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Is Any Of This Paranormally Normal?


My name is Alex, and I'm 19. I'm new to this site. Well here's my story

Since I was little, I have always known that things with the paranormal were real. I was always told otherwise, but knew it was real because I could sense things and see things.

As a little girl, my mother has told me that I would talk to imaginary friends. Well most little girl will play tea party and dress up with their imaginary friends. Maybe even play hide and seek. Well my imaginary friends from what I do remember were pretty different in the sense that I had so many of them. Sometimes they would tell me things and stories that would really happen maybe days or weeks even years later. One time as a little girl I remember talking to a max and a Katie. I would talk to them all time and my mother tells me they were just more of my imaginary friends. Well max and Katie told me one time about a plane crash that would involve 4 planes. I never really gave it much thought until 9/11. When I got a little bit older, I wouldn't see them anymore. Instead, I would see shadows everywhere and hear voices. For a long time I never did or said anything to them. I would just go on pretending I never heard or seen anything. It bothered me because I felt that by telling anyone about it, I would look like a freak or something. So I kept to myself.

I have had dreams that always come true and I guess its pretty common for that to happen as far as just having a conversation with someone or wearing something to a certain place that when it really happens, you remember you dreamt it. Well I have had some more detailed memorable dreams that would be about something insane such as the one I had about a month before my 13th birthday. Well this dream was all black and white. It only showed a dark figure for a person and I couldn't make out who it was, but he was in the boys restroom of the school and that how I knew it was a boy. In the bathroom, he was holding his neck and bleeding over the sink. I remember this because the blood was in color in the dream. It was so much blood lost by this figure and he died. Well when I would go to school, I had seen this shadow looking figure around my friend all the time for the next month. Anytime I looked at him, I had seen this dark figure. It was weird, but like I had always done, I just ignored it. Then on my 13th birthday, this friend of mine was killed by his best friend. He was stabbed over 40 times and had his throat slit from both sides. And he died in the upstairs boys restroom in the school. When this happened, I was more hurt at the fact that the day it was going to happen, I walked by him that morning and I used to stop and talk to him every morning and keep him from his early bird class. That day, the shadowed figure was so strong and sent off such bad vibes and I didn't take the time to talk to him which probably could have kept him alive today.

Another time, I was laying down and out of nowhere had a strong sense that something was wrong and the first person to pop in my head was another friend of mine and when I called and texted, she never answered. That night, I got a call and tons of messages from other friends of ours telling me that she had been killed.

I love to be around people, but I can't be around them sometimes because I can feel their pain. I can tell when something is wrong with anyone. Even if I just met the person, I can tell what kind of pain they are in. The other night, I was laying down ready to go to sleep and had a dream about my friend and myself shopping and whatnot. Well this friend of mine and myself had just recently gotten into a big fight and I don't think its one that can be fixed, but the next morning, I woke up from a deep sleep and looked at my phone. Like 5 seconds later, my phone started ringing with her name across it. I didn't think I should answer, but I did. Guess it was my instinct telling me that it wasn't a good call.

I can feel people's thoughts. I could tell you how any kind of scenario would end. If you told me to ask someone something, I could play out the whole conversation in my head and tell you what would happen and it would be word for word what the person says and does. I can tell when someone doesn't or won't like me when I meet them. I can tell when someone may be thinking something about me as I turn to walk away. Working in a restaurant and dealing with people all the time made this so much stronger that I could get along with anyone because I knew when they were having a bad day and they always for some reason would want to tell me things about what was going on.

When I was living with a friend of mine, I would sit in the kitchen and see a shadow figure moving around on the wall and down the hallway all day everyday. Sometimes I could be sitting in the front room of the house and hear someone telling me to go here or go there and ask about this or that. Whenever I asked, it would be weird because my friend would tell me the story and then have that look on her face that said where did that come from? And somewhere in the story would be something about how much I was like this person. I moved out of this house already, and I am now living with family, but I still hear a new voice. I'm not sure who's voice it could be, but something about this voice is assuring. I don't know if that the word for it, but the voice kind of tells me that everything os going to be alright, and that this is my new start. The only person I can think of it being is my grandmother. My grandparents died before I was born except for my grandmother on my mothers side and she died when I was really little. I don't remember anything about that how little I was. Well I think I may be her because her and my aunt were always really close. And everyone else on the family has moved around quite a bit except for my aunt and I think that maybe its just easier for her to be there instead of moving around? Maybe? But I think its time to just come out with all this finally.

