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When I move to a new home/apartment I feel like I can sense the energy of people who lived there before me. I also get a vague vision of their face.

The first time this happened was at my father's house which is in a rural area. I had a vision of a woman's face aged around 60 and a younger man around the age of 40, they appeared to be from around 1930. There were other faces as well, but I could not focus hard enough to see them clearly. I asked about who had lived on the property before we did. My dad said that there had been a farm there almost 100 years ago, but it had long-since been abandoned. We don't have any specific information on who lived there.

Again, at my mother's house I got a vision of a family living there. A dad, mom, and two boys. When I asked about the people who had lived there before us, I was told it was a family: a dad, mom, a two boys and a girl. I was even correct about the boys ages.

Later in life, I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. I felt as if a single man had lived there before us. I asked about the previous owner and found that it was a single man. I was right again.

My boyfriend and I moved two more times after that. Each time, I had visions of the faces of the apartments' prior tenants and both times I was proven to be correct. I was even correct about the races of the families the childrens' ages.

I believe all these people (except the people from the 1930s) to still be living. My visions are not threatening or violent. I simply see faces in my mind's eye. What is this called? Is anyone else experiencing this? Can this be used for any purpose?

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Rilan (1 stories) (103 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-24)
Whoa, Greg... That ability to see the very near future could be /extremely/ useful! If I were you, I wouldn't push it away. What if you were a spy or a politician or somebody doing something very important? You would really have an advantage if you could see the really near future. You should try rekindling your ability and then doing something awesome and critical and seeing how it could help you. Seeing the future in dreams the day before or months before it happens is even better, because then you have time to plan out how to react to it.

The future is always changable, so if you see something bad, you could change it.

And, you could really play with people's minds that way and have fun with your freinds, by predicting exactly what they were going to say. That would be awesome! I know its kind of mischevious, but... Some psychics get so serious about the fact that they are blessed with a solemn ability that should be used only for the greater good or whatever that they never have fun with it. All people who have normal abilities have fun with them--like reading, or thinking in an advanced way, or being really strong.

Supernatural people shouldn't use their abilities sparingly just because they are of the few who have the ability. They should have fun. There should be psychic olympics. Psychic children should play games where they try to predict each others' movements. It would take off a lot of the stress involved with being almost a new species of human...
Gregory_Brown (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-24)

The people who lived there back in the thirties must have left a impression of their faces while they were still living.

So, you need to set up an experiment to verify your ability. Find a friend that may know someone you don't know. Arrange with them a time you might visit their home, but make sure there are no photos laying around or hanging on the wall, or sitting on a table or a desk, you get the idea.

Get your friend to take notes while you are walking around, telling her what you see.
Then compare your friends notes against a photo of the occupant (s) to see if they are a match.

There is always the possibility that you could see an impression from a previous occupant..., but the test is "can you see the current occupant (s)?"

I experienced some very unusual ability when I was in my teens. It was something that bothered me, and I was glad when it stopped.

I was seeing very near future events, right down to who would say something to someone else, and then the other person's response before they even arrived. It was funny at first, then it started getting on my nerves.

I would even dream the future several months into the future.

I'm just saying human beings go through changes as they are growing up. The ability could come back years later. In my experience it wasn't really good for any particular application.

I don't think you have anything to worry about, unless you start dabbling in "dark" kinds of activities. I can't advise you beyond that point.

"Good" will build you up, while "evil" will drag you down, and let's not forget "evil" will deceive you if you let it.

Rilan (1 stories) (103 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-23)
It's almost like psychometry, I suppose. Psychometry is where you can hold an object or press it to your face or touch it and you get impressions about the things it wnet through, where it was from, who owned it, etcetera.

Even though houses aren't really objects and it isn't the traditional kind of psychometry, being in a house or apartment means you are inevitably touching it. I think its pretty much the same phenomenon. Objects, places, people, and everything carries psychic energy and a record of its history that psychics can access, most easily when they are near the object or touching it.

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