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My name is Alexandria, and I have always thought I was just maybe thinking of things or my imagination was just going wild since I was a kid, but after reading some of these stories of other's experiences, I have become more in touch with things that happen and have been trying to understand why they happen.

I could always have dreams of things that would really happen and its not always like the normal dreams of a conversation that you end up having. I know a lot of people might get those deja vu dreams now and again, but I have them every night. I grew up in Miami Florida, and I have had a few of these dreams but the very first I had was when I was in 7th grade and about a month before my birthday, I had a dream about someone (could quite tell who) standing over a sink. It was a black and white dream and this person was bleeding. The blood was the only color I could see. There was a lot of blood on the floor and in the sink and sprayed across the wall. It was like something you would see in a scary movie. Well on my 13th birthday, a friend of mine was killed by his best friend. It all happened just like in my dream. He had his throat slit and was stabbed over 40 times. My dream wasn't that clear, but after having this dream, I felt like it was going to happen. This feeling got stronger every time I was around him, and something told me that day that he was going to be in trouble. I didn't think anything of it because I thought that maybe this nightmare was just getting to me. If I would have stopped and talked to him for those 10 minutes like I did everyday, he may still be here today.

The dream is still so vivid and clear, and everything I was thinking that day and everything I had said even wore is so clear and impossible to forget. Sitting in the classroom under a code red lock down, my co-students were pulling out cell phones, and we were jumping onto the computers and flipping the news channel on as the teacher was out for a few minutes. None of us were able to find out what was going on because at that moment, the principal came over the PA system asking teachers to not allow students on cell phones (we never were allowed but hid it anyway), not to let students go near computers and to keep classroom televisions off. I looked out the window through the hurricane shutters I was asked to close and seen helicopters. I knew at that moment what was happening and asked the teacher pretending not to know anything. She wasn't allowed to release any information and so I went to her desk and pulled her aside myself and asked if someone was killed. She said she couldn't tell me. I told her don't say yes, but if I'm wrong please say no.

After confirming everything I knew that happened, she looked at me as if I may have had something to do with it and I just told her it was a gut feeling. She spent that entire day having me sit at her desk so I wouldn't tell anyone else, and tried to figure out how I found out because I had no phone at the time and the only contents of my back pack were my school folders a calculator and a sweater.

Another thing I often have thought I was imagining is that when I am interacting with people, I can feel their thoughts. I know exactly what people may be thinking of me just as I am walking away. I know this is true because I accidentally mistook one of these thoughts as a spoken thought from the person themselves and I commented back and later, she came to me and said who said that? And I said I can hear you even when you think I cant. That's when another girl I work with came and introduced to me all this. She had experienced the same things and told me herself that she heard the same thing that I commented at but that she was standing there and the person never opened her mouth. I think I'm just too open minded.

Another thing, is that I can almost control the wind. I never thought it was possible and never really paid any attention until I read a story on here about someone having control over the wind. I began to think about it, and since I was little, living in the scorching heat of Miami, I never really thought it to be too terrible. I was sitting outside just the other day smoking and decided to try. The wind was blowing west, and I had cleared my mind and focused all my thoughts into making the wind go east. I then said to myself now, and it turned immediately. Is that even normal? I mean of course its not normal, but is it at all possible. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence and got it to go the other way. Then again I turned it and I still believe it was just a coincidence and I then stopped the wind and it stopped. I was amazed and still don't know if that was me at all, but if so, it would explain a lot.

I have always felt a presence in my home from time to time, and a while back, I moved away from home and was living with a friend. I was sitting on her kitchen floor in front of the stove and kept seeing a shadow. I thought it was strange and as my friend was talking to me, I was paying attention, but she noticed that I was following the shadow through the corner of her eye and she asked me if I see it? I tried to play it off like I didn't know what she was talking about and said see what? And she said don't play, I know you see the shadow. This is the same girl I worked with. I then knew she knew a lot about this stuff and just gave in to this argument. I told her yea, is there a bug in the light or something, and she said no, that shadow has been everywhere in the house. If any story I tell is ever going to sound like I experienced a lot with the paranormal, this is the story. One day I was sitting there at the table this time and she came in with a notebook and told me to keep cutting the paper into pieces. We folded them into halves and then those halves into halves and so on. I asked her what we were doing and she told me she hasn't done this in a long time, but it always worked for her and we set up our own ouija board.