When I was living with that friend of mine, I had made a Ouija board with someone else who was living there too. It was late at night and almost 3 o clock. I said we should try it and see if the effect of dead time is any different from any other time. This was our first time though, and we set it up pretty good. I had the candle lit and both feet on the floor. I had barely even touched the pointer we were using when the flame on the candle grew to about 8 inches high and then shrank down to the point it almost went out. This happened about 8 times. It just kept on growing and shrinking. I took my hands back and ran to flip the lights on. We tried it again with the lights on this time, and the candle flame grew so high. I don't know exactly what it was that happened, but I couldn't think. All my focus was on the flame and it felt as if everything inside me was taken out and I was just stuck the way I was. The girl who was doing this with me scattered the letters, and I snapped back. We left the kitchen and stayed up for the rest of the night. The next morning, I was in the kitchen watching the shadow creep up and down the walls and my friend came in and asked me to make some grilled cheese. As I was making the grilled cheese, she was playing with the cat. When the cat left, it came running back and she screamed and ran out of the kitchen. She came back to the doorway and pushed me toward the cat and yelled at me to fix it. This is the weird part. The cats eyes were big and round and the pupil was dilated and her ears were on the side of her head pointed straight out. Her tongue was sticking out her mouth so far. It wasn't even normal how far her tongue came it. It was about 10 inches long. And she sounded like she was whining/screaming from the inside. It didn't sound like it was coming out her mouth. It sounded like it was coming from inside and we tried to loosen the collar thinking maybe she was choking, or it was something simple to explain what was going on. We never figured it out. We didn't know what else to do, so I just shoved her off the counter top and when she hit the floor, she ran away meowing like she was in pain or something was after her. Again, we were up all night watching every move this cat was making.

The chairs would rock when no one is near them or in them and I'm the only one home, the phone will ring and I always know who it is before I answer or see the number. Someone will tell me they have something to tell me and I can come up with a general idea of what it might be before they tell me and it kind of takes away from the big surprise they might think they have. I can sit down with a friend of mine who can do a lot of these things and we can go back and forth telling each other what number the other is thinking of. We can do that for a long time.

When I think about someone, I can tell if its time for me to call them because something may be wrong. Or I can feel when someone I know is in pain.

I can make the wind change direction too. Ill be outside and want just a big wind to blow by and it will. Ill want it to change direction so my hair won't blow in my face and it will.

From all this, can anyone tell me anything that can explain these things? Is it paranormally normal if any of this is paranormal?

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unknown305 (5 stories) (10 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-04)
a question I have about being psychic is how can I tell when a dream of mine would happen? How do I know? Is there a way to be able to have these occurences through dreams or voices that can tell me what may happen? How can I tell what is going to happen next on my own? I can usually see a play out of a situtaion but not all the time. Its only been like that for small things like when someone is about to try something new and I can see how that would play out or a conversation or simple things like that? Is there a way to be able to do it for bigger things voluntarily instead of waiting for it in a dream and sometimes I don't see them in a dream?
unknown305 (5 stories) (10 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-04)
sorry I haven't answered in a while, but I have recieved al your comments. Thank you for your input. I guess it answers a lot for me really. I haven't made another ouija board since that night. Ivee been tempted to just because I wanted to know who or what I was dealing with that made all that happen. My friend still freaks out about it. I can't hold the cup we used or she automatically freaks out. She won't light the same candle anymore and will not go intop the kitchen for anything past a certain time. It all really spooked her. Especially because when she talks to me and were sitting in the kitchen, I will see the shadow on the wall and I won't say anything because I know she gets spooked, but it guess something about what ill be doing will tell her that I see it and she just stops talking and will leave the room.
FaucetR (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-02)
I would have used dousing rods, or a pendulum.
Ice-Dragon-11 (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-01)
This type of thing happened to my cat after I made a ouija board. Your cat was not possesed it was being tortured by a deamon. The best way to stop the torturing of an animal is to get the center of its forehead wet with pure/holy/consecrated water and bring the animal out side. Hope this helps.
Translator (guest)
13 years ago (2010-02-27)
Hello. That sounds veery intresting and Psychic like. You most likely are Psychi. If you want to talk please contact me at PawGami [at] if you have an email. I would like to hear anything else that happens. Also wierd things have happened to me to. So like I said please contact me if you want to talk. God Bless! 😁
Acethetank (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-26)
Well your definitely psychic that's for sure. One thing you should never do is play with a Ouija board. It can let in evil spirits. I think an evil spirit possessed your cat.

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