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It's Like I Know Everything


It all started with a dream. I'm just going to get to my point. Why I believe I am psychic in many ways.

First, let me tell you about one of my dreams. I had a dream about something appearing in the sky. It looked like a ball of fire but not red and the day was sky blue, clear with no clouds. I told my dream to my boyfriend and him just being nice said well at least we didn't die.:) The scary part was a year after my dream this actually DID happen. I swear that me and my boyfriend and his friends saw these lights hoovering over us one night. It was almost peaceful, it didn't make any sense because it was just hoovering over us like clouds very calmly, no noise. About 10 miles away My sister witnessed this and her boyfriend around the same time. She didn't even let me finish the story and she said. Oh yea we saw it too. What do you think it was. ALIENS! Making fun of me, I always dream about them and when this came true I knew that I was psychic and that they are trying to communicate with me.

Also it's weird when I know what someone is feeling like I'm feeding of their energy. I hate it sometimes because I get sick from their feelings sometimes I get serious pain. For example, my ex boss has cancer and also had serious stomach hernias not knowing it at the time he had stomach hernias I felt his pain I went to the emergency room three times in less then two months because I had serious stomach pain. Doctor said I might have had stomach ulcers... When I found out he had stomach hernias it all made sense why all of a sudden I started getting stomach problems. Then when I got laid off in December all the pain went away.

I'm also really good at catching things on time like if I had my pen on the side of me I could feel it falling and my natural reaction would be catching it. People always tell me Wow great catch... It always seems to happen to me. The thing is I suck at catching ball. Ahahaha I suck at sports period

There are times when I go out with friends or go somewhere and I get the a gut feeling not to go. Something always seems to happen like someone getting into a fight, getting a dui, getting arrested. Its weird... I know but it always seems to happen. Not to me but to my friends. I feel bad when I don't worn them but they have to learn

My boyfriend is wearied out but he thinks I'm special:)

Something you should know about me, I'm quite, I'm very observant, and I have dyslexia and can't remember dates or lyrics what so ever. I'm creative in art and music.

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masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-28)
You are a lot like me then. Dyslexia, quiet, loves music...anyways, your visions mainly come in dreams. Everybody has a psychic experience time to time, but if it is to the point where you can feel other people's pain and feelings, it is a psychic ability.
Humans have a natural tendancy to connect with others to understand their emotions. However, psychics are 100% better at it, and can even feel the pain or feelings of other people from far away.
For example, I predicted hurricane patricha before it even happened, days before it happened. My feelings were connected with someone all the way in Mexico, but future wise. I felt their feelings of fear before they did.
So yes you are psychic, enjoy the ability, and make good use of it.
Take care!
beast4848 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-28)
Idk how to say this without sounding creepy. But your post is exactly what I'm wondering about myself. My reflexes are fast without even looking, I always know how to get out of bad situations. I love art and music, I don't read or write, but I know so much random info my girlfriend thinks I'm an encyclopedia, to the point where I can almost guarentee what will happen if we go this way or that way. And I never watch TV I'm very observant of the world. I see every detail sometimes even more of the environment around me. And I can accomplish goals and tasks without even learning the steps. If you have any info on what this might be please help. Because the older I get the stronger these qualitis grow. I don't want to waste it's full potential. Thanks!

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