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I didn't know what it was at first but I knew that for some reason I was getting these "signals". I have dreams of the future usually and now for the past few months I get random visions in the middle of the day, with no warning. I could be in the middle of a question and this image pops into my head blocking everything out. I stare ahead and don't blink and I used to tell people I was daydreaming but now I know that it was too dangerous to not let people know what was going on. It was dangerous because if someone touched me or flashed something in front of me it would erase the image. For some reason it didn't happen when someone was just saying my name. The picture would disappear but not for good. It would come back and start all over again until I saw the entire thing. It would hurt because until recently I'd have to see it over 5 times before I got the whole picture because my friends would knock me out of my vision. I'd get headaches and my eyesight went blurry and sometimes I'd even get sick. But now that all my friends know I can finish my visions.

The recent one I got was a rose twisted with a black rose and it was burning, just burning, and after that a dove would fly in front of it. I would see my own reflection except I looked, different, like the same but not. I was smiling and I was standing beside my mother and two brothers, like a self portrait and we looked happy. I started laughing with my family and everything seemed right.

Well I recently discovered that the two roses was this red rose and black rose that my former boyfriend had given me for our anniversary to symbolize our love. But Friday afternoon he broke up with me so that we could have peace and just be friends. And now I am moving to my old town with my mother and two brothers. I have two more days and then I'm gone, so I'm hoping that the dove symbolizes that everything will be okay when we move. Could someone explain this to me? I've never had this happen before.

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horridchick (2 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
Thanks for telling me that. Yes the headaches have gotten some what better, but do still hurt. I haven't had a vision in a little while, but I'm okay for the moment.
Rilan (1 stories) (103 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-19)
WOW! Symbolic visions. Your subconscious really knows what to do with its psychic impressions.

The headaches and sick feeling you described worry me. Hopefully using your abilities doesn't have a harmful effect on your body. There are some psychics that become weakened and tired when they have visions or do psychokinesis. Edgar Cayce died because of it. He knew he was only supposed to do one reading a day, but there were children who needed to know what to do about their medical conditions and all kinds of situations with World War II so he felt it was his duty to help as many people as possible. He did about 7 a day and quickly declined and then died. Some psychokinetics have almost had heart attacks and had to stop practicing their abilities. Try checking your heart rate and blood pressure while having one.

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