We used a small shot glass as our pointer and it worked. We didn't do a whole lot because we weren't getting a lot of answers. We only got that whoever we were talking to knew her grandson and we stopped because he is really young and having such an innocent mind we didn't want anything that could happen to happen. Well one night she had left for the weekend and another friend and myself were up really late. It was about 2:56am when I looked at the clock and immediately thought to try the Ouija board. I thought this would be the time to try because it was now going to be dead time. My friend and I got it all ready and she is afraid of the dark but we shut the lights off and had our candle lit. As soon as we put the last glass cup in the middle, the candle blew itself out. It didn't really blow out, it just got really low and just kind of died out. Well we lit it up again and I ran for the lights as my friend was yelling. We than re-lit the candle and my first question was is anyone there? The glass moved very quickly toward the yes. Then I asked how many, and before I could even put my hands on the glass, the candle flame got really big. About 6 inches long big, and then it went down really low almost about to go out, and then it went really big again. This happened about 8 times.

I'm not quite sure about what happened, but I was unable to move, and my entire body felt empty. I mean I had no thoughts, no heart beat, no feeling at all. It was like everything in me was gone. Then my friend screamed and threw the letters apart and blew out the candle and we went into the living room and weren't able to sleep the rest of the night. Just to see, I went back into the kitchen and got the candle and lit it out int he living room and kept it on the table.

We kept a close watch on the candle and a soon as it began to grow, we blew it out and threw it outside hoping that if anything was playing with the candle, it would go outside with the candle. We then discovered that my friends grandson began to hear a voice. When I explained what we had done, she became very angry. In a way, I understand. Well the next weekend, she left again and I promised not to do anything wrong. Well I was asleep in her room with her grandson and the dogs because he doesn't like to sleep alone yet, and around 3:20 in the morning, I was still watching some TV, and the TV just shut off. I thought maybe it was set to go off after so long like most TVs are now, but then his entire body was thrown. It was just picked up and thrown onto mine. I was so scared, and he never even woke up. I laid him back onto his side of the bed and made sure everything was alright with the dogs as well and didn't want to fall asleep to make sure he would be ok.

As 6 o clock came around, he sounded like he was having some trouble breathing. I shook him to wake him up and asked him if he was having a bad dream. He said no, but he felt something around his neck. I began to worry and just so he wouldn't be afraid, I told him it was the puppy because she was sleeping real close to his face anyway but I know for a fact it wasn't her. I told him when he first heard the voice, that when he understands what it says, that I want him to tell me what it is saying. Finally, about a week later, he understood what it said and he ran to me to tell me. He said it was a girls voice and it said D. He is 7 years old, and 2 years ago, his mother was killed in a car accident. The only girl who ever called him D was his mother and we believe it may be her. We hope it may be her at least if its gotta be anyone.

One of the guys in the house has always seen things happen as well. One day, he was stocking the firewood into the fireplace and the recliner to began to rock. He thought it was the cat, but then he seen the cat come in through the garage and he lifted up the entire chair and shook it. The doors and windows were closed, and there isn't enough air that could possibly come through the fireplace that could make the chair rock.

A few nights after playing with the Ouija board we had set up, I was in the kitchen at 1 in the morning and making grilled cheese for my friend and myself. She then ran out of the kitchen screaming and I looked at her and said to shut up because everyone was asleep. She pushed me toward the cat and yelled to fix it. I looked at the cat and I know its mean, but being that early in the morning and as tired as I was and not to mention scared shiatless, I couldn't help but laugh. I didn't even know what to think, and this poor cat was like yelling. It wasn't meowing, and it wasn't a hairball because I have seen and heard both, but this was terrible. The cats ears were on the side of its head and pointed straight outward, and her tongue was sticking straight and pointy at the tip and the odd part of this was that her tongue was sticking out like 6-8 inches. I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but I don't think cats tongue is supposed to come out of their mouths that far. And he eyes were opened really wide. Wider than normal and they were very dilated. It was like a cats eye slit. The pupils were round. I still don't know what was going on with the cat.

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butterfly13 (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-12-19)
Hi, I have always believed in the UNKNOWN. I was 15 years old when I was in bed one night. I awoke to the feeling something was in the room with me. I looked at the foot of my bed, and I saw a tall dark shadow standing there, looking right at me. I try to move but I could not. "My arm's where almost above my head and my legs where slightly apart, with my knees bent a little. I was out of breath, sweaty." I was so afraid not knowing what had happen. Nevertheless, I looked to my left and saw a young girl surrounded in a Golding light, smiling at me I felt so safe with her. Making me feel so safe, she look like someone I might have know. I felt she was my dead sister. She did die when she was just a few months old, when she passed away. But I felt I knew who she was. Her hair is a wavy golden curly hair, with pale white skin, and she was wearing an old time dress vintage. I still do not know what happen that night. I just know when I tried to hug her. In a split second, I sat up with bedroom empty. I looked for all the explanations, I thought maybe someone was in the room with me so I went and looked at my bedroom door. It was, locked those kinds of locks that slide. I always try to look to see what happen, that night but it seems nobody wants to tell me what happen. Alternatively, what they think might have happen. Therefore, I hope this site can help.

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