could see he had dark hair and nondescript clothing, and he reached in and put his hand on my right shoulder. It was cold and clammy, the hand of someone no longer alive. I shouted out. The next thing I knew I was outside the tent and shouting at the man, telling him how stupid he was to scare me, and I realized he was simple or retarded and was actually quite timid.

The next thing I knew I was back in the tent and this time a small frail boy of roughly 4 or 5 was lying next to me in the small gap between myself and the edge of the tent door. He had the same pale skin and dark hair, but had delicate catlike features. As I looked on he opened his eyes and I asked (not knowing what else to say) "Is this your father's farm?" "Yes" he answered. "Will I get in trouble for camping here?" I asked.

At this the boy smirked mischievously. Then he was taking me into a dream where he showed me a busy place like a theater with lots of people milling around, and he was pointing at something, trying to get me to see what it was, but I didn't see.

I woke up into normal reality after that and resumed walking, but I would love to know if anyone else has had a similar experience at a site that feels special to them in some way... I feel very privileged to have had this experience and throughout I knew the people were just curious and not trying to hurt me.

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