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How Do You Explain This One? 2


Back in June 2009 I posted a story trying to figure out an intense experience I had where I had envisioned a murderer hiding a body, and I could see the placement of the body and felt as though I was the one who had accidentally caused the death. Now I see that they have found a young girl in California in a remote wooded area. The news is eerily familiar to what I envisioned that night and it is really perplexing me. I feel that this murder is the one I envisioned, especially now that I have seen photos of the area she was found. There are so many other murders that are posted on the news, but this is the only one that I have found that has struck a chord of familiarity in me. I don't have enough details of the situation to be of any help to anyone which is frustrating, but I do know that in my vision it was storming and the ground was very muddy where the body was placed. There was lightning that was flashing in the background to the right of where the body was placed. I felt like the lightning was flashing in the east and the body was placed north and south. In my vision the body was placed in a low spot, almost like where two converging small hills come together. I could tell what direction the person took the body from (southwest direction) and that it was dark out. Beyond that I don't know anything else. I still doubt myself in saying all of this, because I have been wrong on things in the past, but I just have this feeling that this is what I saw. The weird thing too, as I reflect back on that vision is that I could see the murderer from the perspective of the dead body for a moment before my perspective changed to that of the murderer, but the murderer's face was shrouded in darkness and I couldn't determine any facial features. I think that the murderer was wearing a black slicker type of rain gear with a hood over their head though. Has anyone else had this strange vision or am I to chalk this up to wild imagination? I don't trust myself because I have been wrong before. So if anyone else has had this vision, could they please fill in some details?

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trueckl (6 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-09)
Thanks D'mint. I can't say that I visualized any attack of any sort, just the final moments of whatever it was and the intense emotions that rolled with it. I do recall tall trees in the background in the east where the lightning was flashing and behind the killer. I have a very difficult time honing in on anything to the west though and have tried to better visualize the vision so that I can clarify things, but thus far have been unsuccessful. I will keep trying.
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-09)
I live here in California last month I had a vision of a young girl being attacked from behind. I could see the girl running man grabbed her hair with his right hand pulling her backwards towards him both fell to the ground. I feel they are on a dirt path or it is used like a path over to the right are tall trees the left side of this area not clear. The vision fades in and out keeps repeating same scenario of the attack in my mind. I am feeling a lot of anxiety and fear I can only see the attacker and girl from behind I feel like I was standing a few feet away. I just wish I could have held on a little longer to the vision.

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